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SNACKS FOR THE MIDDAY SLUMP | Keto friendly Lion’s Mane, Cocoa butter, Cocotropic

SNACKS FOR THE MIDDAY SLUMP | Keto friendly Lion’s Mane, Cocoa butter, Cocotropic

– What is up guys, it’s Marcy. I am just sitting down
at a local coffee shop here in Austin. I wanted to show you guys my little afternoon pick-up session with my favorite Wild Foods products. (upbeat music) Thank you. – Of course. – Now we’re gonna go put
our products in here. I’m gonna show you how to use Shroom #4, Lions Mane mixture, and I’m gonna show you how
to use our Cocoa Butter, and one of my favorite products, ’cause it’s so tiny and easy to carry. Little Cocotropic mini product. Like I said, our mini Cocotropic packets are one of my favorite products, because they are so portable
and easy to carry on the go. If you’re not familiar with Cocotropic, it has Reishi, Chaga, Tumeric,
Maca and Cocoa Powder. So, all you do is pour
about 1/2 packet in, stir it in your coffee,
there’s actually no clumps. So, I’m gonna do a taste test and let you guys know what I think. It really does taste like a
hot chocolate instant mix. But my favorite thing about
it is that you know exactly what you’re putting in your drink when you use our Cocotropic. There are no chemicals. It’s all raw, real products
straight from the Earth. So I’m gonna show you guys my second step to my energizing afternoon pick-up. I always carry around Cocoa Butter wafers. This is the whole bag, but they actually come in
convenient little wafers that you can use anywhere you go. Like this. So all you need to do is
drop one to two wafers in a cup of warm coffee, and just like that, it
dissolves super easily. And for all you Keto people out there, our Cocoa Butter is a great
way to break your fast, and if you’re breaking
your fast mid-afternoon, bring along some cocoa wafers. So the third step to my
afternoon pick-me-up process is bringing my Lions Mane
Mushroom along with me. Lions Mane is an amazing
mushroom if you’re trying to improve your memory or your concentration. If you’re a multi-tasker like I am, you should really be taking
the Lions Mane mushroom, because it helps you
concentrate on the task at hand. Science has backed this. Because Lion’s Mane
supports NGF production. NGF is a neuropeptide
that’s responsible for concentration and memory. I just put about 1/2 a teaspoon, mix it up, there ya go. So, just as a recap, what I’ve used today in this
afternoon pick up session is Cocoa Butter, Cocotropic,
and Lions Mane mushroom. And this combination of our
three products is really great, because it will really
help you get through that afternoon slump. If you liked this video, make
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