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Sleek Sixgill Shark Spotted…Again! | Nautilus Live

Sleek Sixgill Shark Spotted…Again! | Nautilus Live

Yeah, you can note that he has that scar on
the right side You can get the lasers on him
Yeah! Oh yeah
Now we can get some scale Pretty cool
He’s just doing a little dance! Yeah, he’s giving us a little show
That’s great Great shot
The Argus view is really cool, to see the scale with Herc
Oh yeah, you can see the shadow it’s making on the wall behind it
Yeah! Heeeyyyy! How yah doin’ buddy? What’s uuup? Wow, that’s sooo coool
How long is he? It’s….pretty long
Just hanging out with us See, this is why people at home stay tuned. You never know what you’re gonna find
Yeah! So kudos to those who stuck around
….through all that marine snow You’ve just been rewarded
Exactly! Look at that giant crab! ….or….two? One? What’s going on there? What kind of crab is that? Is it a crab carrying another crab? I think
We got a predation event Yeah, look at that!
It’s a taxi crab? It’s an Uber crab! Look at that! Wow
That is cool (Is that a Tanner Crab? King Crab?) Is that lunch? Maybe something else was going on

35 comments on “Sleek Sixgill Shark Spotted…Again! | Nautilus Live

  1. I'm just imagining these scientists as a bunch of merpeople who are bored so they just wander around looking at fish.

  2. Love you guys. If I could do it all over again, I'd do marine biology. Fell in love with oceanography and wish I went further beyond that.

  3. What was the music playing at the end? Its almost as beutiful as the video. Great footage! Huge shark fan here.

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