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SKELETON FISH FAMILY vs SHARKS – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 87 | Pungence

SKELETON FISH FAMILY vs SHARKS – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 87 | Pungence

– He’s just bones. Where’s the food going? And why does he have muscle for blood? Wow! Look at all those sea turtle babies! Oh! Guys, there’s a great white shark! Here we go. He’s throwing us in circles. What happens? I’m hoping. We just turn into a big
pile of bones or something. Tell me we can take out this tiger shark. Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, today we’re playing
as this fossil bibos. Guys, we’ve never used
this guy in the great map. I’m super excited. And I’m hoping we get
like a fossil bibos baby. I’m hoping we can have some babies. Make a family. And guys, something I’m
really excited to check out as bad as it sounds, I want to see what happens when
a fossil bibos dies because, I’m not going to spoil it for you, guys. Last video we played as the
mecha bibos in survival. And something different
happens when he dies. Something different happens. You’ll just have to check out
the video to see what happens. But maybe something different’ll happen with the fossil bibos. And also guys, lately
I’ve been asking you guys to name these fish. Last time I asked you
to name the mecha bibos. And there were a lot of really good names. But I think my favorite,
this one just made me laugh, someone wanted me to call him metal teeth. He looks like a metal tooth. So guys, that’s what he’s gonna be named. Metal Teeth. And guys, we need a name
for this fossil bibos. Put it in the comments. Also guys, lets aim for a gajillion likes. You gotta admit, it’s been a while since we’ve had a gajillion likes. Mainly ’cause that’s not a real number. Okay, maybe that’s a little crazy. But guys, what do you think about 10,000, I know 10,000’s a lot. This is five digits. But I know you guys can do it. You’ve done it before. So let’s see if we can
hit 10,000 likes today. Okay, guys, before we get into it, we gotta check out the abilities. We have the rage, so every
time we deal or take damage we gain 30% damage and 40% bite speed. That’s actually huge. The bite speed is really good. Call the gang. So we’re gonna have a gang. And guys, are the stats
the same with the mecha and the regular bibos and the fossil? Okay, they’re all the same. But guys, wouldn’t it be so cool if like each of them
had their own abilities? Like, okay, I could see the mecha bibos, okay, are we gonna have our own egg? I can see, wait a minute. Oh, no! Guys, it looks like a regular egg! No, please. Please don’t be a regular bibos. Please be, please be a fossil bibos baby. Oh, no. Okay, guys, I gotta admit,
I’m very disappointed. I’m very disappointed. Okay, I gotta get this meat. I’m very disappointed, dude,
I can’t even grab this! No, no! Oh, dude, that crab, that
crab was very mean to me. Okay, guys, I wanna sneak
in and grab that food. I’m gonna grab this food, yes, I got it, and get this food without them, yes! Okay, that was really close. So guys, I still wanna see what happens when the fossil bibos dies,
like maybe we can get, uh oh, controller’s plugged in. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe
something different’s gonna happen. We’ll see. Also guys, we do gotta
get a good family going. I can’t believe, oh, hey! I was gonna eat that. Well, we gotta get a good family going. And it is crazy, like we
can, we can actually, oh! Guys, I’m already a fossil bibos, I’m already a full grown fossil bibos. That was really fast. Dude, that’s crazy. Okay, well we’re a full
grown fossil bibos. It is kinda crazy that we can reproduce with a regular bibos. Uh oh, crabs are coming in. We got, no! No, get away from me you crazy crab! Dude, I’m trying to have babies. Okay, well, maybe we
should go for a safer spot. Okay, let’s go, this guy! Okay, we got six eggs. Every time we, oh no! No! Okay, these crabs are just out of control. Okay, let’s, you know what? Let’s get our gang going. Gang on. Okay, we got the gang going. I think all these guys are in the gang. Gang off. Gang on! That’s what I’m talking about. Okay, well, maybe I
shouldn’t have done this while I’m trying to eat this. They’re probably gonna steal this from me. Um, yeah. So guys, oh, look at that
gang taking out that crab. I’ll just let them do
that while I do this. But guys, you know how, dude
how did that crab get away? That’s crazy! Okay, let’s keep going. Yes, keep getting there. I’m gonna let them do their thing, yes! They got him! Okay, that crab, whoa! That crab was a mean one. But yeah, you guys know
how I like doing research on these fish before I play as them? So yeah, with the fossil
bibos, it’s just bones. It’s just bones. Okay, you know what we gotta do? We gotta have these babies. We’re already at level five. We’re actually leveling
up at a pretty good pace. So let’s have these babies right here. It’s nice and safe. It’s green eggs. Guys, I’m a little disappointed. Like, okay, with the, with the mecha bibos we had our own like mecha bibos eggs, mecha bibos babies and stuff. But with the fossil bibos,
maybe it was just too hard. It was probably just too
hard for them to make like a separate model for a fossil bibos. I guess that would be kinda difficult. But dude, look at this thing. Like, I think I asked this
last time I played as this guy, I never played it as him, and it’s oh! Here we go, we got our babies. But I’ve never played as him
in the survival map before. I think we did like the alpha map. But I was just wondering like,
how does he absorb this food? You know? How does he absorb this food? He’s just a big bag of bones. It’s just bones. Where’s the food going? And why does he have muscle for blood? Like he got bitten and he’s
got like muscle showing. I don’t know. There’s a lot of, there’s a
lot of unanswered questions. Okay, we actually got eight babies. That’s really good. Yeah, whenever we did the mecha bibos we got seven babies every single time. Dude, look at those babies going crazy. Also, the mecha bibos babies,
they leveled up really fast. So I’m hoping, guys, I’m hoping these guys level up fast too. And look at our coins. We’re at 11 hundred coins. Like, I don’t think
we’re gonna have to worry about coins ever again. Keep eating, guys. Keep eating. Okay, none of them, none
of them are adults yet. Eat this little bite. Okay, so as soon as it goes
from 1128 to something else, or goes from eight babies to less, we’re gonna get some adults. And the thing is, I, oh! We got one! We got one! Okay, we got one. Look at this family, look at this family. Guys, I don’t know man,
put it in the comments. Which family did you like better? Do you like the mecha bibos family better? Or the fossil bibos family? They’re both great families. You know? They’re both really good families. Last video we went up against like a hammerhead shark family. Between the bibos and the shark, I definitely prefer the bibos family. Okay, so we only got one adult so far. We got a crab. Let’s take out this crab. Hopefully, hopefully the crab
doesn’t mess with my babies! No, okay, help me. Okay, I get the first bite in. And I let them, whoa! Come on, babies, eat that food. Yes! We got another one. Okay, guys, we got two adults. This is really good. Okay, we got two adults. And the thing is though,
the only problem is, bibos I feel like is kinda underpowered. Like it’s an underpowered
fish in the great map. But, guys, last video we made it work. We made it work last video. And the fact that we got this
big family, I think it helps. Yes, we got another one. Guys, we got three adults. This is good. That sea turtle isn’t
gonna attack me is he? There is a sea turtle like,
okay, we got another one. A sea turtle right there and right there. Dude, we got sea turtles
all over the place. We could take out the babies. Guys, lets look for a sea turtle baby. I want a sea turtle baby right now. Okay, they usually come in right here. Let’s just check. Let’s go up on shore. Uh, babies? No babies. Okay, I did see a crab though. These guys, they do like their, they do like their crab meat. And you know me, I like crab meat too. Every time I see a big crab, I just get hungry for crab legs. Dude, did we get another adult? Maybe? Okay, we only have two babies left. Look at this family. Look at all these fossil bibos. Dude, these other fish gotta be confused. Uh oh. Is he gonna attack us? Guys, is this a bad idea? I think it’s a bad idea. But, maybe, I don’t know, man, maybe we could see what happens. If we beat this guy it’s gonna be great, but if we lose, we’re gonna
lose some of our family. Oh, we got another adult. Dude, all of our babies are adults. Okay, let’s take out this crab first. Take out the crab. Dude, that was quick. That was really quick. Am I gonna be able to
eat any of this stuff? Yes! Okay, we’re level six. Level six is not too bad. Okay, we got the gang. We could have more babies,
but let’s mess with this guy. Okay, is the gang here? Gang is here, and here we go. Let’s attack this sea turtle. Let’s attack the sea turtle. Dude, this is kinda tough. I can’t even get to him. Okay, guys, I can’t get him. Maybe it’s a sign. Look at all those fossil bibos. Maybe it’s a sign that we
need to have more eggs first. So let’s just add more eggs. Look at all those fossil bibos. Guys, what an amazing family. I love my fossil bibos family. Okay, and we got, we got
seven more on the way. Look at this crab trying to take out one of my family members. That’s not nice. You know what happens, dude. It’s like I’m the ring leader,
I just tell them what to do. Okay, and break it up. And this should get me, ah, that was gonna get me to level seven. Okay, dude, where are my babies? Where are my babies? Okay, here are my babies. I found them. Okay, we got seven more babies. Guys, let’s just level
up a little bit more. Dude, if we could have eight plus seven, that’d be 15 adults. Guys, imagine 15 adult fossil bibos. We’d be unstoppable. Yeah, just imagine what’s
going through the minds of these other fish that see these. Like, they gotta be wondering
how we’re even surviving. I’m wondering the same thing. Guys, we got no eyeballs,
we got no internal organs, we got no digestive system,
like, we got no gills. How are you supposed to survive? It’s a just bones. Just a big bag of bones. I don’t get it, guys. But I gotta say, I do
love it, I do love it. It’s one of my favorite fish in the game. Dude, this one and the mecha bibos, they’re seriously some of my favorite. I did decide last video
that the mecha bibos baby is my favorite. I’m calling it Robo Baby. It’s my favorite baby in survival mode. Which, that’s a tough one, man, ’cause like all the babies are super cute, they’re super amazing. Okay, we had six babies left,
feed those guys, we got more. Dude, only four babies left. Dude, we’re gonna have
15 adult fossil bibos. This is gonna be an amazing family. Guys, it already is an amazing family. You know, it’s just gonna,
it’s just gonna get better. It’s just gonna keep getting better. Okay, let’s just look for
a little bit more food. These little rocks that stick up, they kinda, they kinda trick me. Okay, guys, we just gotta be careful too. Like this, this honestly
is a pretty safe area. All we gotta worry about is those crabs. So as long as we don’t run into those, I think we’re gonna be good. Dude, look at all these guys. Wait! Someone’s scared. Oh! Yes, I found the sea turtle babies. They’re scared. I thought our babies were scared. It’s not our babies. Yes! I got one, I got one! Oh my goodness. Dude, we got him. Oh my goodness. How did they do that? These guys, these little babies are actually hard to get too. Okay, and get another baby. Guys, this is tough. Dude, we got another one to maturity. This is amazing. Okay, wow! Look at all these sea turtle babies. It’s a sea turtle baby
family versus bibos family. Oh my goodness, dude. Okay, how many we got? We only have two babies left. Guys, we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna do this. Dude, I can get one bite in on them. But it’s hard to get any more than that. Yes! I got this guy. I got this guy. Get him! Yes, dude, I’m starting
to get the hang of this. Oh, man. That, wow! That poor sea turtle baby. Okay, he’s gone. Guys, we got two babies left. One baby left. Dude, we did it! Okay, guys, I can’t stop,
we gotta have more babies. But, now that we have 15,
now that we got 15 adults, let’s go out and have some fun. Let’s have some fun
with some of these fish. Okay, do we have the whole family? Um, where’s our family? Guys, where is our family? Okay, I see two are there, whoa! There they are, there’s the family. Okay, well, hopefully the
new babies can follow us. Okay, guys, let’s just double check. We should have 15 fossil bibos with us. Okay, and also, I do need to
start leveling up more, yes! We’re level seven. That’s good. Okay, that looks like maybe about 15. Guys, that is a big fossil bibos family. Now the only problem
is, with these babies, dude, look at this, we got fossil bibos, we got baby bibos, we go full grown bibos. Okay, here we go. Let’s do something. We can probably take out a cuttlefish. We could take out crabs. Not really that much. Maybe a mantis shrimp. Mantis shrimp are kinda
dangerous sometimes, though. But, yeah, we can’t take out, guys, we can’t take out a mahi mahi right now. We couldn’t take out, dude, I don’t know, even that like goldfish kinda thing. We probably couldn’t take that out. Dude, what is this? Look at this solid blue fish. Is that a dory? Well, whatever it is, it’s dead. I think that was a dory fish. Or a baby dory. Dude, that’s interesting. Okay, I do need to start eating
some food for myself though. What are they eating? Hey, give me some of that food! Yes! We’re level eight. Guys, we need to level up a lot. ‘Cause the problem is,
like the bibos, the health, it takes a really long time for
it to get any decent health. Like, it’s rough. Oh! Guys, there’s a great white shark. Great white shark is right there. Guys, we just swam right next
to the great white shark. That’s not a good idea. Especially if I’m trying to survive here. I’m trying to raise a family. Dude, there’s a Goliath fish. Guys, I think we’re in
the middle of the ocean. That’s not smart. It is not smart to be in
the middle of the ocean. Guys, why are my fossil
bibos adults so slow? Look at all those guys back there. I don’t know why they’re so slow. But let’s see if we can take out something that’s not too bad, like, I still don’t think we
can take out a mahi mahi. We can take out these crabs pretty easily. Oh my goodness, guys! It’s a hammerhead! Guys, that’s a hammerhead shark! Where’d he go? No! He’s chasing us! Guys, we gotta get outta here. Dude, our family is in grave danger. Dude, we gotta get outta here. Is he still chasing us? He’s still chasing us! No! My family! Guys, um, okay, I do kinda
wanna see what happens if he takes out a, if he
takes out a fossil bibos. Okay, dude, I was trying to be sneaky. I was trying to be sneaky. That did not work. That did not work very well. Okay, he’s preoccupied
with those fish over there. Guys, we’re in a lot of trouble. Dude, here’s what we gotta do though. We gotta find the zebrafish,
there’s a mosasaurus. Guys, we gotta find a zebrafish
because those level us up a lot and they’re not too dangerous. Where’d they go? Dude, I saw some zebrafish here earlier. Okay, what do I see? Oh! Okay, we got another one to maturity. I don’t know what happened. Okay, dude, where are the zebrafish? Okay, guys, here we go. There’s the zebrafish. Sometimes the mahi mahi
hangs out down here. I think we’re safe though. I think we’re safe. Guys, we’re doing, whoa! We’re doing a decent amount
of damage but so is he! Okay, I think we got this guy, whoa! Oh, man. Guys, it’s time to level up. It’s time to level up big time. There goes level 14,
keep it going, level 15. Dude, now we’re talking. Now we’re talking. Oh, he just ate a big one. Dude, look at all these zebrafish, guys. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner. Dude, he’s instantly dead. As long as no hammerheads mess with us, although there are a lot
of hammerheads around here. But as long as they don’t mess
with us, we’re gonna be good. Dude, I’m leveling up like crazy. Level 16, this food is still too big. Okay, I wish I didn’t
have such a small mouth. Okay, level 17. Keep it going, keep it going. Actually, all this food
is probably gonna attract the hammerheads, that’s not good. That is not good attracting
hammerhead sharks. That’s actually a bad thing. Dude, we’re level 18,
we’re almost level 20. Guys, this is actually, I
feel like this is going better than last time. But, we kinda learned, we
kinda learned the strategy. You gotta go for these zebrafish. Dude, and our family has got to be getting pretty strong too. For a family to be eating all this stuff? They gotta be getting pretty strong. Okay, guys, we got any more zebras? Look out for hammerheads. And there’s one right there. Dude, where are the zebrafish? They know. They know my tactics so they’re probably, they’re probably, oh! Here’s one right here. Just waiting for us. That’s amazing. Okay, here we go. Here we go, eat that food. We’re level 20. Guys, this is good. But look at my health. My health is only at 25, that is so bad. Okay, now it’s at 26. But, dude, and our damage is only 1.7. It’s so bad. Guys, I really feel like the bibos could use a little bit of a buff. I’m no game designer or anything but, I think it could use a
little bit of a buff. Like, we got pretty big last episode. Like, as far as our level, but our size didn’t really get that big. I don’t know, man. Let’s see if I can find
any more zebrafish. Yes! Dude, there’s some zebrafish right there. They’re getting dangerously close to where the hammerheads are. Let’s just, let’s just take a peek, we’ll take a peek at them, yeah, they’re like right by the hammerheads. How are they still alive? I don’t even know how
they’re surviving right now. Okay, just for fun, let’s
just have some more babies. ‘Cause I think we may have
lost some family members. We may have lost some family members in those most recent fights. So yeah, let’s just have some more babies. You know, get the family
going a little more. And we need to just get
a little bit bigger. Guys, I’m level 22. I should be able to take
out a mahi mahi, right? Maybe? I don’t know. Let’s just be safe. Let’s just try to get a little bit bigger. And our babies should
be hatching any time. Dude, he just bounced my baby. Okay, we got some babies. And you know what? Let’s see if they’ll eat this plankton. Or if there is any plankton. We do have some plankton over here. Let’s see if they’ll eat some of this. Watch out for that mosasaurus. Thing is, mosasaurus, I don’t
think he’s gonna mess with us. Like, if you’re small enough,
mosasaurus doesn’t even care. Like, it’s probably not
even a snack for him. Okay, yes! They’re eating the plankton, that’s good. Oh, they’re also eating the starfish, that’s really good too. Okay, guys, well, our family’s
getting a little bit bigger. Hey, if you guys aren’t gonna
eat the plankton, I will. It’s kinda, yes! Level 23, it’s kinda one
of my favorite snacks. And dude, it actually levels
me up a decent amount. Oh, man, look at all those
zebrafish over there! They’re getting chased
by hammerheads though. Guys, we can’t risk it. We got hammerheads here. We got hammerheads there. Guys, it’s like they’re
protecting the zebrafish from us. Dude, I see something big
over here that’s not moving. It looks like a cuttlefish. Oh my goodness, I was gonna say it looks like a dead cuttlefish. Is it alive? Is it alive or is it dead? I don’t know. Dude, I think it was dead. But it was still doing the sparkly thing. That was weird. Okay, guys, we’re
getting more to maturity. That’s good. What about this, whoa! Dude, this guy’s going
for the mantis shrimp. Okay. Dude, did that say 11 damage? Oh my goodness, dude,
those things are serious. They’re serious. Okay, we gotta be really careful. We gotta be really careful. Okay, yeah, you guys eat
the, eat the mantis shrimp. Don’t die or anything,
don’t go dying on me. Yes, we’re level 25. Okay, there’s one more, oh, dude, we’re, did we lose any babies? Or did they all just go to maturity? I don’t know. Okay, dude, six damage, that’s insane! Okay, yeah, mantis shrimp
is pretty powerful. Okay, eat this food. Level 26. And I see some food over here. I don’t know why, oh! Dude, what happened? I like locked on to this guy. Okay, cuttlefish does 1.9
damage, that’s no contest. Why aren’t my friends helping me? Why aren’t my friends helping me? I don’t know. They just wanted to eat the food. Okay, so guys, what do you think? Should we add more babies? I think so too. Let’s just keep, let’s keep going. Guys, I’m kinda bummed. I’m a little bit bummed that
we don’t have fossil babies. Maybe, I don’t know man,
maybe in a future update, that’d be really cool to get
some fossil bibos babies. Okay, guys, I’m counting, I’m
counting three fossil bibos. How is that possible? We had 15 at one point, right? We had 15, and I’ve had probably
15 more babies since then. Guys, either we’re just like losing them, or they’re like really
fragile or something. Guys, where are my fossil bibos? Okay, we gotta watch
out for that swordfish. Dude, the swordfish could
probably take us out in one swipe. Okay, well, we lost, we lost
a lot of fossil bibos friends. Okay, guys, we’re level 33. We got a decent size family, like dude, where are my fossil bibos friends? Guys, where are they? Maybe they leave me, I don’t know. But guys, I’m actually
feeling pretty good. Like, I’m gonna start taking
out some hammerhead sharks. But first, we gotta take
out more zebras, dude. I don’t see one of my
fossil bibos friends. It’s just crazy. I don’t know where they are. Like I don’t know if they’re super weak. ‘Cause they were just babies before. I really don’t know. But we kinda need them. Like we really need them if we’re gonna be taking out anything big. Okay, dude, at least
let’s get these babies. Yes, we got another baby to
maturity, that’s pretty good. Okay, I guess we’re
having more babies again, but like am I eating them? Am I swallowing them whole? I don’t think so. No, it’s the adults. It’s the adults I can’t find. Oh, guys, here’s one of
those goldfish things. Well, it’s not a goldfish,
it’s a fish with gold on it. Dude, let’s see if we can take him out. These things can actually
be pretty powerful. Yeah, he does three damage. We’re doing four though. Okay, we took that out
pretty quick actually. That was kinda nice. Okay, guys, what do you
think about a sea turtle? Only problem is, our family’s gone. Like where is our family? Okay, we got one, two,
three, four, five, six, I don’t know, we got like
seven, seven bibos or something. We just keep losing them. Okay, so guys, we gotta decent family now. What do you think? Do you think we could take out
that hammerhead shark family? Guys, there’s only one way to find out. This is such a bad idea. Why am I going for a
hammerhead shark family? I don’t know, guys. I think we could do it though. We did in the last video although I did have 10 more levels last video. Dude, this zebrafish is fast. Okay, we gotta cut him off
at the pass, like this! Woops, I missed him. Like this! Here we go. Here we go. Okay, this is practice
for the hammerhead sharks. How’s our family doing? Not too bad. So we got like three
buddies who would help us. Oh no. Dude, if we can’t even
take out a zebrafish, hammerhead shark family’s
gonna be really tough. Okay, here’s something I’m noticing. My fossil bibos buddies,
they’re not doing anything. It’s always the green
ones that are helping. That’s weird. Why do only the green ones help? I don’t know, man. I guess they’re still small, maybe the gotta grow up more or something. I really don’t know. But guys, oh, dude, maybe we
could try for a sea turtle. Sometimes these guys
can be a little evasive. But they’re not too fast. It was a turtle for goodness’ sakes. He can’t be too fast, right? Okay, here we go, we’re
going for a sea turtle. We’re going for a sea turtle. He’s swinging me around. Um, why is my family not helping? Okay, here we go. Family’s helping. Here we go. Oh man. Dude, we got this guy. Okay, we got a sea turtle. If we can get a sea turtle we definitely can get a
hammerhead shark, right? Actually, that’s not a good comparison. Sea turtles aren’t really
aggressive and they, wow! Dude, that’s a lot of food actually. But the hammerhead sharks,
they got that bleed ability. They’ll bite you and
then you’re like bleeding and it does more damage as time goes on. So that could be a little tough. Okay guys, we’re almost level 40. Okay, I think it’s time guys. Let’s go for a hammerhead. Okay, there he is. He’s distracted. He’s going for that,
he’s going for that crab. We gotta make sure our family’s here. Come on, family, I need ya. Um, here we go. Here we go. We’re going for a hammerhead shark! This was a bad idea. Okay, dude, that bibos
is actually really big. Okay, um, wow! Why does it say we can reproduce? Did I lose another baby? Guys, he hasn’t hit me once! That’s really good. Oh, we got him! Guys, we just got that hammerhead shark. That’s what I’m talking about. Dude, the power of a strong family. I think we distracted him. He just saw all the bones and he was like, how are you swimming? How are you alive? Okay, dude, this is
what I’m talking about. Okay, you know what? Let’s celebrate by
having some more babies. Dude, I’ve probably had
at least 30 or 40 babies in this video. But where’s my family? Nowhere to be found. We got like five family members. Okay, guys, I’m feeling good. Let’s take on another hammerhead shark. Maybe one at a time. That’s a lot of them. Let’s just take out one at a time. Like this guy. Look at this guy. He doesn’t even see it coming. He doesn’t even see it coming. Okay, dude, he’s running away. He’s scared. He’s scared, he should be. Okay, dude, I’m just latched on. This is what we gotta do. One bite at a time. Just latch on. And here we go. And here we go. Our bite speed and damage are
increasing with every bite, which is very good,
although I keep losing him. Dude, look at all that meat! So this is probably gonna
attract those other hammerheads. Okay, I knew it would. I knew it would. Now he’s biting me. Now it’s getting a little dangerous. Now it’s getting a little dangerous. Um, not all fun and games anymore. It’s not all fun and games anymore. Guys we gotta eat to heal up. We gotta eat to heal up. Hammerheads are coming in
and they’re coming in fast. Dude, how’s our family doing? Family’s doing okay, I think. Dude, those babies, they’re trying to, they’re trying to take this guy out. Dude, those are some, those
are some brave babies. Okay, I’ll let the babies eat
some of this little stuff. Oh no! Another hammerhead. Dude, when will they stop? They just don’t learn. Okay, yeah, that hurts. Hey, family, please help me. Dude, please help me, family. Okay, family’s helping. Guys, we’re actually doing
really, really well in health compared to these guys. Dude, that bibos is actually really big. I think it’s bigger than me. That’s crazy. Okay, let’s definitely add more babies. ‘Cause we’re losing, we’re
losing family members left and right. Look at the size of this guy! He’s a lot bigger than me. Okay, you know what? Maybe it’s the fact that, maybe it’s the fact
that we’re fossil bibos and the fossil bibos
doesn’t level up as fast or doesn’t get as big. I really don’t know. But that guy looks bigger than me. Okay, maybe I’ve just been
letting him eat all the food. Okay, guys, we got two really big friends. And they’re sticking with us. And we got like, we got a bunch of babies. I just had some more. Guys, look at all these bones down here. Okay, so we just had
some more, I’m level 54, guys, let’s step it up a notch. Let’s take out um, tiger shark? Dude, now that’s a bad idea. But let’s just try it. Dude, look at this. I can add more babies. Maybe when I get out of range, I can just keep having babies. That’s crazy. Okay, guys, it’s not
the biggest family ever. We got a lot of babies. And two, two adult bibos friends. But one of ’em’s really powerful, guys. If both of them help me, we might be able to
take out a tiger shark. Now the question is, oh,
there’s a lot of them. I was gonna say the
question is, where are they? I don’t wanna take out
a tiger shark family. Just one though. Dude, I can still have more babies? We’re gonna have like a million babies. I don’t know if it’s
gonna do anything though. Like, I don’t know, the babies might, oh! There’s one, he’s distracted. Babies might just get
eaten alive like instantly. Okay, let’s take this guy out. He doesn’t even see it coming. Okay, um, he’s going for my babies. Where are my friends? My friends aren’t helping. Dude, no! No, okay help me, friends, help me! Yes, he’s helping. Guys, tell me we can take
out this tiger shark! Guys, he’s gotta be close,
he’s gotta be close, yes! Guys, we just took out a tiger shark, no! Okay, I gotta eat this food, heal up. Heal up and take out the tiger shark. Where is he? He’s right there. Dude, we’re a pretty good family. This is a very good family. Guys, he can’t take out my family. And the babies are still alive, too. Dude, I think as long as
we’re taking these guys out, more are gonna keep coming. So let’s just eat this
food as fast as possible. Uh oh. Uh oh, I hear danger. Oh my goodness, look at all this food. Dude, the babies, the babies
are getting a pretty big feast. Guys, that’s a lot of food. This is actually a really powerful family. Oh! Megalograptus! Guys, megalograptus. Actually this is really dangerous. Those things are, dude,
those things are poison! I think it was poisoning. Oh my goodness, guys. Have I been poisoned by that thing though? Like, I’ve poisoned other fish, but I don’t think they’ve
poisoned me before. What is the deal? I think it paralyzes or something. Guys, that was close. Okay guys, we can take out tiger sharks. What about like a whale shark? Dude, that’d be amazing. Okay, I know we have great
white sharks around here. Look at that great white shark. He’s, looks like he’s following me. I don’t like that. Okay, he turned around. Guys, we got a browurag down here. Let’s see if we can find a whale shark. Oh my goodness, look at
all those colossal crabs. There’s a mosasaurus over there. Dude, that’s a lot of colossal crabs. Oh my goodness. Guys, those are whale shark babies! Oh my goodness, dude, that’s really cute. Whale shark babies. Guys, that is the cutest
thing I’ve ever seen. Well next to the robot bibos baby. That’s my favorite. Okay, dude, that’s crazy. Okay, let’s take out a ghost shark. Yeah, we need to take out
some of these new fish. Take out a ghost shark. Did we take him out? Yeah, that wasn’t too bad. The only problem is, it
kinda gets dark around here. I mean, maybe that’s why
they call it a ghost shark. ‘Cause you can barely see it? I don’t know. Okay. We only, oh no! He’s attacking me. Dude, he’s actually, wow! That was close. He almost took me out. That was like four damage, like five times a second or something. Okay, there’s a colossal crab. Guys, where’s this whale shark? Do we only have one bibos friend now? Guys, that’s not good. Oh, there’s a whale shark. The only problem is, a whale shark might be able to swallow me whole. Let’s just find out. Guys, there’s only one way to find out. And that’s by attacking him. Here we go. He’s throwing us in circles. Okay. Think is, whale shark
doesn’t have a lot of damage. He doesn’t really do a lot of damage. Here we go. No! Guys, he swallowed me whole! Dude, I was like level 60 something and he swallowed me whole. I can’t believe it. Okay, well, at least we
got to level 60 something. I’m happy with that. But guys, there’s still one
more thing I want to find out. Guys, I gotta see what happens when we die if we turn to meat or if
something else happens. So I’m gonna become an adult again, and I’ll probably just have to get bitten or eaten alive by something. And then as soon as my
bones hit the surface, then we’ll see what happens. Okay, we’re about to, there we go. We’re level three. Let’s see if we can just
find a crab or something. All I need is something that
can take me out pretty quick. And we’re actually close
to the surface already. So I think this’ll be perfect. Okay, here we go. Guys, we got a crab. I’m gonna pick a fight with him. He’s gonna beat me. I’m gonna let him win on purpose. Dude, you gonna fight me or what? Just one bite at a time? Come on, man, I’m sure
you’re stronger than that. Okay, so guys, what we wanna do is we wanna just check this out. Okay, we’re going to the surface, guys, I gotta see what happens. Please tell me, I’m hoping, oh! He’s trying to get to me. I’m hoping we just turn
into a big pile of bones or something. That would be pretty cool. Okay, and like I said, I’m
not gonna spoil the last video because something crazy
happens when the mecha bibos hits the surface. Yeah, definitely check that
video out if you missed it. Okay, we’re getting close. How close are we? Actually it goes up pretty fast. Okay, I’m gonna need a closeup of this. What happens? Oh, it’s just meat. Guys, so it looks like
they put a little more work into the mecha bibos. Honestly, between the two, I like the mecha bibos a little better. Let me know in the comments
which one you like better. But guys, I feel pretty accomplished. We had a huge family. We got to over level 60. We took out a bunch of hammerhead sharks. We took out some tiger sharks. But guys, if you missed my
most recent Tasty Blue video, guys, we swallowed the earth. We swallowed the earth, but
we got some bonus levels. So definitely check that
out if you missed it. But guys, that’s gonna have
to do it for today’s video. I really hope you enjoyed. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And I will see you guys in
the next Feed and Grow Fish. Now the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing is gonna explode. Oh! Oh my goodness. It’s a Pungence gun. Oh! It turns everyone into Pungence. No! No, he got me! I’m popping ’em, I’m trying to get out! Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in! ♪ The bravest boy ♪

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