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South of Martha’s Vineyard Tuna Report – July 6, 2017

South of Martha’s Vineyard Tuna Report – July 6, 2017

So we’re fishing south of Martha’s Vineyard
here at the Dump. There’s been a lot of sand eels in the area. We know that early season fish are very finicky
here. The fish have really just shown up in the
last couple of days. They’re keyed in on sand eels. Rather than focusing on a trolling spread,
a classic spread with spreader bars, we’re going to stay nimble today. That mean’s we have a couple of — well we
have one Pro Tail and one Harness Jig. Those are about the size and profile of a
sand eel. We’re trolling those around and we’re also
looking for birds on top of fish. The fish come up for very short periods of
time. That’s why we want to stay so nimble. We’re gonna just speed the boat up a little
bit. Lead the fish. Get up in front of them. John’s gonna make that cast and it’s gonna
go, go, go. Tight! Hooked up baby! We just showed up on scene here south of Martha’s
Vineyard. John’s I think second cast caught this fish. I’m going to go reposition the boat so we
can land the fish. July 6th! First tuna of the year. 2017 tuna season is officially on.

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