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Small Cichlids! TOP 5 SMALL CICHLIDS Aquarium Fish

Small Cichlids! TOP 5 SMALL CICHLIDS Aquarium Fish

(light electronic music) – What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s Fish Tank bringing it to you on an absolutely epic day,
spring day here in Kentucky. How is everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well and today I want to bring you my
top five small cichlids and I’m gonna need your
help with some of these and what your favorite cichlids are as well in the comments, here we go. My number five in my
top five small cichlids, I want to talk about them
shell dwellers cichlids. oh my goodness,
neolamprologus multifasciatus. I believe is correctly
how it is pronounced. I first saw these fish in
my man Steve Edie’s house out in St. Louis,
arguably the biggest mecca of aquarium fish in the United States. These fish are fantastically small, they stay small, they
come from Lake Tanganyika and yes, as their name implies, they are a shell dwelling cichlid so they give you that cool behavior swimming in and out of
shells, in and out of shells. They also are great at grabbing sand and kind of entertaining by
either marking territory, playing, or just kind of
screwing around with the sand. They come from Lake Tanganyika. You think Lake Tanganyika,
you gotta think hard water, pH eight to nine, something like that, so they do prefer a little
bit more alkaline water. Readily available, they eat
all kinds of food or whatever but the cool part about them is when you have them in
a really large school, you get some really awesome behavior of just like top-down, who’s the alpha, and just like their whole
behavior as a group. I don’t want to call
it a schooling cichlid but definitely there’s
something to be said about keeping these in a large school and just watching the
behavior amongst all of them. Neolamprologus multifasciata or just shell dwelling cichlids, I know there’s a couple of varieties, my number five in my
top five small cichlids. [Dustin] This is the man right here, Steve Edie, say hello to everyone. – Hello. – [Dustin] Wonderful fish tank room, man, and then give us the tour, man, what do we got in here? – [Steve] These are the
neolamprologus multifasciatus shell dwellers. They live in colonies
of thousands in the lake in little shell beds. And they just breed like rabbits in there. – [Dustin] Do the more of them you have the easier it is to… – [Steve] Once they get established, they’ll completely overpopulate. I’ve had that colony for probably 15 years and I’m sure I’ve pulled out over a thousand fish out of that tank. – [Dustin] Really? – [Steve] And they just keep cranking. (Light electronic music) – My number four in my
top five small cichlids, we’re staying in Africa, we’re staying in Lake Tanganyika, we’re rolling with the leleupi! Oh, man, my buddy Jolly had a leleupi back in the day in a 75
gallon tank that at one point actually had half of the cichlids eaten, but Jolly ready tailed cap, that’s another story,
click the links around here and check that story out. Leleupi cichlid, I’m sorry, man, but pound for pound, I love this fish. I’ve seen these fish
attack oscars that were like five times their size, they’ve got this cool yellow look to them, they actually get about a
little over three inches big, I haven’t kept one in a number of years. But leleupi cichlids, aggressive, can hold their own, but they’ve got this cool demeanor to ’em where they
just chill around the edge, they almost remind me of a
saltwater wrasse or something, the way they kinda
kickin’ around the edges or whatever, just kinda always
on the perimeter, lurkin’. Let me know what you know
about leleupi cichlids, drop me a comment on leleupis, my number four in my
top five small cichlids. (light electronic music) My number three in my
top five small cichlids, this is a fabulous beginner fish, just great, get you into
the hobby, get you success. I’m talkin’ about number tres
being the convict cichlid. The convict cichlid, oh my goodness, let me go ahead and admit
something real quick. You know, Dusty Dusty’s
Fishtanks or whatever, back in the day, my
boy Ru and my girl Abby both had convict cichlids, they both bred convict
cichlids, way before me. I’m like the dude with eight fish tanks, these guys have, they each had a 20 long, both of them independently were breeding convict cichlids without me. My girl Abby was breeding
these pink albino ones, if you will, my dude Ru was actually breeding the pink ones as well, ’cause he’s a puss, but anyway, yeah, convict cichlids, totally awesome. From South America, super easy to breed, readily take anything. In college, I had a pair of the regular convict cichlids, ’cause they’re named ’cause they look like a convict and they got the black and white stripes although there are albino varieties. And these fish are great because they’re super duper duper prolific. Great behavior, I actually had one that had a female with it and
then I had another female, and she came in and she stole her man, so he had like two baby
mamas at one point, and then the one came
in and was working with all the other fry from anotha’ motha’. But convict cichlids, love ’em, if you’re a beginner,
you’re just starting out, check out the convict cichlids, they’re more of a peaceful cichlid but they still give you kind of that rough cichlid behavior, not as bad as African, but drop me a comment on convict cichlids and the behavior you
might’ve seen with them. Convict cichlids, my number three in my top five small cichlids. (light electronic music) My number two favorite small cichlid gets a little bit bigger than
some of the other ones here. Staying in South America, rollin’ with the geophagus! That’s right, geophagus, my dude Tucker had one back in the day. I love the shimmer, kinda iridescent look on this cichlid, geophagus, there’s like 20-some different varieties from Panama all the way down to Argentina. I’m gonna make a comparison to tetra that’s not really an accurate one, but I’ve talked in other videos like my top five Techno
Tetra Tips on a Tuesday, where how tetras have this
different variations of them because of all the
different river tributaries of the Amazon and the Nanay
and all these different rivers, so you have the tetras that are in these tiny little canals
all over the place, and then those fish ultimately have their own different varieties of tetras. Well, it’s the same kind of thing with the geophagus, if you will, because just like the tetras, they’re spread out all over
large parts of the Amazon and then they develop in
these different regions. So you have some that are bigger, some that have a red top on their heads, some that are more blue,
some that stay smaller, you get the idea. So geophagus, I’m generalizing here, but geophagus are awesome. Also called an eartheater cichlid, they got the mouth that’s downturned, generally speaking a downturned mouth means the fish is gonna
be more able to be kept with smaller species of fish. Generally speaking, I’ve
found that geophagus are one of the more peaceful cichlids. I love the behavior of
the “earth eating” cichlid and the way they just take their mouth and go down and go (suction noise) and they take up a bunch of, I dunno, pool filter sand or sand or whatever, they seem to just love pickin’ at it, pullin’ it out, spittin’ it out, and scootin’ it around. Not good for a dirty tank, probably not great for a planted tank, but I might try it someday. Let me know about geophagus and there’s a lot of different
varieties of geophagus so let me know what specific
species of geophagus you like, in the comments. Geophagus, my numero dos, my number two favorite small cichlid. (light electronic music) And my number one favorite small cichlid, bringin’ it to you from Peru, collected these with my own
two bare hands and a nasty net, in the jungle near Iquitos, Peru, we’re talkin’ about the apistogrammas! Oh man, folks, apistos, I’m
gonna tell you right now, I got into ’em really hardcore, my dude Kurt had ’em back in the day. And here’s the deal with apistogrammas. When you see ’em in the
shops, generally speaking, they’re hiding, they’re not out and about, and they’re kinda lurkin’ in the shadow. I remember my dude Kurt used to keep ’em all the time, I was like, “Dude, what’s the deal with apistos? “Like, why do you keep so many apistos, “What do you like about ’em?” Or whatever. And then I realized that once you got them into a chill environment
and they were at the bottom and they were peaceful and
had been able to settle in, they really put on some great displays, both the males to the females, and just them in general,
once they get established. That’s the key, once they get established. Apistogrammas, I collected,
by myself, by myself, I collected ’em with a guy
who took me to the puddle of apistogramma bitaeniata
when I was down in Peru. Like a lower pH, I was
pullin’ em out of water that looked like almost chocolate milk. I mean, the water was
just super duper cloudy. They’ve got this great coloration. There’s so many varieties to list, apistogramma cacatuoides, panduro, there’s electric blue apistos, and then they’ve been
bred to have even better varieties and variations
of the different apistos. Lower pH, think South America generally, keep a little bit lower pH, and yeah. Drop me a comment on your
favorite apistogramma, how you keep apistos, I’m
gonna tell you right now, they didn’t do so well with the rainbows, the rainbows outcompeted
them for the food, so that’s it, apistos, my number
one favorite small cichlid. Do me a favor, drop me a comment on any and all of these top five cichlids. Let me know what you want
me to do videos about, subscribe and notification
button, and Tank On. Later! (light electronic music) What’s up, Fish Tank people?, Dustin’s Fish Tanks, Dustin’s Rainforest, baby,
it’s raining like a mother! And I’m just rollin’ up this creek here. Gonna be awfully steep, probably not. Headin’ up into the
rainforest, rainin’ like hell, and it’s just freakin’ cool. It’s just that nap, I woke
up from a little siesta, Devon’s like, “Yo, we’re
going up to this creek “to get some fish,” I’m like, “I’m in!” Wakin’ up from a nap, it’s rainin’, it was a peaceful nap, there’s the creek. So, just showin’ that this isn’t bad, it’s just cool, I mean,
it’s raining like hell, I don’t care, I’m dirty
as shit to begin with, tomorrow’s the last day, so it’s like, you know, you gotta do it. Got this big ol’ net,
this is my lucky net. So, just roll, I just wanted to show how green and lush and freakin’
beautiful this place is, I mean, it’s just beautiful. By myself, they’re all
the way up there already, I’m probably gonna fall
as I’m makin’ a video. (grunts) This sucks, these boots, by the way, chafed my ass up the other day. So I got loose skin on ’em. The river’s probably runnin’ like crazy. There’s a lake up at the top,
but I just wanted to show– this gets bad, I’m gonna get up. It’s hard to hike and do a
video and talk at the same time, so I’m gonna kill this, but it’s cool, I’m havin’ a good time.

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  7. I have always been fascinated by cichlids but had never kept them until recently. I have a tropical community setup and didn't want to add aggression/setup another tank. I recently discovered the small and peaceful German Blue Ram and it has been a game changer! I was suprised they didn't make the list but love the video 😀

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