Claire Corlett

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~Simple Pleasures~ ASMR Soft Spoken Personal Attention

Good Evening, Thank you so much for joining me tonight Today I decided to Just have some one-on-one time with you so no roles, no games, just pamper time I’m going to relax you, I’m going to use some of the very relaxing techniques: relaxing movements, sounds, relaxing words that I hope you will enjoy First we’ll start with some nice, gentle, hypnotising hand movements that hopefully will make you feel a bit sleepy and relaxed I hope that you trust me, you’re very safe with me I promise How about we do something nice for you, to pamper you and I will just try to feel your “aura” — your energy field I’m just going to graze my hands, like this over you on each side try to cleanse you help you feel lighter take off that weight yes so, I sense that something could be troubling you and I would like to provide you with comfort if you allow me You know, our existence as humans is a constant struggle and it’s very unfortunate But the reality is it is a blessing and a curse. We’re just here to experience everything, good and bad We all go through it, you’re never alone in this world so, just remember that. We all do our best, and I know that you do your best as well, and I appreciate it. I personally do. Also, thank you for always being so supportive of me, it is such a pleasure so thank you. Let me walk around you a little bit, and sense your aura, right here, on top of your head and on your shoulders right here you can possibly feel warmth coming from my hands as they slightly graze over you and possibly make you feel nice and cozy, and hopefully relaxed as well so you can tell that right here is where I am, just moving my hands like this, in circular motions [inaudible whispering] Let me do the other side. The same way. You deserve to be pampered and comforted and relaxed I bet you’re enjoying this giving in to the warmth coming from my hands it’s cleansing you, relaxing you comforts you and, just to feel good, I’ll do more here in the back, just hand motions like this Let’s breathe in Let’s do it again Very good. I’m taking it off, and releasing it. I’m taking it all away It’s gone. No more stress, only soothing, relaxing state So tranquil, so serene How about I relax you and treat you to some hair brushing? I’ll do it quietly. So you can just enjoy the sounds, okay? You know hair brushing is such a primal type of bonding It can bring us closer together, and of course, it’s an amazing feeling It can be so relaxing So, let me get my brush. Okay, so, I’m not sure if you remember this brush, I have certainly missed it This brush is made, carved, fully out of wood so, it’s very natural The texture of it, as well as the sound, I find very theraputic I really like the tapping sound that it makes as well it’s so gentle isn’t that a wonderful sound? Okay, so, I’ll brush your hair a little bit I’ll do one side at a time, so let me just grab some strands of your hair here okay, and, I can brush them for you. I hope that this is pleasant for you. You can just close your eyes. Okay, let me give you a little scalp massage here with the same brush, here Okay. Good, let me do the other side now as well. I’ll just take a strand right here and, we’ll brush it too, yeah? We need to treat each side equally give both sides time to enjoy it so relaxing Let me give you a little scalp massage, too but first with my hands Now with the brush, okay? Okay, so, I hope that was pleasant for you Now, let me show you what we have next Okay, so, for the next step, we’re going to breathe in some nice aromas, so I’m going to use one of these essential oils

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