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Spanish Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) – Food Wishes

Spanish Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with spanish garlic shrimp that’s right this amazing dish ranks at or near
the top of many of my favorite recipe lists like favorite Spanish recipes and
favorite garlic recipes and favorite fast recipes and of course favorite
shrimp recipes I mean this even makes my list of favorite recipes to put on
multiple lists and if you’ve had this before you know exactly why and if you
haven’t you really need to keep watching so with that let’s go ahead and get
started and the first thing we’re gonna need is one pound of frozen shrimp oh yeah as you probably heard me say in the
past frozen shrimp is almost always a better choice than fresh shrimp which is
not really fresh shrimp but simply frozen shrimp that’s been thawed and put
in the case and I’m gonna explain that in more detail in the blog post along
with my preferred methods for thein but anyway we’ll go ahead and thaw and
carefully drain one pound of shrimp and then once that’s been accomplished what
we need to do is peel these which is going to be pretty easy if you’re buying
this style that comes split and not just split these have been split and deveined
so all we need to do is peel off the rest of the show being careful not to
tear off that last little piece of tail meat and I know it’s just a tiny little
extra bit of meat but this looks much better once it’s cooked if you don’t rip
that end off and I should mention if you are buying shrimp that are not split
into vein like these I’ll provide a link in the post to show you how to do this
from scratch and of course we shouldn’t be putting these clean ones back in a
strainer but rather we should add these to a mixing bowl and then what we’ll do
once our shrimp have been prepped is simply transfer those into the fridge
while we pull together the rest of the ingredients which is not going to take
long because there’s only a couple of them with the most important of those
being some freshly sliced garlic so we’re not chopping we’re not mincing
we’re gonna take a small sharp knife and just slice across like this and please
do not be a hero when this gets too small to slice safely just simply tip it
over on its side and continue slicing like that and some people freak out if
these has started to germinate and there’s a little spot of green in the
center which is kind of happening here and if you want to remove that part go
ahead but it doesn’t really bother me unless it’s dark dark green and really
sprouting but anyway we’ll go ahead and slice up
three or four cloves of garlic and then above and beyond that in our shrimp
we’re also going to need some freshly chopped parsley as well as some extra
virgin olive oil preferably something from Spain and then last but not least a
couple tablespoons of sherry wine and of course you’re gonna want to use
something very nice from Spain but if you can’t find that just use something
very cheap from America as it really does not matter in this recipe as long
as it’s the dry sherry not a sweet dessert sherry and then what we’re gonna
want to do before we head to the stove is season this shrimp up with some
kosher salt as well as and this is totally optional I’m gonna toss in a
spoon of hot smoked Spanish paprika or as I refer to it the bacon of spices and
once that’s in we’ll go ahead and give this a mix to coat and by the way I
don’t think this is in the original recipe so like I said it is optional and
you’ll have to decide whether to use it or not
I mean you are after all the NiO of your Gambas al ajillo but I do recommend it
so I’m definitely gonna add it to this matrix and for me not only does that add
some nice Heat but that little bit of subtle smokiness really I think works
beautifully with the sauce and then once that’s set we can head to the stove
where we have a pan set over medium heat and we’ll go ahead and toss in our
sliced garlic along with our Spanish olive oil
sure that might look like too much oil but it’s not it’s barely enough all
right I’m not sure if you got the memo yet but it’s okay to eat fats turns out
it’s the carbs that are bad Oh which reminds me you want to make sure you
toast some bread before this recipe is done but anyway what we’re gonna do is
cook this garlic in this oil over medium heat until it just barely starts to turn
golden all right we don’t really want a lot of color on this but we do want it
to soften up a little bit and we want that oil to be fully infused with that
garlic flavor and generally what I’m looking for is that those thinner slices
just start to take out a little bit of color and also as you may notice some of
the garlic will actually stick to your tongs that’s another indication it’s
starting to caramelize and what we have to do immediately when we see that is
add our shrimp in otherwise our garlic’s gonna overcook so we’ll go ahead and
carefully add our shrimp and also turn our heat up to high because of course
all these chilled meats gonna cool our pan down
and what we’ll do over high heat for about two minutes let’s keep these
moving continually with our tongs until they curl up but are still undercooked
which like I said is literally only going to take two minutes and then what
we’ll do once your shrimp are looking a little something like this is go ahead
and dump in our sherry which really shouldn’t flame up but be careful anyway
and then what we’ll do once our wine is in is simply cook this for another
minute stirring pretty much continually until our sauce comes up to a boil and
our shrimp are cooked through and if everything goes according to plan – you
look a little something like this and believe it or not that’s it once our
sauce is boiling and our shrimp is cooked through we will turn off the heat
toss in some freshly chopped parsley stir this all together with a spoon
another than checking for seasoning we’re pretty much ready to serve this up
and possibly a Spanish cazuela that we’ve lined with some toasted bread
and we’ll go ahead and pile those shrimp up and of course spoon over plenty of
that truly amazing sauce and once I had served that up I decided to finish off a
little bit of cayenne as well as a little extra parsley over the top except
you know what I kind of overdid it and it sort of made the surface of the
shrimp look kind of dry so I decided to fix that by spooning over a little more
sauce and as you’re plating this up you’re gonna be thinking there is no way
this can taste is amazing as it smells and then it does I mean first of all
just these beautiful sweet shrimp cloaked in that intensely garlicky olive
oil just that is worth the price of admission
but then when you add in the way the heat and a little bit of smoke from the
paprika plays off that subtle sweetness from the sherry it is just nothing short
of fantastic I’m not sure how they say oMG in Spanish but if I knew I would
have said it here and if you think the shrimp’s good just wait until you taste
that sauce soaked bread because that bite right there is otherworldly just
mind-blowing ly delicious but anyway that’s it
my take on Spanish garlic shrimp one of my all-time favorite things a server to
tapas party and if you’re not familiar tapas is simply what the Spanish call
small bites of food serve with drinks and they actually have an old saying
that there ain’t no party like a tapas part
because the tapas party don’t stop until you run out of the garlic shrimp it
actually sounds a lot better in Spanish but anyway because of everything I’ve
just said and because of everything you’ve just seen I really do hope you
give this a try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient
amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 comments on “Spanish Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) – Food Wishes

  1. I am new to your channel and thank you for all your recipes.
    Chef John, have you ever tried shrimp Mozambique? It's a very popular Portuguese dish. It's similar to this dish, I think you will like it.

  2. I LOATHE having the trails on shrimp. Even worse when I go out to eat at any restaurant and they keep the tails, I just return it. Its the worse!

  3. great food but seriously whats wrong with your upward inflection I couldn't listen with sound as it drove me insane 🙁

  4. "Ay dios mio" are the words you're looking for. Love love love this recipe! I used apple cider vinegar since I didn't have sherry, and it was still sherry tasty.

  5. Just made this, added extra garlic. Could not stop scraping the pan for every last tidbit. Saved the extra sauce to put on my eggs for morning. Great Keto btw!

  6. how I learnt when working in Madrid is to first cook the prawn shells and heads and garlic in the olive oil for about 10 mins then strain it to leave you with a garlic-y prawn-y infused oil, then using this oil continue as you did

  7. Try the same with butter instead of olive oil and replace the cayan with chopped green chilies for a totally diff n delectable dish. And yes, pls garnish it with cilantro not parsley

  8. That was one of my favorite things to get when I was stationed in Spain! We would go, "Tapa hoppin'" and gambas al ajullo, along with other "small plates" (tapas) were a fantastic way to eat our way through the town!

  9. I go to Spain EVERY YEAR and this is the first thing I do, order Tapas and always start with my garlic shrimps and spanish vine. La vida loca.

  10. I wanted to see what twist you do for your spicy gambas. May I suggest adding finely chopped ginger. You'll be amazed how good it fits with this. 🙂

  11. Nicest cutting board I’ve ever seen that was actually used! I have a nice one as a wall decoration.

  12. I totally enjoy your vids. I am a trucker and I get so tired of eating the same nasty crap we have on the road so when,I get home and I really like trying your recipes…..besides I like to,cook I should have been a chef…because I like to eat. Never known a guy not to like to eat….
    Plus my wife gets a kick out of
    Me not having a clue in her kitchen but I haven't poisoned the family yet so I guess I'm doing something right….you have great vids though.

  13. Lol, my fam never cared about the garlic sprouts and we never got sick from a dish that had them. Of course, we never gobbled handfuls of the stuff, but I believe for the amount that you would use in your food you will probably be fine too. Just in case some of you are really scared of the sprouts, don't panic 😛

  14. Please stop with the forced upward intonation mid sentence or anywhere. It is not upbeat and positive. It is just irritating to the max. It's awful and obviously not natural, so just stop it. You want subscribers, then cut out this appalling and unnatural way of speaking. It is unlistenable.

  15. Deliciosa! But cook them in the cazuela. It's not just authentic for look/feel but makes a difference to the texture, esp. the garlic.

  16. This recipe reminds me of the incredible shrimp I had in Lisbon. But please, don't provide medical advice! Carbs from whole food sources are way, way, way healthier than Fat. Please watch any video about Whole Food Plant Based diets.

  17. Minus the paprika/sherry I've been making shrimp like this since i was in high school, i'll have to try those additions and see how it comes out.

  18. Will it taste differently in a bad way for this recipe if the shrimps aren't moved around immediately once they hit the pan but seared on each side for some colour and some crusts to form on the meat first then stir?

  19. Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast, when we bought fresh shrimp, it was truly fresh since we bought it right off the boat! Now, being too far from the coast to do that, I do buy mine frozen. Of course, it's not nearly as good and at $12 to $15 per pound, it's much more expensive than the $2 per pound that we used to pay :O

  20. dear Chef John thanks to you I have been learning more dishes so I'm going to cook this dish to my lady my fiance the mother of my daughter thanks to you I love life is getting better and I already knew about it cook I just didn't know how to make some of these others simple that you know how to make so as always thank you

  21. That looks so good! I have made for years what I always called Portuguese garlic shrimp because I first had it in a Portuguese restaurant (in New Jersey), and they did use paprika, so I always do, too, but what I did NOT know to add is dry sherry. That sounds amazing. I have some jumbo shrimp in the freezer and I’m going to make this in the next couple of days. 👍😍😊

  22. Gambas I love it Spainish food! hello guys~ I made a Gambas food in my youtube come over please 감사합니다 thanks Hola ^^

  23. One of the top ten videos on this channel. It has everything; garlic, olive oil, and jokes. More of this, please,.

  24. Just come back from a family holiday in Almeria southern Spain, where myself and my grown up daughter take a break from the family and promenade to a favourite tapas bar on the beach. We have this and cold beers while looking out over the Mediterranean. Thanks chef John, good memories.

  25. That recipe is very popular here in the center of Spain as well as in the south,it is made in quite a few variations but my favourite is using Alecrim aromatic olive oil,is a local extra virgin oilve oil with a nice aroma…I think am getting the hunger pangs just watching this.

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