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Shrimp Tacos Recipe With Cilantro Coleslaw | Cait Straight Up

Shrimp Tacos Recipe With Cilantro Coleslaw | Cait Straight Up

Hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to Cait Straight Up today we are going to make some delicious shrimp tacos with an awesome home made red cabbage cilantro slaw now I’m making this because in the warm months of the year here in New Jersey that’s May June July August maybe September I love to have fresh seafood because what’s better you’re hanging in your bikini you don’t want to eat too heavy but maybe you want some tacos so again guys we’re making some shrimp tacos today we are heating up our pan here we have it on medium low heat and we’re just going to add a little bit of olive oil you can substitute with avocado oil coconut oil kind of whatever oil you’re into in my bowl here I have about half a pound of some raw shrimp here I did buy it deveined and with the tail taken off that’s the easiest way to do it guys dont make more work for yourself I’m just going to put it into my pan with that olive oil perfect spread it out so that every piece of shrimp is covering the pan now we’re going to let our shrimp cook in our pan for about five minutes on each side but I kind of feel like with shrimp it’s hard to tell which side you’re cooking so you know shrimp is done when it’s pink all the way through we’re going to add a spice mixture to it and it’s a really yummy mix of spices we have some cumin here some garlic some onion powder a little bit of salt and pepper and a Chipotle seasoning any Chipotle seasoning will do I have like a Chipotle powder seasoning oh and a little dash of paprika sprinkle it over your shrimp and then we’re going to kind of toss it as it’s cooking in the oil you could also toss it ahead of time I’m actually going to turn mine like this so I can hold but it’s perfectly okay to just toss it nice and good in your pan as you can see it’s starting to get a little pink here on the sides that were touching the pan that’s what we’re going for so while our shrimp is cooking back there we’re going to go ahead and make a really quick cilantro style slaw that’s going to be really awesome in our shrimp tacos so I have about half of a small head of red cabbage kind of shredded into nice long pieces that’s gonna look pretty my taco and I have that here nice and washed in my bowl I have two tablespoons of Hampton Creek just Mayo if you can use regular mayo whatever you want go ahead and add it together just a couple more ingredients I have a little bit of some diced jalapeno pepper here we’re just going to dump that in if you don’t like spicy make sure you leave that out but boy does it make these shrimp tacos pop if you want it and we have some diced white onion I’m going to add in about a heaping tablespoon maybe a little tiny bit more I think that’s good perfect all right after that we have a few more simple ingredients we have some basic salt and pepper so just get that in for our final two ingredients we have some cilantro stir in paste I have seen this at literally every grocery store I have ever been to if you can’t find it please comment below because literally I’ve seen it everywhere but it’s just a nice paste made out of the spice that you could just squeeze in right over top now you can use fresh cilantro but do a nice little swirl of this cilantro paste in this recipe and it is really really good final ingredient we’re going to add just a little bit of lime juice to give it that nice citrusy flavor that you want to see in a shrimp taco yeah yeah you just want to toss your cabbage around and all your other ingredients and make sure that your slaw is nice and mixed up you want all your ingredients on every piece I say that a lot here but only because I hate when you get something that is not evenly distributed not full after your shrimp and done cooking is time to assemble your tacos I like my slaw mixture on the bottom and if you haven’t tried it this way and you’re one of those people that just stick your kind of veggies on top try swapping the order because I’m telling you slaw on the bottom with these nice jalapenos and that onion and the cilantro mix so good then you’re going to just assemble your shrimp over top garnish with a little bit of scallion green onion and you got yourself a delicious homemade shrimp taco with some really awesome homemade cilantro slaw you gotta fold this bad boy up tell me you wouldn’t want to eat that taco look at that that looks fantastic I mean so much crunchy slaw so much flavor and some perfectly cooked shrimp right over top a little bit of green onion oh this is like perfect I love it I can’t wait subscribe to Cait Straight Up for more recipes like this one every tuesday sometimes inbetween on Thursdays and Sundays and pretty much I cannot wait to keep hanging out these guys in my kitchen thank you so much for coming to see me every week look at this taco go home and make one for yourself it looks fantastic and I will see you next time bye bye

4 comments on “Shrimp Tacos Recipe With Cilantro Coleslaw | Cait Straight Up

  1. I need you to come to my house and just cook for me, please. 😛

    But seriously, these look amazing! I have a few suggestions I would love to see!

    1) Salad ideas! Sometimes lettuce and ranch dressing isn't enough to get me excited about eating a salad.
    2) Breakfast! Again, boring eggs and toast are nice some days, but is it really enough to make me want to get up in the morning? ;P
    3) Quick lunches! Most days I would rather just get in my car and go through a fast food restaurant because it's easy and affordable, but I need recipes for lunches I can do at home that are easy and affordable!

    Now to be brave enough to actually cook shrimp myself… (no, I've never done that lol).

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