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smoked salmon sushi roll – learn how to make this amazing sushi roll

in this video im going to show you how to make the smoked salmon sushi roll what you are going to need to make the smoked salmon sushi roll is half a sheet of nori “seaweed papper” some mascarpone creame cheese some fresh sushi grade salmon one hundered fifty grams of cooked sushi rice some cling film two sushi rolling mats one in side a plasic bag another on its own sliced avocado and some smoke salmon this is the prime
cut of the salmon of course extremely sharp knife , sushi knife now if you don’t know how to make sushi rice please click here now now you simply just spread it out now try not to squish it down too much
just fluff it out slightly otherwise you will destroy the sushi rice, and you want to keep the individual pieces of rice now what you want to do it is flipped it up put it on top of the plastic bag sushi rolling mat now you add some mascarpone you add your avocado and a piece of fresh sashimi grade salmon now to roll the sushi simply curl over the sushi mat apply pressure sealing it and now you simply move forward over it and then just one more time like this, just to get the right shape and that’s it now you simply add a little bit more masrcarpone on top to make shore that the salmon
make sure that that someone sticks properly you dont want any salmon falling off or something like this now you place smoked salmon over it like this is the best cut of the smoked salmon there is no imperfections its perfect now you add some cling film over it so that when you cut it it all stays perfectly shaped up you press down the cling film with a sushi mat this insurances that it will all stay together now you slightly wet your sushi knife so that the rice does not stick to it and what you do is you cut off the end pieces this will be discarded and now you simply slice in half you slice your halfs into quarters now you slice your quarters in to eights giving you eight pieces and two to throw away
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