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Smoked Bacon Salmon Bite Recipe – BBQFOOD4U

Smoked Bacon Salmon Bite Recipe – BBQFOOD4U

welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue show I’m Jason King today we’re going to be cooking up salmon bites let’s get started this recipe is quick to prep so the first thing we’re going to do is go fire up the webroot 22 and a half inch kettle fueled by cowboy brand 100% long charcoal and I’m going to be using a few handfuls of their apple wood chips let’s go outside place the charcoal in a see pattern around three inches high on the outside of your barbecue take a couple handfuls of wood chips just spread them on top and just pour a little bit more charcoal right on top place a fire-starting cube at one another charcoal light it up and just put a few pieces on top place a drip pan on the boys side of the cooker add four cups of water once you have a nice hot bed of coals going place the lid on stabilize your barbecue at 325 degrees we’re using a fresh Atlantic salmon center cut filet last night I sprinkled on some salt and pepper pretty much to let the salt absorb into the meat now let’s take the skin off use a nice sharp fillet knife grab one of the corners just press it down get your knife in there or pressing down and just slowly working it across once the skin is removed take one slice of bacon I’m going to use it as a measuring tool leave it around a quarter to an eighth of an inch off the salmon and just follow it slicing it off use the same strip of bacon as a measuring tool on the other end laid across cut out each cute you got nice little cubes of Santa will go around get the rest of this done once you have the Sam and cut in ice cubes place it on a piece of bacon just wrap it over making sure the top is on the seasons part and just eyeball on inch and a half down give it a slice fold it over turn it sideways take the strip of bacon just wrap it around make it nice cube will go through get the rest of these all done barbecue is rockin and rollin let’s get these little babies on leave about an inch in between them do it as quick as you can then get the lid back on everything’s looking good charcoal burn a nice apple with smoking away get the lid on let them cook after half an hour let’s take a quick peek everything’s looking really good and take the cooking grate just twist it a little bit get the lid back on after an hour total cooking time these are looking great let’s get a glaze on for the glaze I’m going to be using good old maple syrup pick these up give them a dunk get them back on the barbecue another five minutes or so to be nice and sticky for the last finishing touch I’m going to add a little piece of dill on each one just as garnish a little bit color garnish is on its we’re ready to be plated let’s cut one open and take a peek right down the middle check that out fish is still nice and moist got that bacon maple syrup a little bit of dill salmon bites all done and ready to serve salmon bites hot off the barbecue and it’s time to eat this recipe is perfect for appetizers tailgating and so much more if this looks good please share the video with your family and friends because it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try

39 comments on “Smoked Bacon Salmon Bite Recipe – BBQFOOD4U

  1. Those are great Kinger! That Maple syrup! took that bacon over the top! I come to realize we don't have Salmon often enough!

  2. Jason you are the man my friend… The salmon bites were made to perfection. when you wrap these beautiful things with the bacon my mouth drop instantly. I love your creation my friend, you took cooking salmon to a whole new level. thank you for sharing this recipe I greatly appreciate it.

  3. Kinger, these Bacon Salmon Bites are straight up ridiculous!!! What a kickass and clever idea.. Totally rocked it my friend. I have that same fillet knife too, love it. Cheers bud!!

  4. Just some friendly bbq advice, soak your woodchips in water and add them last to your already hot coals. They smoke longer and don't burn off while you're getting the charcoal going.

  5. If you don't have access to a charcoal grill, how would you recommend doing this on a regular BBQ (Temp, smoking, timing)
    Thanks in advance!!

  6. Mr. is there anything else aside the maple syrup? I'm not really a fan of sweet stuff mixed with salty food unless is barbecue sauce on sausage and brisket.

  7. These look great.  I've never seen bacon used as a measuring tool before.
    That's brilliant. I love it.  Very well done.

  8. Truly amazing looking recipe, but truly the WORST charcoal I have EVER used. Tons of little crappy pieces and dust. You can do so much better.

  9. Worked great. Thanks for the video. I didn't think my grill would stabilize at 325. I'll have to work on that. It got to 370 but I watched them close and at that 1 hour they were perfect, as I dipped them in the maple my wife sprinkled the sesame seeds on them……..must say it was a hit with everyone in the house….salmon was extremely moist.

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