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Slamming Perch in the Otter (Ice Fishing)

Slamming Perch in the Otter (Ice Fishing)

it’s that clear you guys welcome back to
clean chick outdoors I’ve got fish down there already
it’s 651 a a little bit of a brag right now you guys don’t brag much but this is
uh this is a big deal for me super super windy and yeah I know you’re
probably thinking oh you’re gonna brag about a fish
no I gotta brag about this look at outside pitch black I’m set up like
literally – maybe hour and 45 minutes before sunrise like this is a record for
clean check out doors I’m doing it I’m really doing it I’m out perch fishing
today I didn’t show any of the setup because it’s super windy you want bill
to tell because I got the tent peg down like super awesome otter makes very very
good product you peg it properly you can like reduce all of your wind noise which
is so amazing for filming I’ve got two holes I’m gonna run a dead stick on this
side here and then I’m gonna run an active jig and like a tungsten jig enemy
a warm here so enough talking that’s fish this is crazy
like I’m set up I’ve had marks coming through it kills me sometimes like as
I’m setting up it’s like the worst thing I probably do to myself is drop the
flasher down too early because I all sudden I start to like see the marks and
I like I just want to fish but I’m like no Clayton you gotta get everything set
up and then you can fish so this is like we kind of rewarding myself now I get a
fish you’re gonna fish there we go oh it feels tiny feel small feel small put the
first one of the morning 7-eleven so basically ten minutes in and that’s an
hour and hour and a half before sunrise I believe I look sunrise was 8:45 or
something this morning not a it’s not that small like I’ll take a fish like
that perch I hope this is what I’m in store in store for today just a bunch of
perch Oh santé life Sal life come on here we go come on sound life oh
yeah do it to it first marker at a long time come on come on come on oh yeah
yeah come on there we go there we go oh yeah
first mark I’ve had in a while like I mean like an hour and a half so the bad
news is this is getting up really early didn’t pay off the good news is I have
lots of time left if this is a perch it’s it’s giant like there’s walleye
here – this is a perch it’s huge please be a perch please be a perch
if this is a perch its it feels heavy it’s gotta be a walleye yeah I knew it I
knew it I knew it man I knew it oh I’m all upset for a walleye
cuz I thought it it was possibly a perch oh man I thought had been a perch it
would have been a giant giant well it’s a nice Walther though he is gonna go
into the frying pan though you are gonna taste pretty good
my friend well please just sign some life for me
because it’s been a slow start for me for sure I was come questioning my
getting out here so early as you can tell it’s a lot lighter the Sun is now
up or it’s just coming up I should say I guess so hey the good news is is it’s
like I’m just like in primetime hours like right now alright so that’s the
that’s the good news of it at least oh yeah there we go there we go oh yeah come on come on this feels more
perche yeah that’s a nice perch please perch
it’s what we’re after today come on so we’re after today our cheese parts apart
apart apart apart apart that beautiful orange glow coming in right now okay
there is some sign of life after all sign a life after all man it’s nice
being the otter right now let’s it’s me in this window out not having to put up
with the elements outside loving it I got more marks down there I’m feeling
good well got my mojo back it’s sad about it about an hour and a
half of nothing going on I thought when I caught that first fish right away I’m
like oh yeah it’s gonna be good even in the dark turns out that was not the case
out a few marks come in like right after and I would had nothing go on for like I
said like an hour and a half it was dead but this is some of those primetime
hours right now start of the day and I’ve got marks
chasing me again come on come on oh look another one comes on the bottom two two
of them coming look at this one come up from behind it oh yeah that was more
aggressive come on come on yes yes yes just like that bang bang bang like
that’s that’s fishing a nutshell like bites come and go into your bite windows
right like they come and go this is a small guy you catch catch gauge guy
bites you bite windows come come and go right all day there’s come and go come
and go come and go so if they’re really when they’re there when the does start
to happen you want to be ready to take advantage of the situation mealworms are messy that’s a big one and
lake it look good like it like it a lot dead stick one if I can get me on the
dead stick today I like it a lot okay more mark stone now let’s get back down
get back down it’s on now it’s all now feeling good feeling good yeah come on
get down marks max max max come on let’s see if L shapes right away yeah here
comes here comes here comes corn look at that
like incident I can’t believe like that how how there’s just nothing for so long
and awesome just pounded fish here come on
this one feels better than the last one it’s nice it’s nice not a lot of super
slob yet that’s nice that’s a it’s a thick one though for
sure thick one awesome look at this they’ll just get back down
there again party should be gee maybe think I should be jiggling the dead
stick a little bit to same time Oh death dick dad stick yes mmm
this is the first fish I’ve caught on this rod this is frostbites 39-inch
dipstick it’s like the ultimate dead stick rod for panfish because it just
got so much give to it look at that okay dad’s dick went off – life’s good
life is good shit I’ll let you worry Shh let’s great away good squared away okay
I got a little tungsten big on that one too it’s a nice fish probably like I
don’t know eight nine inch or so looking for bigger though get you back down
let’s even get a fish on this get this rod up in the air a little bit
it’s got like I said this is a it’s a 39 inch
dipstick look at that it’s just before the the nice thing is is like it’ll load
so much before the fish will ever detect something it’s got such a soft action
all the way back to like probably around here
so the fish will grab it and he won’t detect anything’s wrong with it and you
know start to see the band which will give you time to to grab the rod and
bury the hook in them it’s very very nice very nice rod there we go there we
go who he has dead stick that’s a big perch that’s a big perch that was a big
perch that’s a big one I don’t have a mealworm on there you know I have the
eyeball of the walleye that I kept this morning I think I need some smaller eyes
without some that’s a nice one it’s not a great big one without it’s nice perch
that’s getting more to that 12 inches type of thing I’m curious I’m thinking
12 ish I’m curious I’m curious I’m curious is it a footlong – the footlong
oh yeah twelve and a half twelve and a half
we’re getting there we’re getting there let’s go down here with you there we go
such a soft white soft bite like I could hardly detect it hardly my death dick was going off the same
time I know I was entrapped in it I know that was a fish yes Oh baby oh baby you
are hump back perch hump back right there loving it loving it okay okay okay
they don’t look as big at a ten inch hole I probably could be using an eight
inch hole but I use pretty much a ten inch hole for everything that was such a
such as such a light bite and I could just hardly feel it when I was ticking
up checking up ticking up also I was like as I’m ticking off and there was
just a little bit of weight on there this is 36 inch light Royal Flush you
can’t really see the fluffed part I have the handle taped on this is the
medallion serious series so it doesn’t have the real seat in it just got the
cork handle just a little bit lighter it’s a really good perch rod I have it
paired with a 500 Sahara Shimano reel here and then it’s got five pound braid
on it and then I’ve got either a six or a four pound floral leader on it right
now I came in what I put on this one I know on this rod I’m running just
straight four pound fluoro I don’t think you have to have too light of a line in
this water especially like it’s like it’s like chocolate milk I can like
hardly even see my transducer really the old chocolate milk no it’s not drinkable
it’s not that good of a chocolate milk come on eat it oh yes a little bit of a
lull in the action went to a different bait quite a bit bigger bait actually I
went to a a dinner bell spoon something that could maybe just draw them in a bit
more cuz I’m fish you know oh yeah fish bass one there we go
that’s a good one look at right there at dinner bell spoon great and its mouth
the whole theory behind that is something just to kind of draw fish in
from a little bit of way because I haven’t marked a fish for quite a while
that’s a nice one there that big orange orange fins awesome cool fish yeah like
I said it’s just something maybe to draw fish in from a little bit farther away
because I am fishing a great big mudflat and it’s like if they’re there 30 40
feet away from me and they’re not right you know below me maybe I can just draw
them in and this thing’s got nice little noise in as you can tell it’s got a
little Bell knockout in the center and then it kind of just kind of rattles
around it’s a little bit bigger spoon to what I am chasing hopefully a monster
perch so I went purposely with the bigger size right now there is a size
smaller I could be using as well grab my dead stick for a second but never hooked
up oh it’s back again there we go we got here nice perch
nice perch Oh chick I bring that top lip how’d it good good hold on at that time
come on come on nice fish probably a 11 inch or something like
that built like a rock star built like a rock star
coal is definitely a school down here right no come on yes dad not bad not bad not bad
went to an eye ball seem to be a little bit more aggressive with that and what’s
a big it’s a big meal for them but has no problem fitting in their mouth that’s
for sure we want to get we want to get a jumbo perch yet lookin for me
more marks down there were marks down there and get down did he get down they
seem to be more aggressive on that eyeball like a mess around them for
quite a bit with the mealworm and it fall a little bit but like right away
that fish is come in and crushed it so probably it’s good to switch up the bait
sometimes you know I debated about going to my truck and getting my minnows to
maybe probably would be smart oh come on come on come on
here we go here we go come on come on yes yes yes yes Marc isn’t digging Marc
fish is digging we got a perch another perch another
specimen target come on quit flopping another specimen target yellow perch
yellow perch use a mark I don’t know where come on come on I’ll eat it yes
yes yes it feels good feels good I’m trying it
to put down to my transducer they won’t let me mmm
whatever double one I don’t think I’m tangled elastic if I’m going over there
oh-boy this one feels pretty good yeah that’s a nice fish I do have my other
line that’s a nice fish I get my other line on tangles here real quick right
there that is a good one right there nice perch hasn’t been hot and heavy
ladies and gentlemen but we’ve been doing our best when changing up lures
consistently we’ve been trying a bunch of different bait I guess we’ve haven’t
tried a bunch and everyone tried mealworms then we try to piece a walleye
but there it’s like even another color I don’t think I’ve used yet this is a pink
and a white one five millimeter tungsten jigs are pretty cool that’s for sure I’m
struggling a little bit today with like what to talk about in the shack because
a I don’t know a pilot ball perch fishing and it’s not like there’s much
to explain like I’m set up on a giant mud flat there’s some deeper water off
behind me and I’m basically just sitting up on this mud flap waiting for the
perch to come up to feed now they’re mostly gonna be feeding on freshwater
shrimp on this body of water for the most part
but yeah it’s all a waiting game right like waiting for the fish to come to me
it’s got a nicer out now a guy could probably be hole hopping a little bit
but I’m only gonna be fishing for another hour hour and a half and then
I’m gonna be out of here so yeah that’s all I got
I don’t have a lot to really say or talk about today so hopefully this isn’t too
boring okay you guys are toast now okay this is this is what they’re eating down
there freshwater shrimp match the hatch baby match the hatch oh it’s gonna be
game over now oh there we go there we go come on come on
I knew it I knew that shrimp would work I knew it
you only problems only got one left get out transducer who almost got stuck
in transducer not only got one shrimp after this don’t worry you’re next
hopefully I still kept my shrimp on here that’d be the ultimate right how does a
nice perch that is a nice perch hook popped oh no shrimp though it’s a nice
one right there ha got one more shrimpy left I knew that was gonna work it’s all
that a non kind of angling video wants hip it with the freshwater shrimp I’m
assuming that’s legal it’s pretty good with that freshwater shrimp action baby
guy use the shrimps that came up his hole got one left
well bud it’s you and me versus the world first mark I had with the shrimp
though bang on like coincidence I think not are you kidding me
like that’s two for two and ample shrimp have been down there for like ten
seconds I need more shrimp any more shrimp
I wonder if you had shrimp in your stomach I’m just kidding I’m kidding I’m
kidding although I’m gonna keep one I’m gonna
keep one I’m gonna keep one I want to eat one perch I think I’m allowed to you
one perch I mean one perch I know the limits like 25 but I’m gonna keep one
I’m gonna keep it while I and a perch for supper
and maybe we’ll do like a taste-testing difference thing maybe we’ll do a video
over that eventually a little taste-testing difference I’m keeping
this one okay ladies and gentlemen that will wrap up this video
I’m happy with my effort I put in my my outcome was so so called still called
awesome nice fish today nothing no PBS I was really I just had a feeling today’s
gonna be a PB day wasn’t that means I’m gonna have to try for perch yet this
winter again I think thinking about doing like a 24-hour on the ice or
something like that with perch maybe at some point maybe 48 hours or something
just count them and go hard so anyways appreciate all of the views
lately and the new subscribers you guys welcome to the channel if you are new
and don’t be scared to hit that subscribe button we’re gonna be pumping
out ice fishing content all winter and then planets moving to some spring and
summer stuff as well soap and water so thank you everybody
for watching and don’t forget get outside

59 comments on “Slamming Perch in the Otter (Ice Fishing)

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