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Southern Fried Fish Finger Sandwich | Aaron Craze

Southern Fried Fish Finger Sandwich | Aaron Craze

Welcome Food Tubers, we’re here on Jamie Oliver’s
very own doorstep, Food Tube Street. And we’re here to do a fish finger sandwich, not any
old fish finger sandwich, my twist the Southern Fried Fish Finger Sandwich. Guys you are going
to love this one. Guys f you had this as a kid then you’re doing to have it as an adult
but twist it up. Right, I am going to use some pollock, pollock
is a very nice meaty fish. We’ve got some dried herbs going on here. Oregano, rosemary,
thyme, let’s pound this up. Because we want it to be quite delicate. All I need to do
now is cut me fish. Make sure they’re all the same size as they’re going to cook all
the same time. Imagine fish fingers, beautiful right, another
finger. I’m going to do four because I want to fill the hole sandwich up. Now with the
dried herbs. Cajun spice is really smokey, it’s nice to have some on this on the odd
occasion. Cajun spice, no?
Bit of chicken salt, I made my own I just got a bit of chicken cube with a little bit
of malden sea salt just mixed up together. Already it’s come to life, I’ll tell you what
if this fish had a mouth it’d be smiling right now.
Fantastic. Last but not least, a bit of flour. Now I’m not going to like a big batter, I’m
going to keep it quite light. A little bit of pepper, I’m just literally coating it.
I’ve got my pan full three quarters of the way with oil okay, that’s about 190. We’re
deep fat frying these. There we go, lovely. It’s not like batter where it’s really thick
and heavy, it’s going to be light and crispy and flaky and well seasoned. While that’s
ticking away nicely there. Give them a little scrub, health and safety.
Get a slotted spoon just sop you can have a little look. Make sure they’re not sticking
together. Look at that phwoar. You can see already look at the colour. nice, flaky keep
that going. Now, tartare sauce, now I’ve been cutting
fish on this so I’m gonna turn it over. I’ve got this beautiful mayonnaise it’s a beautiful
yellow colour works really well against the white bread. A few capers, I’ve just washed
them a little bit yeah because they can be a bit salty. The capers a nice sort of vinegary
flavour it’s got texture and it gives a bit of colour as well. I like it a bit chunky
if I’m honest, I’m not gonna lie to ya. Anchovies, nice background flavour, chop them up. There
we go. I’ve got a nice gherkin there, cornichons if you like, keep it quite chunky again. In
you go with that. let’s have a look at the old fish. That is looking nice. A little bit
more colour in that I reckon. Now a bit of parsley. Pass the dutchie on
the left hand side. A little bit of pepper maybe, just mix this up.
Beautiful! I’m going to get my fish out now, ahh look at that, mate that is absolutely
amazing. Look at that! We’ve got a
bit of chicken salt there. Chicken and fish, surf and turf! It works. Why not, it smells
like southern fried chicken but tastes like fish. Work that one out!
Okay, street food at it’#s best. Is this taking your back to your childhood? I known it’s
a little bit posher than when we had it as a kid.
Peppery watercress, this is food tube and we trying to give you some ideas alright?
Get the fish on. Looking good. We’ve got some beautiful tartare going on there. Mate, this
is going to be scrummy! I don’t whether to eat it or climb it. This is a southern fired
fish finger sandwich. Mmm that wish is beautifully pale and white, you’ve got the lovely golden
southern fried seasoning going on on the outside there, peppery watercress and that tartare
sauce is one in a million. Try it out now, I know what you’re thinking I’ve got loads
of stuff in my teeth. I don’t care. Try it, subscribe, leave your messages, bye!

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  2. After Jamie Oliver, and Gennaro Aaron Craze is the best thing thats happened to Food Tube.

    Keep it coming Aaron!

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  4. So many people do not know about fukushima and radioactive seafood and how the pacific ocean is dying and the radiation is everywhere

  5. He just literally touch those fish fingers while it was still coated with hot boiling oil, and he didnt even flinch. damnnn.

  6. Why not shallow fry and use Fresh Harvest Grain bread instead of that sh#t white stuff. I might have added a little mustard as well

  7. That Thumb Up you got for the "gurken" – greetings from Germany 😉
    And the recipe sounds quite tasty as well :3

  8. Where can I find the full recipe? Because the recipe which is in the description, isn't working, maybe it was deleted? Please answer me.. thanks!

  9. This guy lost all legitimacy as a chef once he showed his tattoos in the video. Tattooed bastard !!!!!!!!! Disgusting.

  10. yep, looks delish and it's something I would never cook for myself because I wouldn't know what to do with all that oil after frying the fish……def a food vendor dish for me..

  11. A poor mans Jamie Oliver. The bloke is so bad, he was the after birth at Jamies birth. The only reason why I wanted to watch this for was Southern Fried fish fingers, I skipped through most if not all of the video, as I was bored of him trying to be something that he is not.

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