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Southwestern Roasted Veggie Tacos I Week 16 Taco Tuesday Cookbook

Southwestern Roasted Veggie Tacos I Week 16 Taco Tuesday Cookbook

– It’s Taco Tuesday, and man do I have a delicious vegetarian
taco recipe for you today. These Southwestern tacos are filled with roasted
veggies and Cotija cheese. Stay tuned for a recipe. (upbeat, melodic music) (snappy, playful music) Hello and welcome back to the
Taco Tuesday Cookbook series, where I cook my way through the 52 tacos inside of my cookbook,
the Taco Tuesday Cookbook. Yes, that is one Taco Tuesday for a year! And you and I can cook
and eat tacos together every single week, when you click on that
red subscribe button below this video. One thing that bothers me is that people think that
tacos aren’t healthy. But yes. Can you believe it? Some people actually think that, even though tacos are a complete meal in the palm of your hand. Every taco recipe inside of my cookbook is made with fresh and real ingredients. They add variety to all your weekly meals. They are filled with
beef tacos, pork tacos, seafood tacos, and chicken tacos, and of course, veggie tacos like this one. The veggies are seasoned
and roasted to perfection. So if you can chop up some
veggies you can make these tacos. This recipe does require
a little bit of chopping. It still comes together really fast, and you don’t dirty a lot of dishes. As you can see, I have halved my tomatoes, I have chopped my zucchinis,
sliced the peppers, the onions are ready. And everything is pretty
much the same size, so they can all cook evenly. They’re all gonna go into this bowl, but first I’m going to toss
them with some olive oil and my Arriba Seasoning. It’s my homemade,
all-purpose taco seasoning that’s more smoky than spicy,
and you’re gonna love it. You can find it in the cookbook along with everything you will ever need, to make awesome tacos every week. All right the veggies are coated with olive oil and seasoning and we just transfer
them to the baking sheet. We bake them for about 10 minutes and we give them a quick stir. At the 15 minute mark we
remove the tray from the oven to add the black beans and corn, and the juice from one lime. We stir this and continue
to roast the veggies for an additional 10 minutes, until all the veggies are tender. While the veggies finish cooking, I’m gonna prepare the
rest of the ingredients. You can warm up your tortillas in the oven with the
veggies in the final minutes by placing them in some foil paper. It’s two-for-one cooking. I’m going to coarsely chop my cilantro and crumble Cotija cheese, which you can find in
the refrigerated section in most grocery stores,
near the sour cream. But if you can’t find Cotija cheese, use goat cheese or feta. Now all we have to do is
place some of the veggies onto a tortilla, top it
with some of the cheese and a little more cilantro. It’s almost too pretty to eat. No words, I wish you could taste this. These roasted veggies have
that caramelized, savory flavor with the tangy, creamy cheese, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. It’s almost, almost, too much. Make sure to check the
subscription box below this video to grab the recipe and a copy
of the Taco Tuesday Cookbook. If you love tacos, and I hope that you do, make sure you click that
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comes out every Tuesday. See you next time.

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