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Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher Live Action – Metal Gear Solid Fan Film – 4K Edition

Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher Live Action – Metal Gear Solid Fan Film – 4K Edition

[Music] fuck off I’m a rotten destination point excellence make any problems other than my lower back no let me know when you found the Metal Gear blueprints they should be in that briefcase call me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what’s your status report over [Music] [Music] thank there’s a lot of interference coming from there I won’t be able to communicate with you and I don’t think your equipment is going to work good luck that we’re on the same side here we need to destroy those blueprints where are they your team didn’t tell you our weapons the war care besides that the good friend was told ray had head is the basis of all combat only a full trucks life to women [Music] [Music] I won’t ask again where are the blueprints they don’t matter anymore we’re both too late [Music] [Music] okay we have a problem [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to the behind the scenes of Solid Snake versus Sam Fisher I’m Adrian the director and I’m going to be taking you through the process of making this short film ever since I play the character of Solid Snake way back in 2006 when I did one of my first videos on YouTube dinner with the snakes I’ve been wanting to make an action-oriented adaptation of month gear I made a metal gear inspired short for my junior year in college but I knew I wanted to create something directly placed in the mythology of that video game franchise if you’ve seen the other stuff on my channel such as the my thoughts videos you’ll undoubtedly know I’m a huge fan of the series and have played each and every single entry multiple times infiltration and combat are key to Metal Gear so when I was writing the script I took care to make sure those were the focal points in the short originally snake was going to fight a powerful guard but I decided it would be much more impactful to have him fight none other than Sam Fisher the hero of the other claim stealth series Splinter Cell once the script was finalized Shawn Huntley the producer came across two excellent locations to film at and now it’s time to choreograph the extended fight that was going to take place between snake and Sam what you’re seeing now is really early footage of the choreography as you can probably tell we’re performing it extremely slowly in the technique behind each of the moves hasn’t been refined yet we practice it several times in order to memorize it to a point where we didn’t even need to think about the next move it would just come out naturally my brother has dildos an extremely talented cinematographer an animator and has animated multiple short films for his own channel so I was extremely excited for him to not only fill the short but to animate Metal Gear Rex which I’ll go into more later despite having a large amount of set of food the action-oriented nature of the film everything ran smoothly thanks to my small and efficient crew we were able to complete every single shot I had ambition and now was time to edit I use Adobe Premiere Pro since I have been editing on that program for several years now and it was the best suited for this kind of project sound designing was tricky since the large majority of it had to be constructed in post the only production audio I ended up using was a dialogue and everything else you hear from the footsteps to the clothes rustling to the environment was added in layer by layer in post I turned to the excellent composer Brian Grider for the score who has also scored numerous animations for my brother and couldn’t have been more pleased with his work he nailed the Metal Gear vibe and brought his own modern twist to it the score brought a whole new sense of urgency and excitement to the piece and now for Metal Gear Rex my brother began working on that model long before we had actually begun filming he spent over 300 man hours on modelling rigging and texturing him of which you can actually see a speeded-up version on his own channel slash skeletons now that we had our shot that me staring out into the nothingness it was time for him to composite Metal Gear Rex into it we ran preliminary tests with mock version of the robot and once he figured out a couple of things with nuke the program used for compositing CG into live-action shots he was able to deliver the most realistic looking Metal Gear I’ve ever seen for the remastered edition that you just saw besides exporting in a 4k resolution my brother enhanced the look of the short film using new techniques and I’m very happy with how it turned out which is your favorite part of Solid Snake versus Sam Fisher let me know in the comments below be sure to subscribe and you can follow me on my Twitter Instagram and brand new Facebook fan page Godzilla Rex so we notified one another new episode premieres it would also be great if you can join my patreon to get access to cool behind-the-scenes stuff and a bunch of other rewards see you next time

72 comments on “Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher Live Action – Metal Gear Solid Fan Film – 4K Edition

  1. really good you should do how man fighting styles does the snakes know there fighting style is one of my favorites

  2. Really good job! Great sound design, great effects, and awesome choreography. I would have added a little handheld look in the robot shot, but not everyone likes that so I understand why you didn't.

  3. I feel like I've seen this before… Also, if something was blocking signal inside where Sam and Solid fought, their guns should've worked, as guns don't rely on ant sort of signal.

  4. hey Godzillarex, will you do any Wolverine related videos like fight scene breakdowns or martial art knowledge? I would love to see you do something for Logan or The Wolverine, thanks! love the videos, keep them coming!

  5. And here I am trying to watch the video even at 1080p. :'(
    But, as always, it's the content that matters.
    And as always, you're really good at delivering great content. 🙂

  6. +Godzillarex You and your team did a great job! I like how we, the audience, can actually see everything clearly, there's no shaky cam, and best of all, the fight choreography is visually stunning! The costumes and sound design were very good and nothing felt out of place. This is all very impressive for a fan film! I applaud everyone who worked on this!

    P.S. Can you give a link to your brother's channel & anyone else who worked on this and has a channel? I can't find them through the search bar.

  7. Godzilla rex since you love metal gear you should do how many fighting styles snake knows (including mgs 5 or non canon material or games)

  8. after logan comes out on blue ray could you do how many martial arts he knows but only after I would really appreciate it

  9. Awesome job as always man. Muy talentosos tu y tu hermano y esperando lo que será el próximo gran proyecto. Abrazo.

  10. I play Splinter Cell so it's sad to see my main dude Sam Fisher get put to sleep like this … great video .. who do y'all pick Jason Borne vs James Bond vs Jack Bauer ??

  11. Man I gotta say bro, after watchin the BTS I definitely got a bigger appreciation for the video just off all the work that went into it. You and your brother killed the editing and he made that machine at the end mad realistic. Professional type work. And props to you and dude on the choreography 🔥👊🏾

  12. No going to Lie to you, Sam Fisher should have won. As I have played MSG starting from MSG2 and Sam Fisher from the days or chaos theory. Sam Fisher is a Master of Knife combat and always brings one in all missions. I would also say the Sam has more a passion towards his line of work and Snake has more a bold kinda old straightforward style towards his mission. Anyway nice Live Action Video. I enjoyed thumbs up from me.

  13. Can somebody tell me what is with solid, liquid and whatever snake? I really don't understand metal gear at all.

  14. Very solid. I'm a Sam Fisher fan myself but IL admit solid knows more variety. Sam primarily focuses on Krav Maga so I feel like he'd have put up a bit more of a fight but probably stilll lost in this Context. That said… I don't think snake would have ever even seen him coming canonically speaking Sam is all about being a ghost.

  15. Honestly my only complaint is the Metal Gear Rex sound. I know this is accurate for the Twin Snakes, but for the original Metal Gear Solid, Rex sounds much more imposing. Otherwise this is excellent.

  16. I literally just found your channel. You commented here: and I saw the tick, so here I am!

  17. That was an excellent short film! My favorite part was the fight between Snake and Sam Fisher, the way they exchanged blows and demonstrated their knowledge of martial arts with each other, and the ending shot where Metal Gear Rex appeared.

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