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Smoked Salmon Fried Rice 鮭魚炒飯

Welcome to cooking quickies! it’s dinner
time again. Today we’re gonna cook something really basic, really common. It’s fried rice! I’m gonna use smoked salmon. So it’s gonna be the smoked salmon fried rice. Believe me, even for Taiwanese people, We eat fried rice growing up all the time, but it’s still hard for us to control the quality of our fried rice. what makes a good fried rice is the rice has to be plumped, chewy and individual. And everytime
when you’re trying to make it plumped, it’s easy to make it too wet. Sometimes when
you are trying to make it chewy, it will make it too sticky, then the grain won’t
be individual. how do you make a good fried rice then? That’s right!
That’s why ChaCha’s here because I, again have a “Pet-Bo” (Secret tips) for you! Are you ready?
let’s get started! First we’re gonna break apart our smoked salmon, this makes it easier to saute later. Here is my “Pet-Bo”! (Secret Tips) It’s the egg to the rescue! Just like my pan fried fish And I told you I’m an egg connoisseur. I can use egg for anything! Back to the fried rice! So you beat up the egg and then mix it with the
rice, so the egg becomes this protecting shield, outside of each individual grain. So you saute your rice, you won’t be able to see that there is egg in there but with that shield, the grain will be separated, individually, perfectly! And it will make sure the moisture stays inside the grain. So your fried rice is what? Plumped! And what? Chewy! And what? Individual!!! So what kind of rice do we use? So I like to use the cooled cooked rice. You can leave it in the fridge overnight, that will be awesome. To mix the egg with the rice, I like to use a glove
and a big container, So it makes everything easier and it’s less messy. First we’re gonna beat up the egg, and then we’re gonna put the rice in the
container, and then pour the egg mixture on top of the rice and then you mix it well. You want to dig in there and make sure that the egg mixture is coated on top of all the grains, and see this is why I’m using a glove because otherwise it’s gonna be
so messy. Now I’m done mixing the rice. And I know you’re gonna be thinking, oh
my god, it’s so wet! And you said that wet is not good. Don’t you worry! You’re gonna see the magic happens! Now I’ve chopped up my onion,
my green onions and break apart the salmon. Before all the action happens,
I’ll break and beat up the other two eggs first, for later use. Now everything
is ready, we’re ready to rock and roll! Now the pan is heat up really well, I’m
gonna start putting in oil. But right now, I just need about a couple tablespoons, and now I’m gonna put in my onions. Saute it until it’s soft and translucent. Now I’m gonna put in my smoked salmon I like to saute it first, so that it
actually infused the whole oil and the pan, so later the fried rice will be so
flavorful. Now I broke apart the salmon really well. I am about to put them aside and I’m gonna add a little bit oil in
the center, and then I’m gonna put in my rice, The fried rice right now still
looks a little wet Of course you can use any other protein you can use chicken, you can use pork but I like my smoked salmon cuz I like it fancy that way Now the rice is getting drier, and you
can see everything is not too wet And it’s very perfectly individually plumped. Look at this, you won’t be able to tell that there is egg in the rice. Now turning the heat low, and I’ll push the rice on the side. Put in 2 tbsp of oil, and put in
the egg. I’m gonna saute the egg here when it’s about 80% done I’m gonna mix
it in with the rice and break it apart it’s up to you whether you want to leave
the egg big chunk or small pieces however you like it Now I have something
to make it extra yummy! It’s the Maggi! Or you can use soy sauce, but I like maggie better with the smoked salmon Now we’re gonna season with some salt. Make sure you mix it well. It’s terrible when you have to eat a big chunk of salt in your mouth Last but not least is, green onions and you’re done! Whoa! look at this fried rice!!! Ahhh…It smells so good. I can’t wait to try it! oh my goodness!!! mmm mmm so delicious!!!
smoked salmon is so good with fried rice! I bet you’ve never tried it . Kids are
hungry, gotta serve dinner right now! But before I go, remember to LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW and SHARE!!! it sounds like a lot of things but it’s not! OK?! Just click click
click click click! Thank you so much and I’ll see you next time! What are you
doing? I need it for picture! I need to take photo! Sorry! How is it then? Do you love me?

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