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Sizzling Tuna Sisig

are you fond of Sisig? perfect timing! We have a new dish this version of sisig uses fish meat this is called Sizzling Tuna Sisig that’s our recipe for today here are the ingredients fresh tuna, cut into cubes long green pepper, chopped into small pieces thai chili Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise Knorr Liquid Seasoning red onion chicharon butter salt and ground black pepper garlic powder let’s start. Mix the tuna and Knorr Liquid Seasoning this is the only ingredient for marinate I recommend this because it gives delicious flavor to any kind of meat add generous amount to make very flavorful using a teaspoon, stir make sure the 2 ingredients blend well after stirring, set aside marinate for 10 min. once marinated, let’s cook it pre heat pan then melt the butter make sure the butter is well distributed because we will put here the marinated tuna the butter is ready, add the marinated tuna stir cook until light to medium brown in color make sure to stir fry to cook it evenly at this point, tuna is ready let’s add the other ingredients first is the red onion push to the side so we can have enough space to saute the onion stir fry the onion then stir fry together with tuna cook for 1-2min. then we’ll add chili add long green pepper, chopped then thai chili you may also use Labuyo chili continue cooking about the green pepper, I chose the mild long green pepper. But if you want it to be a bit sweet, use Green Bell pepper if you want spicier, use Sinigang’s long green pepper add Lady’s choice mayonnaise this will make our Tuna sisig rich and creamy it thickens the texture at the same time mix cook for 3-5min. let’s add chicharon cut into small pieces I like this ingredient because it gives additional crunch to our sisig without chicharon, the texture will be all soft adding crunch will make it more exciting add salt and ground black pepper next is garlic powder stir cook for 3 min. it’s time to pre heat the metal plate here’s our metal plate or known as sizzling plate apply butter on all area transfer the tuna sisig here quickly cook it here for about 2 min. then add chili and lime or calamnasi on the side here’s the thai chili and sliced lime it’s better if we put calamansi lastly sprinkle with crushed chicharon see? It’s more delicious and more appetizing we can now serve it thank you for supporting our videos please subscribe to our youtube channel here’s our sizzling tuna sisig let’s eat

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