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Small aquarium tank with expensive plants

Hello! Vietnamese Potatoes come back Today, we are visiting my friend house, his name is Long His aquarium style is very different with mine Very special Our style follow the rule: Cheap and beautiful But today, we are looking for other solution These tanks here look much smaller than mine But, the money, which was paid for them is unguessable, except professional you can see this tank, it is very beautiful with lots of plants and they are expensive plants so lets’ look them closer Beside me is Mr Long, he is my friend Here, This beautiful tank is biotope style what kind of plants do you have in here? I just have normal Bucephalandra I set it in here because, it is not fit in my main tank, so i just want to keep it is it not special type yes it is Can i ask the price of it in market ? It is about… 500k VND ( ~22 usd) for 100 gram With other type of Bucephalandra, the price may be higer I can see in here you have some Pterophyllum scalare And… Rainbow I own some at home too, it is not special, it ‘s normal ( kidding) what’s the plants behide driftwood ? Phoenix No, i mean this one Ahh, my friend give me as a gift but i still can not find what its name It looks like Moraea tortilis, but it is not It may the same species with Cryptocoryne So, can ask everyone some help ? What is this plants If you have answer, please comment below this video, thank you! you have driftwood and… Is that a kind of moss ? what’s this ? Black moss in here ? that is Black Brush Algae Do you want to remove it ? It is not necessary, because this is biotope style so i want to show fishes in here in the start, i like aquarium plants However, after that i want to watch fishes swim around So i made it, to have diversity choice to enjoy Biotope express the bottom of river So you have gravel which the same as realistic You have a big snail here what type of snail, is it ? There is Apple snail I look it seem like Pila conica and here is some Chromobotia macracanthus fish “Cleaning bottom army” :)) include: Chromobotia macracanthus, Nerita Beautiful It’s simple layout so can i see other, which is more detail? ok! Wow, look at the red shirmps What kind of them ? Bro Super Red Cherry shrimp ! SRC Sound like “Star Rubber Company” ( a company in Vietnam) I can see Cryptocoryne undulata It seem like death weed normally, shrimp tanks don’t need too much plant, so i just add some for more attractive i see however look your filter system, it is so complicated Can you explain about it ? This is Under Gravel filter This filter include aerator inside You can see the bubble of Oxygen follow the pump It’s make a circulation of water and Oxygen And here is Bio Filter I also added Bacteria House Bacteria House is from Mountain tree brand the water is sucked and filtered by black membrane-filtration my shrimps love to stand on it and eating so, i set flow become lightly I can see one in the top of it yes, that’s right I use ADA old version of aqua soil Because, it is more stable than the new version The shrimp specially must have clean water environment and stability Specially avoid to the chemical i agree that, you take care your shrimp so good in general, SRC is the best healthy shrimp They don’t need too complicated treatment However, better safe than sorry So i paid for this tank to treat them and sometime, i can add them to others OH, i agree yes, the shrimp can eat the harmful moss One thing in here, i have a Odysea Cfs 130 Filter in behide It also has 1 liter substrate The water is so clean I think that, when i do the traditional way to change the water inside it doesn’t matter if Unfortunately, i drink some. That’s right :)) And the last one, I think this tank is the most favorite of you it is so amazing and beautiful what is this plants? This is Cryptocoryne parva It is a kind of Cryptocoryne which is slow growth up. How old are they ? bro 2 months It truthly grow up slower than my cheap plants Their groot grow first Oh! i see the Otto fish He is a hard working worker I also have one ( trash talk) You have a lot of Bucephalandra Is that more than one type ? Yes, i have general and high price type You can see the expensive look colorfull red and purple The general one have green color In here, this is Nana Abubis, is that right ? WOW, Nana White So fancy is that expensive ? It is about 60 k VND ( ~ 2,5 usd) for one branch ( trash talk) but, i think this must be the most special in here This is White Marbled Anubias mutation it is not specially expensive However, the plants is selling in market very hard to keep them alive we need have experience specialist and
very patient Oh, i think i see that, the Neon fish very fat and big in here look them a little bit over weight I feed them once per day with JBL food which stick to the tank Oh and Tetra color They just 1.5 year old Oh the Longfin is big too Sweet potato : it surely is male It is not big enough to breeding, i have 3 male and one female oh, one man with 3 woman, so wonderfull oh, in this conner, what is the black plant is it death ? That is Ghost it can not grow up in this temperature so i’m waitting for the winter is it always look black like that ? yes, they always black and dark purple so special it is the rare one What is the most expensive plant in your tank ? The Ghost is the most expensive What is the price of it ? About 600 k vnd ( ~ 27 usd ) “surprise” So for overall, how much money that you paid for there 3 tank ? I can not remember because i did not paid one time ( i guess it about 2000 dollar) listing: Filter, Co2, I have all necessary system in here Look at this Led, it is cool This is Chihiros WRGB is that mean : white, red, blue ? oh no, W is not white, is that right ? Yes, w mean wifi Oh it is logical, because the white light appear in every Led for aquarium even the normal one listing…. Trash Talk trash talk That is all of the review. Please Subscrible and like to help us develop the channel! thank you

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