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Snapper Longline Fishing From A Charter Boat

Snapper Longline Fishing From A Charter Boat

– [Cameraman] Got a
little bit of light on? – Somebody asked to yell out
whenever we’re on the mast. – [Fisher] Yep, will do. – Thanks. – So it’s really important
to put a weight on if you’re using floating tracers. About one every eight hooks is good. Put a tracer on every two stoppers. Just like this. – Here you go. – Just give the line a bit of a stretch. Did you ask if there’s a clip for it? – Gonna cut him right up for next week. – Go get ’em. Have somebody. Okay, where we were. – Really, what’s tangled on there? – There’s one. – [Fisher] Snapper! – Behind me here. – [Fisher] Very simple. – One thing about these hooks, you always end up hookin’ ’em. Alive, innit he? – [Fisher] A bit slimy, is it? – Pretty bait. Whole fish that we’re seeing now. – [Fisher] And excellent, doing great. – Tell you something around here, right. – [Fisher] Next one look
like it could be alright. Might pick on that, no
that’s another neck. – Shame the fish is so small. Just go backwards a little bit, please. – [Fisher] Oh they’re
aboard, smug as well. – Got some nice bait comin’ up! Got a nice snapper there. That’s a keeper and
so’s the one behind it. One on every hook, eh? – [Cameraman] Here, here. Hold it up. – Hold it up, hold it up. – [Fisher] Cool! – A bit harsh, isn’t it? – [Fisher] They blind the fish. – That’s probably illegal. – [Cameraman] Yeah easy, easy! – 33. – Are you baiting them? – [Fisher] Not so good. – Yeah, well were you baitin’ ’em? Now the stretcher. – Good!
– Good! – Incoming gurney. – [Fisher] Really? Lotta spotters. – Beautiful, waiting. – Alright, there’s the chain. – [Fisher] Sure there’s a
few fish on this line now. – There’s another one down there. – Slimy spotter, that’s
what they been up to. – [Fisher] Odd. You probably got insurance or something. Tripped in the bow ring. – We’ll not falling off of those hooks. – Oh look at this, a bunch. That’s two together. Bunches of grapes. – [Fisher] You got him. – [Cameraman] Yeah, we got
a good spot with this one. – [Fisher] Here’s Paul putting
the long line back down. – [Cameraman] Oh, absolutely. We still got three. – [Fisher] You’re putting
the long line back in, right? – [Cameraman] Whatever you like. – If it sank yellow, it will break up. You can break it up straight
line, it’d be great. – [Cameraman] Got access to the vendor. – [Fisher] Get back a bit further. – You get that on camera? David spilling the beer? – [Fisher] David now, is it? Oh, I got a technical stuff
up here at this point. Something caught on the other end. – [Fisher] Whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Cameraman] Think we got a funny team. – [Fisher] What the heck is that? – [Cameraman] That’s a Kingy. – [Fisher] That’s a Kingy! – [Paul] Wow, that’s quite a fish. – [Cameraman] So the
Kingy’s starting to tangle. – [Fisher] Yeah, yeah. They had perked too much. – [Paul] If you can reach over– – [Fisher] Heck yeah! (fishers cheer) We got a Kingy! That’s what screwed the line up. – [Cameraman] Wow, that’s a big one. (fishers laugh) – [Paul] Better hold it up. – [Cameraman] Spun around. – [Paul] Get a shot of it. It wants to be the star. Okay, let’s clear the top. Now hold it up. Pick your fish up, mate. You look strong enough, right up. Got a little light on. – [Cameraman] Ah yep, that’s good. – Good? Oh, the shadow of all the
rods and what have you. Alright. Strengthen it. – [Fisher] Make some room, guys. Oh, something else. Now we’re talking. – [Cameraman] Yeah, he’s
not a keeper now, is he? He’s gone and fought them. – [Fisher] He fought them, that real man! (fishers laugh)

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