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SMALL AQUARIUM Setup, How to Setup a 5 Gallon Fish Tank or Nano Tank. Little Aquarium. I got 5 on it

SMALL AQUARIUM Setup, How to Setup a 5 Gallon Fish Tank or Nano Tank. Little Aquarium. I got 5 on it

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing to you want to donate baby out of
everybody doing out your new when well today is a fun day for me because we’re
starting a small tank okay folks that’s where we’re going to start off with the
five down and then we’re going to roll up and yeah am i roll up to a 15 20 and
so on is a small tank series but today we’re going to like give me some fruit
but not like just chill all right so we’re starting off today setting up a 5
gala be noted though that mostly Aquarians i own are mainly 75 gallons
125 they got a 220 behind me and generally speaking the larger the
aquarium is the easier it is to set up and maintain but that says we are going
to start on the five gallon but i want to note though it was not actually that
easy created fine and five a five gallon tank i checked out a local feeder supply
also checked Desco perhaps it was because the dollars per gallon sale was
going on or perhaps and just maybe it’s because a
5 gallon is not the optimum size aquarium for most people starting out
like if you’re ten gallons all over the place five gallons not so much but
regardless throughout this series we’re going to break down both the pros and
the cons of setting about five down before we actually in our game globally
so we’re going to start with talking about the positives of the five gallon
tank grater anytime you’re valuing gazing pausing they don’t know start
with the positives build it up and then we can put a little momentum than
working on the nega so the pipe of five gallon does it take a lot of space to be
as small i know if you guys are parents you get set on your kids desk or
something like doesn’t take up a lot of room and they’re easy to move and stuff
is going down which leaves in a number two eight five gallon tank doesn’t
require all that great of a stand okay five gallons of water gallon of water
weighs a little over eight pounds five times eight something is little over 40
pounds if you want to get technical with the weight of a five gallon note for
99.9% of the world is on the wonderful metrics system check this out one liter
of water weighs get this one kilogram check out ten liters of water weighs ten
kilograms all about water go Hager come on us
catch up with to the metric system anyway so yes they don’t require that
big of a stain and you can use cinderblocks whatever
we’ll talk about hands in a little bit number three small cakes are easy to
light they don’t require a lot to light them you can get very little I can get
all the way to the bottom just because they’re shallower shallower tanks your
honor and if you want to get really hardcore and keep some pretty crazy
intense high light but it doesn’t take a whole lot to light eight five down or
you know shorter tanks alike and simply get to the bottom easier number four
they’re easier to do water changes on you take one gallon scoop you cut the
top off of a gallon you scoop it in there you scoop out one gallon on a
five-gallon spoon twenty percent water change you’re done they’re easy to plant
you don’t need to spend a lot of money to cover the bottom of them implants on
that same line they’re actually going to be cheaper to plant with a high-grade
substrate sure you do pay through the nose for some higher grade plants Hanks
substrates but you don’t need to use that many of them because it’s only a
five gallon footprint so Bob Cooper I only take like two little bags by that
substrate might cost you a little bit it’s actually not going to need that
much to cover the bottom of it additionally they are easy to throttle
up with water parameters said you want to get crazy and you want to have a
little side setting action you’ve got a five gallon tanks you can penetrate the
heck out of it with a lot of light you can use a ton of fertilizers ton of co2
it’s a smaller area so you can really pound it if you really want to and the
final thing with a five gallon aquarium they’re super easy to carry down and
replace if you screw it up let’s say everything goes to head you get an algae
problem something that is easy just to rip and replace a five-gallon you pick
the sucker up you don’t that you’ve done let’s talk about the neck negative of
five gallon aquarium just as easy it is to dump and replace a five gallon
aquarium a five gallon aquarium this is a big one for beginners simply does not
give you enough room to screw up the problem people get into the Hobby to get
too small of a tank they don’t have enough room for air it’s harder to drive
a small one for example if your filter stops working or something goes bad or
you have a dead fish which it happens that dead fish that extra wakes is going
to accumulate way quicker in a five gallon tank and it is going to be in a
larger tank that’s something to consider there you also along the same lines
can’t keep a heavy fish load I know your kids want more fish my kids want more
fish too but you simply can’t have it along those same lines you can’t keep a
lot of fish in small tankers are simply not enough room additionally you are
somewhat limited to the number of species that you can
keep in there but there’s still a ridiculous amount of small fish that can
go in a $5 query but you are limited to something like this cichlids or what
have you the fish that are ultimately going to outgrow a five gallon aquarium
the other part about a five gallon aquarium is the equipment and this is
one of the things that I wish I would have thought about earlier as a kid when
you buy your equipment for a five gallon aquarium and you buy your equipment spec
to a five gallon aquarium you are somewhat limiting your future growth
when inevitably you move into a larger aquarium if you buy lights that are spec
to a five gallon tank your sucks with those going to be a little bit harder to
move those on to a bigger tank same thing with a real small filter you’re
gonna have an undersized filter on your inevitable larger tank we’re all going
to get big tank we all have multi tank guys but we’re
starting with the small one and then finally this is the big one this is the
real downside that I really wish everyone moved beyond a five down on the
side of a five gallon but if you can get a bigger one I hear is this the dominoes
of death in a fish tank that’s five gallons fall way way way way faster I
touched on this a minute ago but think about it if your heater sticks on the
small volume of water in a five gallon aquarium is going to heat up way quick
you’re going to kill your fish way quicker if your heater goes bad and just
simply doesn’t work the temperature of that tank is going to drop dramatically
for me in the greenhouse if I have a five gallon tank that’s not connected on
system with good water flow and the temperatures drop in the greenhouse down
to 40 that tank is cold in no time all right conversely to the 75 or 125
temperatures don’t swing nearly as bad and then also it’s like someone comes in
and over feeds the fish or whatever the fish are being has way too much weight
the Dominos boom boo-boom boo-boom fish die people are unhappy kids are crying
so those are the negative before we set up this five gallon aquarium I would
like to go on record I believe it is my gift from a higher power to the
universe’ the wonderful fish tank gods to help people make aquarium setting up
easier planted aquariums in aquariums in general so with that is my credo and
that is my mantra trying to make everything easier with people with
aquarium let me firmly go on record before I set up this five gallon
aquarium that it is my firm belief that if anyone is a beginner I recommend that
you spend the extra bucks or at least by the larger tank the largest tank you can
afford I recommend instead of a five expend the extra box get to 10
Galland gives a 20-gallon you’re going to have more room for error you’re going
to have more sickness early and often a five-count simply doesn’t give you the
water bogging doesn’t give you the space screw up and is ultimately harder to
access right now like how do you have the five gallon out here we’ve got it on
a deacon stand my man Josh Bill’s got a white background here in the greenhouse
and on pump now I’m showing you this only because I want to help some young
14 year old kid out there get into the Hobby I do not recommend this for most
people we’re going to talk about how we like this we want to play to the
strengths of this aquarium well one of the strings is easy to light I know some
of you guys might be ballin on a budget I said this is not ideal but also they
can help some kids it’s only got a small allowance you can use a desk lamp if you
would still desire now obviously parents is a concern of this falling into the
water here but we can get one of those clip-on life and this will work okay
this will work again it’s not ideal but a simple clip laws desk wave will work
you’re looking for a 5600 K or a up to 10,000 K bulb you can get them in there
obviously I don’t recommend it blah hey listen we’ve all been there we’ve all
been young kids sometimes you just kind of roll like that
be SuperDuper careful for this though obviously I’m not going to light it with
that shameless plug I’ve got my own LED my standard double 15-inch right here
we’re going to light it with this bad boy right here
lighting it with this bad boy right here 15 inch here get it up there get it
going get it lit nicely get this brick the heck out of the way so it’s easy to
light a shallow aquarium it’s one of the benefits of a shallow aquarium but we
can really light it with a lot of oomph so now we’re going to move on from here
we’re going to go into the substrate now and now with this tank it is going to be
easy to use a premium substrate it’s not going to cost us an arm and a leg I’ve
got a million videos about how to dirt an aquarium if you’re really like on a
budget I’ve got tons of videos you can click the links around and check out
how to do an aquarium super duper cheap with this though I ain’t going to use a
premium grade social I’m going to use the stuff from our friends at slough
ball this is the blue ball stratum awright this stuff is way you don’t need
this big of a bag you really only need I don’t know 10 15 pounds or whatever this
is 17 this is more than enough substrate of this fraction probably low to 2
months I’ve already got a bag now when in doubt you stuff you’ve already got
I’ve already got some of this so I am going to use this now note this stuff
you want to feel really really really slowly this quickly any subject it’s
going to make a mess initially you want to rinse it beforehand if possible this
has already been prepared to that I still going to rinse it and fill it
really slowly though so we’re go ahead and add this in here now I don’t use all
of it at once I’m just going to add I don’t know just enough to really cover
the bottom probably got some stuff in it from a previous tank I set up there leaves and then what I like to do is when I use
this up I only use about half of it up front so I’ll use just like you know I
won’t use the whole bag I always want to save some because you want to make
corrections with it so I like to just use a little bit to start and really
with this stuff I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to take out all the big
chunks I’m going to go ahead and add a decent amount more but I’m still this is
the trick you always want to leave a little bit from behind so I like to
leave a little bit in the bag for later I found that using more gravel as a
better look any kind of substrate and then I makes it easier to kind of
working to see the junk I have in this bag with this so pick these out here and
then you always want to slope it to the back so I’m going to slope this to the
back here and get this going now you’ll notice I have no water in the tank at
this point that’s very critical no water in the tank at all some people use
paintbrushes I’m a Fingers guy so we just put this stuff in here like so all right so I consider myself more of a
yap than an Aquos caper with a five gallon tank and able to look forward to
putting some rocks in it I want to point out though I got a couple options with
this I like to use some negative space in the aquarium so I’m not going to take
the rocks all the way up to the top that’s just a personal preference with
me there are a couple options that we have for this I’ve got some of this
absolutely wonderful ragged stone right here the stuff I’ve had a box of I don’t
have a whole lot of it Dragonstone would make this tank I mean pretty much
aquascaping with Dragonstone I haven’t I haven’t played with this at all but
aquascaping with Dragonstone is really fun really easy and quite frankly I ah I
think it’s cheating so while I’m showing you this with Dragonstone it’s not red
it’s not always really available for people I’m just going to show you kind
of me messing around in here with this I think Rachel O’Leary sells this stuff
we’ll miss Jake but um this is not readily available and like Johnny
beginners probably not going to be able to afford it and frankly I think the
Dragonstone is cheating and we don’t want to cheat here is the five gallon
this is simple so I’m actually going to take this stuff out again I’m going to
show you guys I love this tape with it I think it’s great it’s not going to do it
alright I’m going to take it all out not going to use it because I want to keeps
it real and how do we keep it real we keeps it real with Josh and a
sledgehammer and some rocks that we found on the side of the road I told you
where I found them would have to kill you
so we’re going to roll with these rocks right here but it’s more challenging because this
is something that actually don’t know use safety goggles when you are breaking
rocks but I’m going to use these rocks they have a lot of character they were
free and if it’s free it’s on me so I’m going to show you guys I’m going to
throw it down with these this rock I’ll actually have to show you getting it wet
when it’s wet it shows character out there that’s a big tip to when you’re
looking at rocks always get them wet first you’ll see the character much
better the character of the rock it’s just got a better better look that’s how
it’s gonna look when it’s wet so pretty strict if I do say so myself and I just
broke these so I don’t know where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do
is we’re going to scape for a little bit and then we’re going to take a break so
I can creatively get back into the flow because I don’t really know what all
these pieces even look like so these are some rocks that I’ve got here and I have
a spray bottle somewhere I can just get them wet though so let’s do what they
look like wet it was pretty cool wet so I’m pretty stoked about using these and
yep big in the back small in the front you can click the links around for the
videos that I’ve done with aquascaping with these rocks with no maintenance
tank time 8 is tank add a lot of these rocks and I’m going to get these in here
so I love the character of this I’m going to play into this right here I’m
not trying to take anything above halfway so I’m going to go with this
spine I’m going to use that just kind of fullest whole eye now that’s a pretty
hot start edge there so I have to work with that might soften it over here with
this and I’m not in front of the camera so I’m not head-on so I’m cable to the
side but and then I’m going to use this is a little – a little too square for my
liking this one’s kind of nice I’m going to get this wet y’all look and again either rocks I found on the
side of the road so you know how we’re going to use this here I like to bring
your eye back so that’s why I put the the points towards the back for whatever but I’m using relatively large rocks
that’s a little too too overpowering we’ll see yeah that rocks a little too large right
there might have to re-break it I’m going to try to work this one in here a
little bit that might have to break this rock in half I think it would be better
served as two pieces not one and I’ve still got this pile right here but I
definitely want something at least half of the size plus the trick walking the
black to do and you’ve got to have the small pieces in there the small pieces
make the make the scale on the pause and take a look at it there at all right
folks I’ll be honest with you took a little
creative break now cheated on you I came out here last night kids were asleep
wife was doing god-knows-what and I came out here and I played with it and I did
fix the right side and I did not do it on camera and I am NOT going to undo it
but I you can see the difference in the side here what I did on this side it was
a little key stark of a contrast on this edge so I rotated the rock backwards and
then I added a little bit of softening rocks in the front there but you all can
see in the front so I do like the way that side is going sorry I didn’t put it
on camera but you get the idea of where we’re headed so I do like the way the
hardscape is really coming together here any and all hard scape knowledge I’ve
got from being around good aquascape errs including my man Kevin Kelly the
Brooklyn hard scapers and obviously the time I spent with Oliver canal you
should definitely check out the videos of the aquascape I saw him throw
together I learned a ridiculous amount I talk about him all the time but got mad
milk for Oliver Janaki taught me how to use big rocks that’s one of the things
that I think people miss out on when they’re doing their hardscapes is they
don’t really use quite large enough rocks so that’s something that I’ve
always tried to really I learned a lot from Oliver doing it when
I do it here I’m using the larger rock they’re going 3/4 of the way up the tank
I think that that makes the that makes the design pop you really want to leave
negative space above it I really wouldn’t suggest it listen rules are
made to be broken but I really wouldn’t suggest going up above and beyond it now
I’ll bring the plants up above and beyond that but I like the way the
hardscape is here design is totally perspective I like purples you like
green you know it’s whatever whatever you like so this is the way I’m rolling
with the hardscape here I do want to point this out though those of you who
are are getting rocks on the side of the road they look completely different wet
dough so check this out so like this is what it’s going to look like when it’s
wet which is it’s way cooler looking so I’m going to spray these down a little
bit always keep the spray bottle handy spray
them down wipe them down so that that’s really the look that I’m going to wipe
the glass to show you guys a little better of kind of where we’re heading
with this little five down here we’ll spray it all down spray it down dusty
alright so we’ve got this lined up here so we’re straight on here I’m going to
wipe the glass off just a little bit from the inside you
guys a better view of what we’re going for we’re heading into and then of
course it’s Sunday it’s PC Sunday you know I’m going to put some plants in
this bad boy so I’ll show you all some of the plants that we are working with
here I’ve got a couple of things now in planning the this tank you’re really
going to want to use a lot of small tent smaller plants because it is a smaller
aquarium obviously people don’t have a giant green house filled with aquarium
plants like myself so I do feel like I am kind of cheating but nonetheless you
know get yourself some plants I’m going to run with some anubius in here I’m
going to try it out of the problem is it’s a nubian is actually going to get a
little too large so what I’m going to do is I’m going to see if I’ve got some
smaller pieces of it and see where they go these are way too large of tweezers
but X probably been human but I was thinking about the look of kind of some
of the anubius coming out the top there and you just wedge the anubius in there
and then on the other side not really sure how I’m going to go in the nubian
Anna comes from Africa likes hard water it’s a fantastic little plant included
in all my beginning planting combos for a reason so I’ve got this I’m going to
wedge this down into there get that going and it sucks because I’m I got the
camera the way you guys got the best view so I’m trying to check it out like
alright I got that and then I always like to plant in a species with like
three so my tuck might be a little too big right there but I’m going to tux
I need something to pull kind of pull you into the center once that’s going to
do it or not maybe you closer to the front then this is actually more of a
background plant because it’s such a small tank so in a huge you know bay
5575 into the front front you know trees background on rocks whatever but here
it’s you know really looking little too big to be even in the front I’m going to
actually get a smaller piece more new vyas right here use these on
trees now look you can plant the roots not the rhizome all the way down in so
use these I can’t find my I left my tweet in the trade show or something
could not find them but that’s ok we never want to put the rhizome down and
substrate only the roots roots can go down and find rhizomes stay the ball or
you will kill your anubius so I’m playing with that a new piece is a slow
grower and I look the nice part about this is this is a yeah see that’s
actually too big for the scale I don’t I don’t like that the nice part about this
tank though is that it’s a tried in the back is that I’ve got you know pretty
will say highlight considering just because the lights so close to the plant
so that’s a huge plus get that down in there and we’ll see
so I got the dwarfs edge here one of my favorite plants stays low and you want low you don’t
want any plants that are going to get real too tall the negative space
disrupted I don’t like this plant right here so that’s got to go looks something
I don’t know what I’m going to do with your new bleak nervous is too big I
don’t know it’s overpowering oh it’s too big the leaves on this anubius are too
big it’s taken away to scale the tank so I’m gonna forego that for now because in
a little tank you want to have you want to show the scale of everything so you
want to use like smaller stuff to make it look bigger but I am going to use
some dwarf sedge notice I’m not using any water at all in the tank at this
time we will be adding water later I did four years years years years I did
nothing but everything with wet and it’s so much easier when it’s not wet I
learned that from Jeff’s multiple aqua skaters but Jeff sent me one of the
american-made fish tank legends talks about that shows that quite a bit and
it’s just so much easier like that
but you want to just kind of make it look natural coming out of the crack you
see that that’s alright this out the way here and I’m going to take I like the
plan of groups is three item not doing that with you newbies this time but
we’ll get there these tweeters are ridiculous too big but what I’ve got it
couldn’t find my little needle nose one and I’m going to put another one down in
there and the softscape can help you out with like spots of the hardscape that
you don’t like it kind of covers up the mistakes or this spot that you’re not
really nuts about I’m actually going to yell with two right here and those are
going to go down in there I don’t trim route some people do I
don’t to each their own and I’m not looking at it straight on so
yeah that’s all right could be better the rocks needs a few
more rocks on this side over here to kind of break off that edge is too stark
I want to get a little rock in there to really soften that which can be easily
done and then we can stick some Dwarfs ads
down in their happy little trees this by far and away is my favorite part
of the aquarium hobby one I probably number one setting up tanks seeing a
design come together getting in the flow like it’s just you got you got to take
the time to do it folks you got to get into it you got to enjoy it and you know
what would mother nature do how would it look quotes Kashi Amano the great
recreating nature is the ultimate luxury you’re like having fun doing this as
part of that yeah I wish I had a little needle no
screws we need to work so that’s coming and I always work left to right and I’m going to keep the same the same
look going over here and I like to plant them a little deeper
than you might think you want to plant them because that way the roots are down
in the substrate better and the plant will take whole or a little better may
not look quite as good if it were higher up out of the gate but it’ll just look a
little bit better it’s better for the plant to give its roots down to the good
substrate out of the gate and like I said it’s cheap clam it
doesn’t take a whole lot of stash that what I don’t know six eight beads in
there and then what you can do is come back in
later and sprache more in more of the substrate the stratum is what I’m using
here in turn around make sure that now you can push the links around watch
Oliver use the paintbrush I need to get myself some good
aquascaping tools at least locate the ones I had all right so I’m not nuts about the way
the scape is going is going on right not super pumped I’m not nuts about the
anubius I think it ruins the scale because I want to keep everything really
small and that’s something to consider in a lot of small tanks you know keeping
the scale the the leaves are way too big for the size of the rock so that’s not
going to work for me so I’m going to take that one out
I’m going to take this one out here we’re going to try something else
I do have a tiny little bit of Lucifer Landrieu personal stash that might be a
little bit better with fit so I’m going to try this stuff down in here wedid that in there actually I’m going to yeah I’m gonna run
with that I don’t like that I’m going to do something with the vertical space up
top in a minute with this telling Thera but the boost the boost is loose folks
I’m going to take this just kind of gives you a little little accents here
going very minimalistic with this and I like the contrast between the boost of
the roundness of the boost and then like the straightness of this edge and I
really think that the advice to youngsters would be definitely play
around free water you’ve got to move quick because you know the plans to dry
out or you got to keep spraying them but there is something to be said visually
with it of having everything and then the dexterity to do it in for years and
years and years I did not do it dry and dries nice sweeter than that so I like to kind of the contrast that
we got going on there with a little tiny bit of boost the round boost against the
dwarfs edge right there that boosts will puff up and then now I want to play in
the background you guys have the best seat so yeah now I’m going to add need
some boosts right in through there and possibly in the back but we’ll move away
from that section even in a small tank I divided into sections and I’ve got this
talent there cardinalis now this is not going to look good until it’s filled up
because it’s going to lay over but we’ll see so I’m going to take this stuff in
this I’ve only been growing this underwater for a low I don’t know a week
or so so it’s going to have some adjustment but that’s fine it’s going to
be too tall let’s go look wicked in the back so I’m actually going to hack it
down a little bit at the bottom and I can reuse these in another tank so I’ll
just cut this just above the other growth so that way if these are planted
right here that will grow off into another planet that will be just fine by
the way so now I’ve got this short and I’m
constantly going to be having to trim this but it’ll look pretty sexy in the
back I wanted I wanted to read on some color so that add a little color to the
back corner here with these ginormous tweezers 9303 stems
at a time you can do one at a time that’s going to come there like that and that’s a win dusty
look designs all you know your own I like the way it looks so what makes you
happy is all the matters that I think I was working so I’m going to keep rolling
with that then I’m going to do another over in the corner over here same deal
take the talent there and what’s it off you’ll notice the spot
where I’m breaking it I’ve got new leaves so I’m happy there and cut it
break it whatever and notice I intentionally don’t want this to be as
tall as the tank I want this to be shorter and this little nub is going to
go in the back that corner over there and then I’m getting kind of stuck there
I always say you always got to leave a little bit of extra gravel around and
this is what this is all right here and that’s just a little bit of color in
the back going to look alright and do a couple more stem now I mean something in
here I could use accents and I’m not a big fan of it because it will mix
together but I could use some sort of white stand in the middle there I’m not
gonna but some idea I’ve got a nice crack in there I could fit some boosts
you find some or boost a little bit more boost where’s that going to go and I
love this dark that’s going to go a little tension right in there and
front maybe up there down there they think yeah I am really enjoying
this I popped in and out of it a little bit giving it the time to kind of come
to me if you will which I think it kind of has I’m not staring at it straight on
like you are so I got to stop and take a look and you know what I’m going to do
now and this is one of the nice part of a small tank but if it’s just junk out
the way here so what I like to use I love this big picture this is a giant
picture will fill 30 we clean up now I’m going to use water out of my aquarium
which I recommend that you do if you have other tent going always want to do
that because then you can have your beneficial bacteria rolling no problem
set this on top of here like so not exactly the most stable and starts its life and
so then what I’m going to do back I’m just going to slowly dribble on all
the planets and slowly as we go fill this up get all the plants a little bit
wet ever so close fill it up this stuff will make a mess if you flash it around
too much so I’m filling this with water from one of my own tanks if you don’t if
you’re setting it up for the first time I don’t add fish and we’re not going to
add fish today to this unfortunately if you do want to add fish more quickly you
can use some of this stuff our friends approve I use this of a trade show cycle
I think you use like 25 milliliters per 10 gallons for the first day and then 10
10 milliliters per 10 gallons a second 10 milliliters pretending out the third
I recommend that you wait and take your time but this stuff does work I’ve had
fish you know put in pretty quickly but take your sweet time though you know
adding these things certainly do help with the bio load and then in a minute
here once we get this filled up we are going to add this filter to the corner
as well but right now we’re just going to slowly let it fill up all systems go at this point we got the
filter on we got the lights on lights are only going to run for five hours
we’ve got it planted up we are going to do about I don’t know 20 percent water
change midway through the week to make sure this thing is rolling yeah I’m
having a good time doing this is part one of the small tank series next week
we’re doing a 10 gallon tank give me a favor if you like what I’m doing
subscribe let me know you think about this 5 gallon thing let me know if
you’ve got 5 on it everybody have a fabulous frickin week
and tank on later like give me some rope but not might just cheer what I’m fine

100 comments on “SMALL AQUARIUM Setup, How to Setup a 5 Gallon Fish Tank or Nano Tank. Little Aquarium. I got 5 on it

  1. Dustin, you have to be careful not to put too much gravel down, bc even if you're planted & have good clean water, the fish waste can sink in the deep gravel. Covered up, anaerobic bacteria will develop. It can kill the fish if it gets released, which will happened either naturally because the gas is not develop will rise out, or if the gravel gets disturbed.

  2. Here is a look at this 5 gallon tank 2 weeks later

  3. Check out this video I just did about NANO FISH with Rachel Oleary

  4. I really really want to start a planted tank but I'm gonna move in about six months and then i'm gonna be renting somewhere for a while and then maybe moving into an actual house 6 months after that so it hurts me so bad that the soonest I can get into this hobby is a year from now.

  5. i noticed u didnt use CO2 in this

    i want to start a planted tank but the cost of the co2 system is stopping me to do so.
    is it really not needed for this size cause every shop keeper says u must

  6. is a 5 gallon still not recommended if you intend to house a single betta in it? 10 seems a bit much for one fish.

  7. Here is me setting up and breaking down a 20 LONG Aquarium Setup

  8. I think the reason why the 5 gallon was hard to find is because it's too old fashioned. These days people looking for a small aquarium will go to one of the stylish aquarium kits like the Fluval Edge, a cube aquarium or something similar.

  9. Check out PART TWO! of the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory.

  10. Can you help! Just got the kids there first 7.5 gallon.. what are the fish you would put in? Quantity is confusing so be detailed? Like 5 inch fish? 10 inch fish?


  12. I'm getting a 5 gallon for my newt, she is incredibly small and skinny, the pet store had her on moss only even though she's supposed to have transitioned into a semi-aquatic stage already, she also wasn't eating because they fed her crickets the size of half her body. I have her in a 10G currently but noticed she barely leaves her repto filter so I'm going to use a smaller half aquatic tank to transition her into the bigger space. Wish me luck, she's the cutest.

  13. I have a 6.5gal acrylic "bookshelf aquarium" kit set up on a $90 stand LOL. Originally I was going to get the 40gal tank to go with the stand but then I lost my home and had to leave the fish with a friend. It's a long story. The positive side to small aquariums is definitely their mobility. If your living situation is sketchy and you absolutely must have an aquarium, the acrylic nano kits with a betta, some ghost shrimp, a nerite snail and some crypts and other short plants are about all you can do. I wouldn't go more than 6gal. I have moved a mature 20gal aquarium and it was not fun for me or the aquarium.

  14. Dragon stone cheat: get a friend who has a rock saw or concrete saw to slice it like a dinner roll, sand the edges and voila! now you have twice as much rock for your background. You don't need much rock in a tank that small.

  15. I'm probably one of the few who've been in the hobby for years and for various reasons have had to downgrade the size of my tanks. Started with a 55g then went down to 33g long. Currently have a 29g at work and at home I have a 20g long, 10g and am just now cycling my little old 5g for a pea puffer. Seems I'm going backwards! Love this small tank series! Many hobbyists are restricted by finance and/or space so the smaller tanks are a more viable option. I do think though that beginners should get the largest tank they can. Thanks for your posts!

  16. I love that stone! I was wondering Dustin, is this the same stone you sell on your site? And does it alter p.h?

  17. Great helpful video! I a attempting to start a freshwater tank 5 gallons. I am concerned as I am new, and dont want to kill any fish i would buy in a few weeks from now. My tank has colored gravel, few live plants,filter, led lights, dechlorinated water and the recommended bacteria. im waiting for my water tester kit to arrive, thermometer and ammonia for fish less cycling. I already had a ten gallon tank at home i couldve used but i thought id splurge on this one that came as a small kit at petsmart

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  20. Dustin, always love your tips and know how; but that is too much rock for such a small tank. Not enough actual WATER left, for a successful water keeping experience. Just say'in.

  21. PLANTED AQUARIUM SETUP: Best In Wall Tank – Adding New Aquarium Plants and Seiryu Stone PART 3

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  24. NEW GREENHOUSE SAGA + 5 HARDY Aquarium Plants

  25. i started with a big tank and regretted it, spent 600 dollars on a setup for a 60 gallon, it went horrible.. even with stable water conditions and the right amount of food fish died it was horrible, broke it down and got rid of it, so now i have one 10 gallon for the fish that were left in the 60 gallon, and 2 5 gallons for 2 betta my life is so must simpler now, just to mention the betta were never in together and were never in the 60 gallon they had their own set up the whole time

  26. ey can someone answer my question cus i just saw this blue shrimp in my local pet store and i just want to say is it rare cus if it is ill totally buy it

  27. I started with a 29. It got me through the beginner phases and what not but it has the size to support bigger small fish lol.

  28. I really like your method of doing aquascape..I only have 5.5 and 10 gallon aquariums due to my space limitations and I really like how you use a lot of material but fit the scale of the aquarium..

  29. Get a 5 gallon if that's what you want. Don't let people run your life. I'm getting a 5 just to spite this guy. Plus 5s will fit on a desk or shelf easier.

  30. 5 gallons are the largest fish tanks that you can reasonably carry. That said, it's always risky to carry glass tanks around.

  31. Stoner ! Jk haha I got 5 on it lol. Starting my rare Betta tank next month looking to have jt a nice set up with plants

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