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Snakehead Fishing!魚虎泛濫成災?不!活生生的悲慘釣遊!

Snakehead Fishing!魚虎泛濫成災?不!活生生的悲慘釣遊!

sunrise Toman breathing type gaming Hello, everyone. Let‘s fishing snakehead today Group rod first Do it And then reel seen that ? a breathing signal of Toman over there And very slow What does it mean to be very slow? It means, it is very high rate of biting select bait cuz it’s sunrise now I think pencil bait is good (where are u?) It usually like this When you are all ready and start fishing The fish was all gone, they won’t come up (First-person perspective) X~ No fish! go eat my breakfast For Toman Fishing, I think the best way is breathing type The highest CP value, the most efficient But the premise is that there are some breathing signal If no You just waiting there And if you go toman fishing by ship That is asking for money you waitting there, you burning money. Generally speaking, 4000$ NT half a day The 1 or 2 hours since sunrise That is the prime time, at least 80% of the price 4000$NT, it can account for 3000
3200 actuarially=) Therefore, Sunrise must grasp this time. My Bro
Never doing chores at sunrise Like playing mobile phone, eating breakfast Oh~ Eating breakfast
Just like what Im doing right now=) Cuz no biting time is money Who said that lure fishing is very economical NO! it burning money, okay? You just sitting here money measured in seconds Time does by , money goes by And there is no casting target Sitting here burning money Unuseful! For real The real situation of toman fishing Just like that coming D**n cast too far away Im already casting very quick No useful In my early posted video It seem s very easy to catch a snakehead after video edit Actually not that easy Edit a dope film like that
(BASS bumping !music ! screaming !) That s**t has taken for a long time And you have to capture those moments Real state .Just like now It’s been half an hour now. Noting at all And the weather is getting hotter The hotter the more it don’t bite It may be ruined today. That is true live I try minnow bait (The farest way in the world) next sopt It’s been about 15 minutes over since now. in this period tightening nerves cast as quick as possible still useless about 6~7 wonderful shot in the period. really quick shot Not bite! (miss) I have already put on a silence pencil Yo zuri wooden It’s a good bait In other words, its easy to cast Good casting ability is the most important thing the sound, the swimming type …….blablabla Just let it go. No distance No chance You have chance only when youre bait hit the spot So what bait is the best choose Long casting, most important thing Now I change a place where the water is clearer maybe it want to bite Fish is there And breathing all the way But it just not biting the air pressure is high to low I personally prefer Low pressure state Such as before and after the typhoon what If entire high pressure That is god d**n hot , going to die That is actually not bad. Only in Sunrise no bite Under the tree Do you see that ? Something Under the tree Make it angry maybe angry biting And how ? Finally Line BROKEN~ next day with partner keep going over there hurry (u got it! u got it !) (what?) coming coming s**t baby yeah I see that oh coming (CCCCCCComing…….) (he moning x 3) I see I see no bite beside the bamboo gone! Desire is not high wonderful shot I think but no bite finally Ooooooh Fish on be careful Oh D**n Big one how do you feel go with him mission complete bro oh da**n only one hook works release ur reel a little (Im done) okokok its easy hook off when rampaging only one hook up

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