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Societi Bistro – Cooking Fish

Societi Bistro – Cooking Fish

Societi Bistro Cooking Fish Hey guys! Today I’m gonna show you how to cook some fish. A lot of people out there that I chat to are quite hesitant when it comes to cooking fish. They’re really not sure what to do. So I just want to give you quick guide, and just show you how to cook a specific species of fish. First thing it’s realy realy important when you do go out to your fishmonger or if you’re buying fish from the supermarket please always choose sustainable species of fish. There’s lots if initiatives out there to guide you in the right direction. Look out for the MSC logo. Go on to the SASSI web site they’ve got awesome little lists that that guide towards the best choice in sea food. What I have over here is a piece of yellowtail fillet. Now yellowtail is a game fish. it eats really well as a sushi kind of fish. so what I often do is I serve it as a raw little carpaccio like this Just clean some yellowtail up. Slice it very very thinly. On to a plate. Just a good drizzle of good quality extra virgin olive oil. Fennel seeds and dried chili that I’ve bashed up in a pestle & mortar. Some Maldon sea salt. And a couple of cracks of black pepper over the top. A really good squeeze of fresh fresh lemon juice. Now that’s a beautiful little starter. Nothing wrong with that. So first thing you want to do is get out of the fridge. Just for a couple of minutes. A good sort of 5 minutes out of the fridge. We’re just gonna season the fish up nicely with a bit of Maldon sea salt. And just a tiny little crack of black pepper. Not too much. I’ve kept the skin on the fish, as you can see I’ve just scored into it there. Very slightly. Pan on a medium heat. Fair amount of olive oil in the pan. The fish has been seasoned, it’s been rested. And just get it nice on that skin. Get it cooking like that. Perfect. Now I’m just gonna add a little sprig of rosemary. Just want to get the skin started and then we’re gonna transfer this into a nice hot oven. Finish the fish up in the oven. Grabbing our fish out there. Tend to turning it over you can use a pair of tongs. As you can see the skin is cooked beautifully over there. And really nice and opaque, nice and soft. This stage of the game it’s basically almost done. Just a good squeeze of lemon. From there just on to a warm plate. We’re just gonna let this rest for a good 3/4 minutes before we start eating the fish. Now if you are out in a restaurant dining and you order fish Couple of things that you can look out for Obviously the texture in the fish You know you can see that it’s beautifully soft. There are very few fish that are naturally very dry. If the fish is dry chances are that it has been over cooked. That’s just so light You can taste the lemon, the olive oil. It’s got a beautiful beautiful texture to it It’s seasoned well. That’s the second thing, has the fish been seasoned well? Just give it a very light little whiff. And when you eat fish it shouldn’t actually smell of fish when it starts to smell of fish, that’s when it starts getting older. The second it’s got a little bit of an ammonia flavor to it that means that the fish is a couple of days old and you should rather stay away from it. You want that beautiful fresh flavor of the fish. So there you go! You’ve got no reason to be hesitant when it comes to cooking fish at home or ordering it in a restaurant just make sure that it is always on the “Green List” and that you are eating a sustainable species. © Cacod Studios.

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