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Spanish Mackerel Fishing: Trolling Spoons

On the way back in from bottom fishing we decided to stop at the Jetties and try to catch Spanish mackerel Now Spanish mackerel are a smaller cousin to the king mackerel or king fish as you might have seen on our videos Or maybe you catch them or stuff like that. It’s popular fish and these are close relative of them. Spanish mackerel start showing up generally before the king fish do. Once the bait pods start coming in the Spanish mackerel worked their way up north You find them a lot by these bait pods and also by structure such as the Jetties and that’s what we’re fishing today The Jetties are a popular place to fish and for good reason The structure along with the river current flowing out meeting the ocean just creates a pretty good environment for bait fish and therefore bigger fish to congregate it. It started slow. But the bites started picking up by the South Jetties We were trolling small silver spoons behind the boat. We had one attached to a number one planer and we had the other one attached to a 3-ounce torpedo sinker All about carbon copy You should be out of the way the planers are to really… turn however you want, yeah. Oh, there we go That was on… was that on the clean or the dirty? Seems to be right over that break about 11:00 A little short Trolling for Spanish mackerel is pretty relaxing. It’s not near as complicated as wahoo You know, we just had two lines out. We’re trolling between 4 and 5 miles per hour You know with two lines out and with them staggered at depths, you know, you don’t have to be real concerned about getting a tangle, you know, you can make sharp turns if you need to It’s a lot more relaxing of a fishing. We were catching most of our fish on the dirty side of the tide rip. The tide rip forms at the Jetties and it’s pretty noticeable I mean you can see there’s a you know A lot of that brown water and then the cleaner ocean water coming together and it creates a very distinct line. They don’t really mix it doesn’t slowly blend. I mean it’s like river water here Ocean water here. What was interesting was that the Spanish mackerel were being caught in the dirty water. Seem like they’re hitting in the brown side Normally predator fish like in king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, wahoo prefer clear water because they hunt a lot with their eyesight. Yes they use all their other senses to find bait, but a lot of its based on eyesight when they actually strike. But these fish, you know, we were getting most of them in the dirty water Come to find out there was a lot of bait right where the ocean side dipped into the inlet You see the St. John’s Inlet was dug out so the ships could come to port. Well when we crossed over and there was that drop in the sand going from the ocean sand to the inlet There were just big pods of bait all hanging over that drop I mean you can see on our recorder just just a ton of bait all conglomerated right there. And that’s where the Spanish were They were just outside feeding on this bait and as our lures came across that But that’s where we get our hits and it was good having the dirty water there. It probably actually helped because it makes them harder for the Spanish to see your terminal tackle. You know, they just see flashing, fluttering looks like a fish, a little shiny bait fish glass minnow going through the water so it worked in our favor that they were in this dirty water The majority of our fish were being caught on our planer and we noticed the other boats around us were catching theirs on planers, too But it was funny because our bigger fish came off the 3-ounce torpedo sinker, which was higher in the water column. I don’t know. I don’t know if the bigger fish were just hanging up higher maybe but that’s just one of the things we noticed so, you know doesn’t hurt the kind of stagger Just to see you know, what’s bite and where Spanish mackerel are really pretty fish together, you know green back which is why I kind of see now why green lures do well I also like the using this bait it made really good troll bait. You could be trolling for big fish like dolphin, Wahoo, Marlin, or you can even rig them on treble hooks for big kingfish So when they trip your planer you can see your rod tip bouncing away going crazy and you bring them on in, you know, not as tough as the Bluefish but fun to catch A little easier than a wahoo Yeah. We were using spinning rods, you know just basic 20-pound line had braids Went to the planer in controlling weight and then had some mono leaders between that and a little spoon Pretty basic you don’t have to do anything real fancy for them. Just you know, whatever you’re fishing with that day for redfish or you know inshore fish like that That’s a big one right there Spanish mackerel are fun to catch. You know look for them in the Jetties, at the structure you have. Also bait pods. Catch them along the beach I’ve seen big schools of them offshore over wrecks So they’re all over and they’ll be out here throughout the rest of the summer. Pretty simple fishery fun to get Very relaxing. So go out there. Give it a try. You know, I hope you do well If you guys want to see more videos just subscribe to our channel We’ve got a bunch of videos up and about to come in the summer. So we’ll see you next time

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