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Spanish Salad with Oranges, Anchovies & Tuna

Bienvenidos welcome to another fabulous episode
of Spain on a Fork today we’re making a very typical salad
from the Mediterranean coast of Spain a Spanish salad with oranges, tuna & anchovies now this is not your ordinary typical salad
this is the next level in salads in fact this is what extraordinary is all about
it’s sweet its savory it is absolutely delicious plus it’s very easy to make
and you can put it together within a couple of minutes now as always I have a couple recommendations
to make this salad for the first thing make sure you use
Spanish tinned tuna and Spanish tinned anchovies as this is what really makes this salad you know guys when use the right ingredients
that is when you get the best possible flavors and for the second thing make sure use a good quality extra virgin olive oil as this is what brings
all these beautiful flavors together for this salad I’m gonna be using
Apollo´s Sierra organic extra virgin olive oil this is a California based olive oil
it has such beautiful & intense flavor to it and it works so perfect with this salad
as it brings all these flavors together I highly recommend it you guys will find links below
to all these amazing ingredients alright folks let’s get started we’re gonna begin by grabbing a handful of bagged
lettuce and adding it into a plate this mix has spinach arugula and red leaf lettuce next I’m gonna grab half of an onion remove between one to two of the outer layers and thinly slice it before I add the onions into the lettuce
I like to mix them around that way they’re all loosened up and add the onions on top of the salad now we’re gonna grab one orange
and peel it I always like to cut off the ends and then cut around the orange
and it easily peels with this method and I’m going to cut the orange into thin slices
that are about 1/4 inch thick and I’m gonna add between four to five orange slices
on top of the salad next up I’m gonna grab about 10 black pitted
Spanish olives and cut each one in half and add the olives on top of the salad then we’re gonna season everything with fine sea salt and some freshly cracked black pepper alright let’s move on to our seafood
I’m gonna grab one tin of Spanish anchovies drain the oil inside of the tin of the anchovies and add the anchovies on top of the salad
I like to add mine in a circular design now I’m gonna grab one tin of Spanish tuna
and once again drain the oil inside of the tin and add the tuna on top of the salad I like to add it in the middle as it gives this salad
such a beautiful presentation and for the final ingredient I’m gonna grab some of this
apollo sierra organic extra virgin olive oil and drizzle it on top of the salad okay guys our salad is done
look how amazing this turned out let’s try it and see how it turned out gonna try and grab
all these ingredients here in one bite okay here we go absolutely delicious what an incredible
combination of flavors I’m telling you between the sweetness of those oranges and then
the saltiness from the anchovies and that tuna and the rest of the ingredients
wow a marriage made in heaven beautiful salad super easy to make you guys can put this
together within minutes and it’s a very healthy if you enjoyed today’s video
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