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Shrooming with Marcy | Corcyceps mushroom benefits

– Hey everyone. Welcome back to today’s episode
of Shrooming with Marcy. Today, we’re gonna be talking
about our Cordyceps mushroom. So are you guys ready to get high with me? On nutrition? Let’s do this. (light music) Cordyceps is another type of mushroom that’s been long used by Chinese medicine. It can boost athletic performance, increase oxygen uptake,
and increase your libido. This type of mushroom is an adaptogen. And adaptogens are mushrooms
that help your body respond to stressors,
environmental changes, hormonal imbalances. So really what it does is it just makes you overall
healthier and feel better. So like all of our mushroom powders, this mushroom has a very mild flavor, and you can barely taste it. So I’m gonna show you guys my favorite pre-energizing workout smoothie. Let’s do it. Cup of berries, frozen. About four ice cubes. One cup of almond milk. Or any kind of nut milk. Half a teaspoon of Cordyceps. Okay guys, so I just made the smoothie, and I didn’t want to
show myself drinking it, just to show you guys that I’m not bias. So we’re gonna have our
awesome videographer and part of the production
team member, Davron, try our smoothie and
tell us what he thinks. – That’s really good. It’s really good, actually. – [Marcy] Can you even
taste the mushrooms? – No. Tastes like nice and sweet. It’s really good. – So guys, if you made this smoothie, make sure to upload it to social media and tag us @wildfoodsco. Also make sure to subscribe, share, and go wild on that like button. Also, special welcome to our
new subscriber, CrystalBall26. We’ll see you next time.

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