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Single Girl Saves Her Children’s Pets In The Sims 4 | Part 4

Single Girl Saves Her Children’s Pets In The Sims 4 | Part 4

Samson just hasn’t been acting like himself is it cuz he’s blue can you please take a look yeah I can take a look at the fact that he’s blue I’m Kelsey I’m single and today we are back for the finale of the latest 100 babies spin-off this time we are going into willows life and willow is going to achieve greatness it’s gonna save animals my goal is to get as many stars as possible let’s game today so we’re at two stars I would love to get it up to four or five it’s a very lofty goal but I believe in us let’s go home okay we’re back at the Peter Schmidt household let’s get the needs perfect and then we can go straight to our pas spittle it is 2:00 a.m. so it’s not quite possible time why are you crying why are you crying doll okay noodles fine noodle did loves its noodle feelin frisky oh you got it why are you sad GTA why are they sad oh no noodles upset and if noodles upset everything goes off the rails go give a comforting hug to noodle oh your loved noodle I know your mom sleeping I woke up this morning to my dog not wanting me to sleep anymore something asked if noodle needs to go out or Venuto can oh this old song and dance well you know what we’re gonna let that go Oh noodles going never mind there’s no food we need food have quick meal how about ham and cheese sandwich that sounds nice doesn’t it Oh oh my gosh I forgot this was happening I was like what what who’s naked it’s not it’s just a gnome oh noodle wants a walk okay short walk yeah let’s get a short walk in there with noodle and then start our day it’s 9:30 we got it we got some animals to rescue and save Oh noodles doing a damn good job noodle feel the love can you feel the love tonight tonight Beyonce we’re friends right let’s go to work we we’re at willows Hospital it’s fantastic why don’t we change into our event uniform oh she’s gonna save lies today ladies and gentlemen all right let’s open up our PAS spittle here all right I think there’s an animal that’s sick Oh No okay well let’s greet the patient and then give the friendliest introduction oh my god there’s a dog’s lining up all right treat patient turtle just hasn’t been acting like herself that’s cute I love that you name an animal after another animal I think something may be wrong can you please take a look Hecky I can all right turtle get on up here we’re gonna save your life good job okay five stars we’re gonna calm our patient calm down turtle it’s okay all right you’re in great hands you’re at Willis possible test your ears I want to test the nose but that’s not an option but it really looks like the nose and feet are where it’s at here take the temperature that probably is a good indication all right noodles feel like a lot better a thousand times better we might say well us earned a bunch of perk points shoes diable to soothe pets at the exam table and crafted wellness treats at the medicine crafting table last but not least she’s also unlocked a cute pet theme wall decal oh why is he a so upset oh no calm the patient it’s it’s okay we’re gonna sue you sue you know he’s mad at us cuz or his dog got upset let’s get a skin for inspection maybe the fur around the toes is what we’re gonna look at most or just the fur over there that’s another option there I mean okay how’s it look do you know anything yet no still no listen to your heart what’s it say what’s it telling you aha it says what magnified organs that’s horrifying let’s administer a shot oh my goodness this dog is dog Oh healed oh yeah but Phil that owner get that cash money there it is thank you bye-bye all right next customer let’s give this kitty a friendly introduction and then greet that patient how are you doing Katie bitty little young meow something is wrong with my little boy Archimedes oh won’t you please help him heck yeah I will all right no please don’t p-please don’t peek oh why are you mad we’re doing amazing with your cat okay guys so we’re taking the temperature listen to Sabri that is one happy cat look at that cat so happy moist skin that’s an interesting oh no kitty we’re gonna calm you down it’s okay baby it’s okay I know it’s very nerve-wracking going to the doctor golden poop why is that a thing in the exam results ma’am your cat is pooping gold gilded guts disorder yeah it sounds like there’s some gold up in there in the business let’s get a essence of placebo tree we’re just gonna give this cat up with SIBO apparently that fixed this cat you’re welcome cat all right amazing oh no this dog is vomiting all over me that’s not good oh no oh my gosh Brighton day oh god we gotta really do this okay okay get to know comfort Tami maybe oh my god that dog needs our help oh my god this job just passed out oh my god get this dog on the table now that was so scary Tammy we will do everything in our power to make things right oh we need to pee oh shoot we need to pee okay hold on use the bathroom really fast oh my god everyone’s bad yes of course we’ll treat little baby Tammy after repeat why didn’t you pee you know you’re probably fine you’re fine you’re fine we’re gonna we’re gonna take care of Tammy because Tammy’s first priority let’s take that pets temperature let’s listen to the heart oh my gosh this is like exam in that mouth because that pot that’s happy barfing no no no a peck that’s not feeling good let’s calm you it’s okay sweetie you’re doing amazing oh it’s okay sweetie we’re gonna do a great job everything’s gonna be okay you’re gonna do amazing and we love you yes you’re doing really good one more test and then we’ll know what was your diagnosis gave a treatment yep let’s give that treat okay really oh my god there’s a dog running around give the treat give the treat to Tammy Oh oh my gosh okay well we made some money I don’t know if we’re gonna get that many good reviews today to be quite honest with you okay here we go here’s this woman in my chair how’s your pet doing treat patient heck yeah we’ll treat your patient oh no oh no calm your pet why is the mom not in there well mom’s coming in now exam in the mouth why are you so upset about your pet I am great with pets thank you so much for that compliment she says the vets here are great with pets it’s true let’s take the temperature and let’s listen to their heart okay let’s get a treatment mouth Moths what what our mouths not sticky fur mild rapun gents get a parasite killer spray it’s okay sweetie you’re doing amazing we cured that sickness but it build that owner wait what why is this dog not healed call a good pet why do you look like you haven’t been healed though all right honestly I would give me good stars either it’s eight o’clock so we should probably close we did make some money so that’s good all right I guess we’ll just go home we could hire an employee to clean up but I don’t think they necessarily would last time we hired an employee they did literally nothing to help no noodles happy noodles are happy bean [Music] I’m so proud of her she is killing it at the veterinary career where is it look at all the dogs that she knows an animal is living her best life here we are not friends with five animals nor have we successfully trained out too much behaviour I’ve evil thought you know how we could become friends with five animals we adapt for more animals but I feel like I don’t give enough attention to noodle we could just adopt a tiny animals though noodle wants to meet I mean we could let noodle me we could go to the dog park to make friends with dogs but we didn’t try that before I didn’t work out fully alright let’s go too bad how do we get our stars to go up faster at the hospital growth opportunities ambience it’s adorable fight me quality of service how dare you five customers served we did we’ve got 14 reviews a second examiner table an employee to help with the wait time hmm that could be a possibility maybe we should expand the possible I wish we could do like training services that’d be pretty cute Ginny oh no Ginny why don’t you repair that oh no we got filled the bow for new no Ginny it wasn’t handy before we all got to start from somewhere all right Judy’s doing all the work doing an incredible job noodle just is really rife with some frisky attitude here do you think it’s bad why did you what did you create over here Jeannie what do they make oh that’s the cute one well you’re pretty much good to go you could just do some more energy but wait let’s fix this bed I’m kind of mad at this bed for being a subpar bet it’s gonna better a bed for our girl here oh this one’s cute it’s got like animal an old packin thing we want like an orange one this one’s good I don’t love it but I don’t hate it why don’t you sleep in that baby noodle still thinking about love you don’t want to start their own 100 babies challenge and I say no oh this looks like a job for Chitti how are you doing there well are you ready to go in for round 2 it’s almost 5:00 a.m. noodle bad noodle don’t play in puddle no no noodle noodle I’m sorry you shouldn’t play in puddles that is a bad habit it’s okay though because we still love you whoo noodle extinct let’s give noodle a bath okay splish splash noodles taking a bath you dip fuzzies you could do but oh what how dirty was this dog now someone’s got to clean the bathtub at least we’ll have a clean dog pretty use the bathroom and then head out it’s too much work for me it’s extreme but not that extreme possible makeover I’m your host Kelsey and today we’re going to expand our possible so we get even more people in and out wow I played this is for 24 hours look at that I got an achievement so I’m wondering should we just expand this room and they’d be in the same room or should we make like a second room off the side over here I think I have an idea I’m gonna bring it out like two now we brought this out so this will be a door into the other room I wish there was like a way to just copy-paste this copy but there is Karen and we have on sufficient funds okay we need more money yodelayheehoo let’s get some more from our household funds 10,000 samolians too much oops my hand slipped okay well Oh cute it’s literally exactly the same that kind of makes me happy to be quite honest who’s that yeah okay this is a second room right here yeah okay now we just need this over here oh this is fantastic well great I think it looks pretty nice actually our expansion is gone very nicely this is cute I’m proud of the expansion okay so let’s hire someone select a symbol Oh to hire miles yeah it’s gonna be a family business welcome to the team please don’t suck I don’t know if miles ever wanted to be in that but that’s fine all right and let’s open Willow was hired a new vet four miles of beach Shmuel right for his first shift soon yeah we’re open for business oh my god we both got our own little thing wait well Oh change for your vet uniform oh it’s brothers sister van let’s greet that patient wait is this dusty oh it’s Ralphie Ralphie looks a lot like dusty wolfy whoopee has been looking a bit sick lately can you examine her heck yeah I can examine wolfy miles go treat a patient well whatever we got to treat our own patients all right okay common Oh examine the mouth honestly that mouth looks nasty okay miles is doing his job or not what are you doing miles barfing that’s not good okay miles is doing their job good good job miles be a features my family paws bottle is open for business oh no we need to calm this patient we gotta soothe you don’t mess this up for us you better be good at this job that I just gave you so far looks pretty good actually apparently being a vet is the thing you can just jump right into let’s make sure Walt he’s doing stinky fur in there all right uncontrollable drooling projectile we’re bungee tunas there is no cure can I craft something oh gosh okay a wellness treat maybe I don’t know how to fix this it doesn’t give it the option keep it examining alright maybe we will just example test ears and calm that pet you’re okay sweetie miles just aged up what oh my god is that mile that’s not miles where’s miles that’s miles no that’s not miles where’s miles what do you mean miles hey shut up wait what miles is an old man but he’s cleaning up like a good boy okay treatment there’s really still no treatment ready to surgery station the dog Oh needs surgery oh my gosh okay let’s look at that clinic items sir dramatic whoa helo Matic maybe this one I guess we’ll put it outside we don’t really have room for it inside right now let’s try yeah let’s pick it with spray wolfy I guess okay wolfy this is pretty serious it’s okay okay what the dot I just hate the dog I hope this works is it a cone begin procedure I guess what this didn’t help at all what’s happening at least that dogs been fixed what is happening oh we got money good job old man miles is crushing this veterinarian lifestyle my supposed to do something surgeries oh oh we have to give a surgery to this dog oh it was waiting on me to make a choice weight-wise why is that a stuffed animal yeah that was a mistake doctor it looks like your carriage bill that owner you did it we did it alright let’s let’s maybe clean up that and then we’ll greet that patient over there the good thing we hired more help because my goodness how sweet do we need it maybe I should put this in a room or just expand these back expand it back and add more room back here yeah oh my gosh it’s olive it’s all I have all have broadened dusty great patient and patiently no don’t do that don’t be impatient I don’t know what’s happening here why is she like this she’s wet maybe okay we’ll change the clothes just put it on your normal clothes how’s that and then changing the vet uniform alright how about that oh she’s better I think you already took the pet okay then we’re gonna be we’re gonna be handling this pet we’re gonna greet that patient good job we gotta get that through that third star we’re doing amazing why don’t go outside don’t make me go outside oh yeah why are you not facing the patient that was a little awkward it’s six I think we should not let any other patients come in oh oh it is so sad oh my god they really do look pretty similar listen to the heart it’ll tell you the truth oh no you ain’t okay dusty you’re okay look how upset all of it it’s okay dusty you’re doing amazing sweetheart let’s check the temperature do it listen to breathing hot dry eyes high temperature oh no who’s that pet oh he’s very upset he’s very upset York okay honey you’re okay oh okay sizzle PAH let’s treat it with a fix adultery it’s a simple fix no surgery necessary for my new surgical master job yeah we fixed it baby let’s build that owner I know we’re family but you don’t get a discount give me the money yeah okay next patient hi I’m feeling energized now I’ll treat you a kitty cat Heidi Heidi just hasn’t been acting like herself I think something may be wrong can you please take a look you came to the right place actually miles is more helpful than our first guy was let’s sue that pet you know I don’t want to judge animals on looks but that cat looks a little creepy take the temperature of that cat let’s examine the fur so far we got hot feet then we’ll do oh no no it’s okay it’s okay sweetie that’s the spirit heart to talking a baby there it’s okay Oh miles and future space starting to get tired why don’t you go home for the day miles I guess we can’t really do that can we we just have to close we’re closing soon miles we just got to finish this cat oh we’re gonna give another exam really fast test those ears see if everything’s okay gitche you’re itchy let’s examine your mouth how’s that looking great we can treat it with an antifungal spray that’s a talkative kitty I love talkative kitties good job we’re level seven of the veterinary skill well okay now craft the poop randomizer treat at the medicine crafting table you read all right it’s a treat that makes a pets poop something else what we can pay and then closed for business stress level it’s pretty high ambience could be better apparently try cleaning up your clinic we are trying to keep it as clean as possible miles is neutral but the wait time was excellent which is good we only had to pay a hundred and twenty dollars from miles but we gained a half are not quite what I wanted you know I think we’re gonna maybe make it to three stars not four or five which was the original goal actually we’re feeling quite undersized maybe we should just go for round two right now I said it we’re opened again miles get back in here hope you had some rest we’re open for business miles doesn’t look so good toddler care what why why don’t we check up on Myles his mouse okay the shook up on him be a good manager of your employee your older brother stop playing games at work work is what it is it just means the Fernan for me what well let’s praise him say you’re doing an amazing job sweetie I just want to let you know yeah you’re doing great okay I’ve been putting in some extra effort and I’m glad you’ve noticed uh me banter about that pet and then get that pet in here treat patient something is wrong with my little girl grant won’t you please help her grant just a pretty cute name for a girl begin examining that path grant we got you miles back there we’re so proud of him all right kitty we’re gonna sue ya I’m gonna take really great care of you listen to the heart look at your eyes with deep into the pets eyes this is how you become a vet by the way to a fungal spray it’s okay sweetie I know I know I must fix you up and then I’m gonna bill your owner good job okay next customer that cat is blue I don’t think that cat is supposed to be blue emergency let’s end this exam I think that we’re good with this cat Samson just hasn’t been acting like himself is it cause he’s blue can you please take a look yeah I can take a look at the fact that he’s blue would you do would dip them in some kool-aid let’s take your temperature cuz you look like you got a different temperature than what’s normal I don’t sue you because you deserve it okay listen to your heart that never will not remind me of that song oh wow frozen made yeah that was pretty fast right there to be quite honest with you people we don’t know what treat to do oh there we go yes all right increase yes yes yes yes three stars let’s go don’t let your dreams be memes we got this next customer how’s your patient even Willems feeling a little boy named JJ he’s got stuff to do oh no there’s something wrong with JJ let’s calm him because he does not look calm look at that pet all right that’s a good boy let’s examine and take the temperature let’s check that mouth it’s 3:00 a.m. we’re now a late night hospital sometimes we work a midnight shift because sickness never sleeps all right administer that shot bill that owner we cured yet please give me money I did a great job oh my gosh we got a blue dog oh we’ve been open for five hours maybe we should not allow any new customers and now let’s examine let’s take that temperature it looks off and let’s maybe listen to the breathing what so I think there were pets fighting around her feet but I didn’t see any oh yeah what’s the matter sir shot we really got she’s she’s really crushing it she only used to look at like one thing and immediately knows what’s the problem freaking boss boss bill that owner wow she really like didn’t know what she was doing first time we did this now she’s inaudible alright let’s greet that patient over there help with my little girl brandy won’t you please help her I Got News for you you’re in magic hands let’s exam and look at some fur because honestly that itch was very telling what are you doing in there you’re just having a chat with a cat that’s vomiting oh he’s cleaning up the vomit that’s encouraging how’s that skin Oh rainbow poop you know sometimes when I check the skin I also find out about rainbow poop listen to the breathing oh my very stinky breath diagnosis this is a poop problem so I get some medicine we’ll fix your poop here at that sickness remember bro let’s close we do wages owed 70 we only paid art maybe because we were open less time I really think we should up the wages of our brother that’s pretty bad let’s go home let’s get our needs back Oh what’s roughhouse with our baby it’s still not fixed Ginny why didn’t you fix it alright you know what we’re just gonna replace it up over this and then we need to get cook a meal would be a good feel mac and cheese work boys Oh where’s business perks maybe that’ll help us additional vet unlocks the ability to hire one more additional event we don’t really need that unlock vet supply Walt quality and locks the ability to set the quality of vet supplies that rush temporarily increases the number of patients who come to clinic we all knew that for a patient patients additional that inspirational speech youths inspire replace lower trading costs well-managed lower chances of bad events reduce pet stress that would be a really good one but we don’t have enough for that what would be the most helpful vet supply quality or should we just save up for reducing our pet stress all right we’ll save up for reducing the stress so we just need a thousand more perk points that’s a lot how do we get more perk points oh my god back to our favorite OTP noodle fridge noodle wub squidge noodle has a flaming a heart for fridge oh wow got a lot of energy noodles got the zoomies oh wait noodles disappear if you noodle took themselves outside I don’t think noodle would run away let’s get hurtle sometime and then maybe call noodle back home give some food to noodle that sounds fun yeah do it do it do it feel like you don’t want a bit of should you get back and choose to a dog you know maybe not okay you’re good let’s go to the clinic now at 1:00 p.m. you work odd hours but when you’re a business owner I guess you can do whatever you want it’s your business open for business let’s change them up vet uniform yeah round three baby let’s go let’s get those perk points so we can make everybody less stressed maybe we can like make it look prettier I like the shabby chic but maybe it’s the photo well that’s not a cute that’s not a very expensive rug do we need expensive rugs I’m pretty shocked that the people in our clinic are requiring expensive rugs for them to like enjoy their time at the paschal that one’s kind of nice okay we upgraded that what about these chairs maybe we’ll get even better-looking chairs this one looks very cozy comfort 6 grab a couple of these bad boys 540 dollar wooden chairs hello I didn’t mean to do that sometimes your hands lips it’s like a really nice thing that decor makes the decor let’s go into upgrading our paintings here maybe well this is a good painting right so with maybe more plants how about this one 1 6 but it’s not environment so we’re gonna sell that put a big plan in that’s pretty cute put that on the door all this stuff is so expensive they will just put these on every wall that’s ugly I hate this whole endeavor I feel so conned by having to do this I think I made a couple changes hopefully they help rub them for business alright let’s do a finitude action stop playing games yeah gave you a little nasal nuzzle oh that guy looks mad axle means the world to me no don’t worry Axel’s in fantastic hands even though axe is apparently quite mad at me three how do we make them enjoy it more examine check that chart I never do that maybe check a chart I love that the flower on the door doesn’t move that’s cracking me up take a temperature good baby test years darling okay okay that’s a good pixel axles a good pet let’s do a little antifungal spray and you’ll be good to good oh what a good baby call a good pet that’s a good pet yeah you did it you’re a very good job oh did he pay me he did you’re my favorite customer oh he went up too far oh that’s good okay okay okay let’s keep doing that let’s greet that patient good mind no nighters moving quite fast oh maybe it’s because we run fast man let’s take your temperature you look a little dizzy friend oh my gosh it’s Vlad because we lad is brought in one of the cats of the girls yep Salem oh my god or other spin-offs they’re all they all have pets and now they’re all coming back it’s amazing level eight oh yeah well we’re getting close we’re getting close to our Kirk points good baby all right we figured it out there it is antifungal spray I’ve never gone to the vet and had the vet just spray my dog with something and be fine call a good pet you’re a good pet you’re a good baby okay we’re getting so close Salem we got you blood is like the cat dad the other the vampire girls don’t want to take the cats out so they said Vlad their blood is very president how quickly their sister took care of say oh poor Salem is feeling stressed a soothsayer I wish we could just examine the feet that really looks like what they were the problem lies take that temperature hot feet yeah good go figure Oh we got it we got it already we got parasite killer spray okay here do you go do do spraying a cat call a good pet are you okay there yeah Peck Pines okay reduce pets dress so we want oh we did it hopefully that’ll help yeah he’s level four all right let’s get this dog oh that dog is blue that seems incorrect color for a dog as usual oh my god we’re halfway to four oh my gosh we’re getting so close we just need to keep hustling and we’ll get there let’s take that temperature cuz it looks office into the breathing okay so it’s a mad in there I don’t know why it’s okay we’ve been open for five hours it’s for like decent amount of time okay slurry fur let’s treat that slurry fur oh I think it’s time to move to the surgery station we’ll fix you up get your right as rain surgeries Tom Tom tickle tangle readjustments ooh tree could you imagine going out there and be like I’m sorry I’ve looked at your dog and we need the Tumtum tickle tickle surgery I’d be like I’m going to get a second opinion please never touch a dog ever again that dog looks completely different we did it okay I think this might be our last customer and it makes me sad because I know that she she deserves more than three-and-a-half stars she was a five-star woman fish another dog named after a different animal fish and turtle maybe they’re friends maybe they’re ocean friends maybe they both really like swimming examine it up clean nose healthy skin everything looks pretty normal with this dog this dog is perfectly fine and you’re you as an owner just wasting my time literally this dog is healthy it is a perfectly fine we’ll give it a preventive shot anyway all right you didn’t you did it you’re fine yeah good dog you’re good dog who’s a good dog it’s you four star she’s stretching job well done manage miles beside check let’s praise him who want miles to be a happy happy employee even if he is family miles can you do it that woman seems mad honestly oh but dude don’t dismiss the patient don’t don’t don’t don’t bill owner yeah actually she seems like she liked us a lot that was an amazing trip to the vet oh my god she loved us thank you for being a good customer let’s close hah we just made it to three and a half stars but I still think it was quite good growth opportunities and stress level we’re working on it and ambiance fu game I worked on both those things but there’s always more room for improvement I think this is where I’m gonna leave it it was a great family affair we expanded our business we got to treat all of our family members pets sometimes you make goals and you don’t always meet them but it’s about the fun you have along the way and I’ll see you guys next week [Music]

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