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Shrimp Tacos – My easy and tasty recipe to beat summer heat.

Shrimp Tacos – My easy and tasty recipe to beat summer heat.

I’m chef Mike Moses and welcome to my
kitchen here we are the dog days of summer and the humidity everything feels
like it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above and it’s time to make a taco but not
your hot tacos we’re gonna use some seafood how about a
shrimp taco with my twist coming up if you like this video please don’t
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week from the shrimp tacos here’s what you’re going to need package of shrimp
probably about 31 to 35 count going to need some hardshell tacos some tomatoes
red onion green pepper lime and some taco seasoning and I use my homemade
taco season and of course cilantro and this is fresh cilantro from the garden
that I use I have a video and I’ll put the link down below where you can see
that on how the gardens progressing all right let’s get the Pico made first and
to make pico de gallo in my fashion I use three simple ingredients green
pepper red onion some tomatoes a little bit of lime juice and some very fresh
cilantro to get a green pepper going like I said just cut off a few pieces
you want to julienne this and the strip’s and then we’re gonna cut it into
very small cubes an important thing to think about in the summertime when you
buy your produce or anytime when you buy projects should always wash it off first
all right now we’ll just put all the julienned pieces together into little
pieces that’s our green pepper and we’ll pull
it all in a little Bowl here to mix up later now we’ll go with our red onion
and I’m only going to use half a red onion so we’ll cut it right in half take the top off peel off the outer
layer of onion skin we want to leave the bottom on makes chopping a lot easier
and just nice tiny little cuts all the way through butter ate them an inch if
you’re measuring Emily’s slide are they fit through on a downward angle and now
we chop up our rigging and you’ll see this gives us very nice little bit size
pieces and they will go into the Pico mix vine-ripened tomatoes I find the
easiest way to cut the tomatoes is take the top off and then slice all the way
through and then take half the tomato and that’s just the same way as you were
doing for the onion make sure you’ve got nice cuts there’s 1/2 okay so we’ve got all our veggies
chopped up now we’re going to put in some fresh cilantro and one of the
things that I have discovered is if you grow your own cilantro it has a much
stronger flavor than if you bought it from the supermarket even smells better
so I’ll take some cilantro and we’ll roll it up into a ball then we’ll just
gently chop it all right we’ll add our cilantro to our
Pico mix and we want the juice of half a lime
take your lime roll it on the counter that will release some of the juices cut
around half and you can always use a juice Rima this is what I use put in the
middle and just start spinning and you’ll see that all the lime juice comes
in a juice of half a lime and of course you have to season pinch of salt and some pepper take a spoon and mix it all up and
refrigerate this for 30 to 40 minutes until it gets nice and chilled I’ll show
you the trick we do with our shrimp once it’s done all right this is going
into the fridge okay now for the taco shells as you can see I’ve got some
store-bought taco shells too hot to make fresh tacos today I’ll put these in the
oven according to the instructions for about four minutes and they will open up
a little bit more so we can put more goodness
okay well the Pico is in the refrigerator I’ve got some peeled and
drained shrimp I just want to dry it off use a paper towel for that will turn our
frying pan up to medium-high heat however those weeds let our pan come up
to temperature I’m just going to add a little bit of olive oil maybe a teaspoon
then we’ll season the shrimp a little bit of salt and just a little bit of
pepper and then we’ll put the shrimp into the
frying pan as you notice I’m putting each trip in
individually that way I can control the cook on them so I want them to be done
but I don’t want them to be overdone or crispy they’re going into a nice soft
taco I got pretty good value out of this bag of shrimp I only paid three dollars
and 99 cents for probably about 35 shrimp you don’t want your frying pan
cranked way up too high because then you’re going to burn your shrimp and we
don’t want to do that especially when we’re putting them in a taco you want
them to be just pink and done yet tender okay the shrimp are just about done and
see they’ve all curled up and they’re no longer translucent now we’re going to
add our homemade taco seasoning and the beauty with my homemade taco seasoning
is I don’t need the add a lot of water to to get going so put some of that and
I will put just about a tablespoon of water you get everything mixed around
and nicely coated and when the water is evaporated then we are done okay the
shrimp are completed we’ll turn off the heat and we’ll move these to a plate there want these to cool down a little
bit so they’re nice and flat put those over here for a moment
taco shells should just about be ready so I’ll get the Pico and the lettuce for
the lettuce this is a romaine filled lettuce I want to take off some of the
good leaves they’re usually about three or four under I’ll do is I’ll line my
lettuce up such a way that I can shred it lengthwise there is our lettuce all shredded all
right to make this an extra-special shrimp taco I’m going to take 5 or 6
shrimp chopped them up put them in the pico that way you’ve got shrimp every
bite so we’ll just take 5 from here just lately chopped and I just add those right to the pico
de gaia mix it up and I would say we are ready to assembly
okay the taco shells have come out of the oven they’re a little pliable which
is good and it’s time now to build our shrimp tacos first thing we want to put
a little bit of pico de gallo on the bottom remember it’s got that shrimp in
it and cilantro this is so you get shrimp in every bite
and there is not a thing wrong with that philosophy that way add some shrimp
we’ll put three shrimp in each one remember we’ve got the P : if you were gonna put four shrimp in
they’d roll out not very good I like my hands a little bit and then we’ll add
some lettuce on the top I’m gonna shred it so you can actually just lay it right
down on top of the taco fits perfectly and there’s a treat a little dollop of
sour cream there you have it shrimp tacos with a pico de gallo and a
little secret in them a little bit of shrimp some sour cream and lettuce and
it makes a very nice light meal for these hot summer days if you like this
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thank you very much for watching I look forward to helping you cook better eat
healthier and shop smart

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  1. Hey Chef! I just wanted to stop in and say welcome to #nosmallcreator. I'm looking forward to checking out your cooking videos.

  2. Looks very yummy! Awesome video!
    Lol, though I would call those "shrimp" prawns. 😆 But that starts big debates!

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