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Snook Fishing Florida for Monster Fish Under 10 Cent Bridge

Snook Fishing Florida for Monster Fish Under 10 Cent Bridge

[laughing] [laughing]>>Got to have a look at it.>>I
just saw a gold flash down there about that big.>>It’s probably a huge sail cat.>>Oh
God almighty! (Lets go then) ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪Fished this spot a couple of times
huh?Yeah this is. This is a great spot this time of year. June, July, August… These
fish are spawning. And that’s why the season is closed but we can still come out here and
catch a couple I like to catch one or two and you know, go do something else. I don’t
really like to pound them too hard. because they are spawning.>>Yeah, now do they go
offshore and spawn here like they do on the west coast?>>Absolutely!>>I’ve seen them
offshore off Canaveral a couple of times when I’m diving.>>We’ve actually caught some-
…had a little bump there. I think it was a Blair bump.>>Oh yes it was a Blair bump.
>>But uh, we’ve actually caught a couple snook on some wrecks out here before. So yeah, they
spawn on the wrecks.>>The biggest snook of my life came off of a wreck on the west coast
he was about forty five inches>>That’s a big snook.>>It was a monster! ♪♪ ♪>>There’s
some monsters around here too.>>Well welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing. We are
down here in Stuart, Florida. Got my buddy with me Captain Greg Snyder. We are gonna
see what we can do. The tide has just changed here. We are seeing the snook down here and
I’m gonna go a little bit lighter on my leader and see what happens. We’ve been hammering
and hammering trying and cant get a hit yet, but we’re gonna try it, let me try to get
a little clearer leader, I’ve always said that in my seminars, if you’re not getting
the hits and you see the fish->>Sometimes, I mean the water is real clear.>>Change that
leader out.>>Oh there we go!>>Aw yeah just as I- …you stink! [drag sceaming] ♪♪>>That sound’s nice! [laughing]>>Holy cow. ♪♪ ♪>>I planned
it that way Blair.>>I figured you did.>>I planned it [laughing]>>Good one?>>I’m on spot lock.
Oh it’s a decent one, it’s not a monster but it’s a nice healthy snook.>>Need a hand with
it? Said you gonna need a hand with it?>>Yeah in just a second. Ah, come on baby!>>Oh that’s
a grown one.>>Yeah, that’s a nice snook! Don’t fray me off. Get out of the trolling
motor, there we go>>Come here you nice little healthy sucker! Open up, there we go.>>Nice.
I’m on spot lock.>>Just as I go to lighten up my fluorocarbon leader. Because this water
is crystal clear here. Greg ends up catching this little dude here. Well, I wouldn’t really
call it a little dude. That one there made it through twenty ten huh?>>Yeah it sure
did [laughing]>>Man that’s a pretty one, look
how clear he is too.>>Beautiful, healthy fish. So nice to see that.>>what a beauty-ohh.
and off he goes. Brother, good fish! Good fish!>>Alright, yeah that’s awesome.>>Well
we are down here in Stuart we got Captain Greg Snyder with us today. We’re starting
out basically what we always do, catch snook on the jetty. We are gonna out and try something
new a little bit later. We are gonna be hopping around today doing a lot of different stuff
that hopefully you never seen before from Stuart. But uh, Captain Greg Snyder right
here in Stuart, Florida. And a beautiful snook, y’all stay tuned we are gonna be right back
with some more Addictive Fishing on a beautiful, almost wet day huh? [laughing] We’ll be right back. (play it)
Addictive Fishing is brought to you by, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Every season starts
at Dick’s. Skeeter Boats. Eat. Sleep. Fish. Minn Kota. Anywhere, anytime. Humminbird.
Simply, clearly, better. And by, Trokar. The world’s sharpest fish hook.Welcome back folks, we are dodging
mother nature. It’s been our story all year long trying to run away from the storms. But,
where are we at now Greg? I’ll let you tell everybody because I’m gonna fish. [laughing]We are in Stuart, Florida.
Stuart is right over there and this is the ten cent bridge. This goes from Stuart over
to Sewall’s point Very well known place to catch snook and all kinds of other fish. Tarpon.
>>And everybody wants to know why they call it the ten cent bridge?>>Well years ago this
was a flat bridge and it had a toll on it and you had to pay ten cents to cross it.
>>Like on Outlaw Josey Wales. How much is the ferry? Ten cent.>>Ten cent. [laughing] So that’s the story here but we
got a lot of structure here and there’s a lot of fish here. If we can get them to play
with us today it’d be great.>>What I find neat in the area here is the ten cent bridge
we’ve always thrown baitbusters. We go over to the Roosevelt bridge which is what about
three miles away from here?>>Yup right around the corner.>>Right around the corner and
we throw TerrorEyz. And what out on the jetty and going out the inlet today we were throwing
TerrorEyz and shrimp, so… I guess whatever works where you are fishing. Oh damn I just-
Got him.>>There you go.>>That’s a good fish, that’s a good fish brother. That is a good
one!>>Hot damn.>>Come on baby! Don’t find none of that bridge down there.>>Down there
by that old bridge piling.>>This is a good snook dude. This is a real good snook. [laughing]>>Let’s hope he stays right there.
I’m gonna move out a little bit because he is gonna decide to go probably over there.
>>Like when he takes a look at you. [laughing] Uh oh, uh oh.>>Try to keep his
head turned that’s a good fish.>>That’s a very good fish. He’s wanting to go back I
got to go to the back. Aw, don’t do it dude don’t do it! Go out you got to go out! Out
out out!>>I’m going out.>>I had to go slack. He’s under the bridge you got to go past that
piling.>>I can’t tell if he’s just sitting on the bottom now. He’s got me around something.
>>He’s off? Mmmm! That hurts.>>That hurts, that hurts!>>Oh gosh darn>>Oh look out now!
Ok like i said, it’s your birthday.>>Oh this one wants to go that way.>>So we’ll let you
catch the fish today Greg. And if it’s bigger than that last one you caught I’m gonna reach
down and cut the line. [laughing]>>Where you going?>>Round and
round she goes.>>Just like to see ya.>>Come on baby let’s see what you look like! Aww
yeah!>>Hello!>>Hello.>>Look at that, right in the top of the mouth.>>The baitbuster
bridge Ah that’s a good, gosh she is just fat.>>That is a pretty fish.>>Just full
or roe look she got damaged earlier in life right there messed up her lateral line.>>Yup.
>>Porpoise love to eat those fish.>>Woo so do we don’t we. [laughing]>>Gah that’s a nice one! Phew,
good job sir! Come on you can go anytime you want. Cause I want to catch one. [whispering] I know it’s his birthday but
go down and tell somebody I need to catch one ok? [laughing] Good job brother!>>You got it!
Well I’ll tell you what I’m gonna get rigged, y’all stay tuned we are gonna be right back
with some more Addictive Fishing and birthday boy [laughing]>>Birthday boy.>>He’s fished here
for decades. He knows every hump, every drop off every contour. He’s dedicated his entire
life to understanding this single body of water. But he didn’t know squat about it until
two hours ago. Auto chart live lets you build your own high definition maps anywhere in
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They talk, and you’ll be speachless.>>Fish on baby! ♪ The Blair Wiggins signature series
Flats Blue rods. Fly rods, off shore rods, big game rods and travel rods. Wright and
McGill has got you covered.>>That is some power I’m putting on that fish right there.
>>Made with incredibly strong, light weight, sensative, s-curve technology. You’ve got
to feel it to believe it.>>Shaking that head brother, shaking that head.>>The Blair Wiggins
signature series Flats Blue rods by Wright and McGill. ♪♪>>Tell you what brother
I love this spot!>>Yup this is a good one brother.>>The Baitbuster bridge. That’s what
you need to call this one.>>Forget the ten cent bridge.>>Forget the ten cent, it don’t
cost ten cent no more.>>What rod you got? You got a seven two or seven six?>>Seven
six. This is heavier than fifteen isn’t it?>>Nah it’s fifteen. Well we are fishing the
exact same setup then.>>These reels are great man. The drags are good on them. They last
a long time.>>Not bad for an eighty nine dollar reel huh?>>No.>>Ughh!>>Uh oh! You
get him?>>Oh he got him! You just had that thing sitting there. Here give me that remote.
I’ll get it stay there stay where you’re at.>>Oh boy.>>I’m gonna follow his butt.>>This
will be a team effort. Hopefully he’s got a baitbuster hanging out of his mouth when
we catch him. ♪♪♪>>How’s he doing?>>He’s right here.>>Good one?>>Yeah it feels
heavy. Hard to say. It’s a big fish whatever it is.>>Easy baby, easy.>>Going back around
the front?>>Staying out here which I like.>>Now why didn’t mine do this? I think mine
was bigger.>>Yeah? [laughing]>>Gotta have a look at it.>>I
just saw a gold flash down there about that big.>>It’s probably a huge sail cat.>>Oh
god almighty!>>Ho ho ho, look at that baby!>>Jeeses right here Greg, right here brother.
>>Gotta grab that one like a tarpon. [laughing hard]>>Oh God, look at the size
of that snook>>That’s a big one man.>>You said there was some monsters here brother.
>>That one, your bait fell out. That one right there I don’t hardly want lift her out of
the water. Look at that fish.>>Nah you can lift her out once.>>Ok, one time. There you
go. Wow, what a fish! Right now what these fish are doing, they stage up on the bridges
it’s the end of July right now what they do they’ll haul off shore and go spawn. But what
they are doing right now is they are just sitting here at the bridges staging up getting
in their big packs and they move offshore to spawn. That is a breeder and a half. I
would have loved to seen that one I lost. You know Greg I think that’s the biggest snook
we’ve shown on the show right there.>>That’s a big one buddy.>>I got to hold this one
up one more time for the cameras out there. I don’t want to lift her out too much gah
what a snook brother! [laughing] Dude what a fish!>>Man.>>How’s
your leader?>>Oh man, it’s pretty frayed. This is that new pink Seaguar right?>>Yeah
it is>>This is forty pound. It held up pretty good. If I would have had anything less than
this, I think that fish would have ate through it.>>No doubt, I think she’s about ready.
Oh, I’m gonna let this one suck on my thumb here. Make sure she goes back and is good.
>>Now how old do you think that fish is Blair?>>Uh, probably about as old as you are. Which
is forty nine today! [laughing] There she goes.>>There she goes,
she’s good.>>Wow brother.>>That’s awesome dude!>>You know what. Look at what that fish
did to my thumb. Wow there you go. Ripped the top of my thumb off.>>It’s alright, you’ll
be fine.>>From a snook. Y’all stay tuned we’ll be right back with more Addictive Fishing.
Closed captioning provided by Atlas Jack Plates. The only choice. (play it)Addictive Fishing is brought
to you by, Star Brite. The world wide leader in marine automotive and RV care products.
Wright and McGill. Never compromise. Engel. The original high performance cooler company.
DOA Lures. The unfair advantage. And by, Seaguar. Trust Seaguar when everything is on the line. ♪♪Yeah, I don’t fish mad. Some
people fish mad. [laughing]Fish mad?>>All serious
you know. This is fun man.>>If it ain’t fun then you better quit. ♪ What we’re doing,
we call it dogging the bridges. All we are doing is throwing the bait up current and
just kind of giving it a jig and what that thing is doing is it’s hopping up off of the
bottom and setting right back down on the bottom. We’re not doing really big jigs with
the tip of the rod it’s just barely popping it off the bottom and coming back down. And
what a snook does, the water is like chocolate they cant see anything they’re feeling that
with their lateral line. And like I said every fish has got a lateral line. I’ve said it
a million times, but the snook has the most predominant lateral line that you can see.
And they use that to feel the vibration of that bait popping up off of the bottom. And
these big snook like this Greg said they are not gonna move more than a few inches to grab
your bait when they do finally feel it and see it. So you got to be right on their nose
and hopping on it when they eat it, so… That’s the technique for the ten cent bridge.
♪ That’s a fish that’s a big fish. [laughing]>>Holy cow!>>Mm ♪>>What do
you need me to do buddy?>>Uh, I don’t know. Need to do something.>>Reel down.>>Come
on baby. I can normally talk when I’m fighting fish but when I got a snook this big… Come
on, stop! Stop for me! Come on let me see you make me say oh my god like Greg’s fish.
>>What do we got?>>I think it’s a big snookie. I ain’t seen him yet, the water is too much
like chocolate milk. Come on baby lets get a look at ya at least. Oh, ho ho ho!>>Oh
my god it’s my biggest snook ever!>>Oh my god!>>Dude!>>Oh my god, oh my god.>>Oh
my god dude! Dude that’s a toad! You want to see what a true mogan is guys?>>Oh my
god!>>Greg get it get it get it! Happy birthday to me!>>Oh my god! [screaming with excitement]>>Oh my god!>>The
man right here!>>I’m afraid to let go.>>Let me see the leader. Chaffed a little.>>Dude,
hold good, hold good. That’s like holding a gator brother!>>I got her. Oh my god.>>Bring
her over to this side.>>I got her.>>Oh, ho ho ho ha ha ha!>>Woo baby! That is a mogan!
And a half. How big you think?>>Dude that’s pushing forty eight inches man.>>Wow!>>That’s
a thirty five pound fish, I mean I…>>It’s got him speechless. My god! That is my biggest
snook of my life right there.>>I would love to put a tape on it.>>No I don’t have a measuring
device on here let’s put it up on the side and we can go back and measure.>>Right on
the Skeeter.>>From the S in Skeeter all the way to the gas cap. Wow! [laughing] Ok, she’s going back. Go back to
the deep baby and make a bunch of little ones. Brother, that was my biggest snook to date.
Thank you very much, on your birthday.>>You’re welcome man, that made my year right there.
>>My birthday is in four days.>>And you’re gonna be how old?>>As old as you.>>Forty
nine! And holding. [laughing]>>If a snook that big don’t make
you shake. Get rid of your gear guys. ♪♪>>You know the debate between east coast and west
coast snook has been ever since I’ve been around and the east coast snook they always
say is the bigger ones, but I’ll tell you what for the past fourteen years now, we just
finished our fifteenth season but for fourteen seasons on Addictive Fishing, our biggest
snook came from the west coast.>>Look at the size of this snook, this is my biggest
snook of my life y’all.>>We were on Glenn Andrews boat out of Naples we were catching
these giant snook that were spawning off in the Gulf of Mexico it was in July, the season
was closed. Every snook we pulled up off of that wreck was probably about forty two forty
three inches. Somewhere around there.>>Oh yeah, look at the head on him. I love that
labrador look.>>Unbelievable!>>That was my biggest snook up until I went fishing with
Captain Greg Snyder down there in Stuart. And Stuart is known for the biggest snook
I’ve ever seen pictures of. That forty eight incher that he put me on… What can I say,
the largest snook that I’ve ever had.>>Woo baby! That is a mogan! And a half!>>You know
and the strangest thing happened. We were done shooting the show pretty much at least
we thought we were done shooting the show. Greg had done caught that forty forty inch
monster we were like ‘Ah the biggest snook on the show’>>Oh god almighty!>>Look at
that baby!>>Jeeses, right here Greg.>>Gah what a snook brother! [laughing]>>We go back a lot of times and
we shoot tips and basically I was teaching, kind of showing how we are letting the bait
sink>>And what that thing is doing is hopping up off of the bottom and setting right back
down on the bottom. We’re not doing really big jigs with the tip of the rod. It’s just
barely popping it up off of the bottom.>>Let it sink, let it sink and right as I got done
with the tip, the cameras dropped and boom it hit me. Next thing I know, I’m on with
the biggest snook of my life.>>That’s a fish that’s a big fish! [laughing]>>Holy cow!>>I got hit with this
snook and when I went back to set the hook you can almost tell the size of the snook
just by the way he tugs back at you.>>I can normally talk when I’m fighting a fish but
when I got a snook this big…>>Y’all ever get a chance to head down there with Greg
I highly recommend it. He’s one heck of a guide. We go to him when we need a show. And
he’s on the largest snook right now in Florida.>>That’s a thirty five pound fish, I mean
I…>>It’s got him speachless. My god! That is my biggest snook of my life, right there.

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