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Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

when I will well moment blown worlds best taco recipe looked it up whose anything to you
always important I will call you channel always from
Australia why don’t you grilled shrimp recipe morning problem Bom Bom Bom and you doing should you’re a vacay this do last were always in general so what are you doing today is currently
doing shrimp scallop taco recipe is where again may freeze firm on this
is a or work in my inspiration for me and you
gonna be honest probably me its address the issue posted
on Facebook grilled shrimp taco recipe the first this is just a mister heard the first edit is gonna be for me to do
it gives mister mere summary as in CSA luminaries here going to start off with cinema Coakley’s barbecue sauce normally I will be using a hot sauce but
you’ll see why I am NOT in a minute so I’ll yeah jar with a little bit oil
in a mango guacamole recipe gonna foreigners behalf which are oakley’s barbecue sauce hit with a taco recipes so here we go over kinda shake it up alright so this could be a crime I
marinated their man I got this tango Joe I’m going with
the southwestern ther wrote that he is here and I’m just gonna
literally just porcelain and their now where my he’s coming from How to make shrimp tacos yeah for I’ll garment clothes in there
somewhere event an ugly and use my fingers I’m not gonna be gone P for a while so boom so there’s our from that’s gonna be here
they did and just gonna go in give it the sister basket I could go a little lemon juice
or something like that but I don’t want tacos up star kinda coconuts though anywhere here’s a man a burger through this in
the year refrigerator and the when we come back not be
starting on this up what mall either yeah PNG the beaming inspiration to me hidden I’m
going to leave the year the recipe the exact recipe in the
description but here’s what our ingredients him you have
some avocados we have mangoes we have easy taco recipe and then I’m gonna have these are ferraro peppers olive oil which is gonna
be a new twist for me have never and guacamole recipe to it and limits you have an unlimited
use a typically go at Lime but we’re rockin and cheese recipe at here and I’ve never
and apple cider vinegar to is either I
thought pat was gonna be to taste so I’m gonna go here uncertain blueprint
work and we’ll pick the video appeared at the
moment and the salsa one green I didn’t forget worth tomatoes
so we gotta tomatoes in a restaurant row garlic red onions we got our main goals
in their street taco recipe avocado up in here now one thing about
this shrimp and scallops you know I was
thinking that I had some skewers which I don’t so night and when
buying I’m is gonna throw on the grill
skeptical a bit more work but the I’m sure it’ll taste the same without a
state be mister the room so that’s how we’re gonna roll
I do have somea metal skewers but their little bit
bigger and I think they would into just tearing
everything apart so when I’m done get messed up all mixed up I’m gonna go
ahead and get the Weber channel bro fired up and then this gonna be time to seafood tacos will be built up anyway here’s the not Pato Metro N this is just regular table salt scope to
lower their that your body even need a paper we’re gonna go up a little petronas the
rest because or also called power mcauliffe’s last
love lemon juice in that recipe they also call for apple
cider vinegar which is something that normally don’t know where I’m a role that grilled shrimp on my weber kettle grill olive oil so likenesses I really didn’t leave the
later recipe in the descriptions though you
don’t have to feel like you need to wing it I’m gonna get has duster in there for
trainer and a bannister looks good anyway already on the next appear at which is
grilled shrimp in a moment go ahead I thought I had some skewers
llego sayin best taco recipe thrown the things on the grill like this from a throw a mushroom cinema throw my
scallop and now once we’re done and guess where wouldn’t
let these things the manually birther there’s the
marinade we should be good to go on the go ahead
in a if he’s gonna when we’re done grozny’s soft tacos the last segment on this so i’d get
these things grilled about have reeled off nine at the room back on
this a how to make grilled fish tacos so right now they’re cooking in that
marinade and number let him go probably for about
five minutes in a pull it off and then a get to make in
these these things you can be so good I can
believe it it down to eat mister take a look at this sure the scouts here now I did was I went ahead and grill
them up halfway then at room back in the broiler pan
with this marinade back on it so the killer paper somewhere that player
who had make movies we get so scallops so much here now frankly it is on this
mango wonderfully here this with crispy from Angie so is shot after her and a great man decorators third section is for distance
here also evangi only this business your
description the what you think is a minister now it went
a combined with this grilled jerk shrimp tacos recipe some history here this rare Scout that Mary really came through know this logically it never really
mainly never really had it like her apple cider
vinegar all world to definitely not me this witness is a great complement to this trip so
thanks for putting their suggestion out there dangers down by the
barbecue comment so sure I’m Tacos recipes

25 comments on “Shrimp Tacos

  1. Hey Lyle !!! Hey to Andrea !!! Hey to the Family !!! Hey to Ray Mack !!! Angie is such a Wonderful Young Lady !!! We Think the World of Her !!! The  Chili Mango Guacamole was Pure AMBROSIA !!!    OMG Lyle the Shrimp and Scallop Taco's looked Beyond NEXT Level Yummy !!! Excellent Video and OMG what a Cook !!! Angie you Rock Sister …

  2. Lyle you rocked that guacamole recipe. The mango in it is an awesome combination to the seafood and I love that you took the time to make the r cope and I appreciate the shoutout to me. Love your videos and all the gangs videos. Thank you to Ray Mack for the opening of the video and to all the awesome friends I have met through YouTube. Thanks so much again Lyle, hope you really enjoyed them.

  3. Lyle yhe tacos look great my brother. Angie is awesome…she supports channels indeed. Thanks Angie

  4. Lyle, I love how you half grilled the seafood, then put them back into the marinade to finish cooking them. That marinade looks fabulous! How'd you know to even do that? The chili mango salsa kicked your tacos out of bounds!!! I could be bribed to do most anything if I were promised these tacos! Fabulous!

  5. Great idea – not only for the collab but for the fabulousity that is Angie!! LOVED! And watch for a shout out from us to you this Friday. Much love.

  6. The type of video that slams ya back into the chair while a little voice says; "Make this! Make it soon"! Angie & Ray both ROCK, and so do you, Lyle!

  7. Man, it looks like that taco would've tasted great. I'm going to have to try that mango guacamole.

  8. i know them shrimps had to be good lyle,,,,im wit u an ray on this one,,,,we should make it a shout out to ange month,,,,,will do my part this weekend,,,,,hav a good one guy

  9. The Queen Angie is in fact any foodies friend. Lyle, tell Ray Mac he needs a haircut. Now on the recipe avocado, avocado, did I say avocado yes I did. Haas avocado is probably one of my favorite condiments for any great taco, Lyle I like your seafood taco recipe. This is unique, and I think it's a winner.

  10. Great looking stuff there Lyle, the tacos had to be super tasty.
    The bubbling goodness of the shrimp and scallops in the pan on the grill was perfect.

  11. everything looks good except guac  i'm coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner tell your beautiful wife to push over i'm coming to sit next to her  at the dinner table lol

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