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Species Spotlight – Fisher

Species Spotlight – Fisher

Here we have managed to capture footage of a species of conservation concern within Toronto and region, the fisher. Fisher’s are omnivores that prey on a wide variety of food such as squirrels,
mice, rodents, rabbits, even nuts and berries. They are one of the few predators of the porcupine. Another regional species of conservation concern. Until recently this elusive mammal had altogether disappeared from the greater
Toronto area. Historic habitat loss, and fragmentation across southern Ontario, contributed to the local extinction of this remarkable animal. Sightings of the
fisher have increased in recent years Most likely due to the availability of
mature forests, that have replaced land once used for agriculture. Four den boxes were created by Toronto and Region Conservation. The den boxes are baited
to attract female fishers to move in, have their kits, and rear their young. Data for the study is collected by hidden cameras, that capture images of
animals trying to access them. Each den box is also equipped with a
logging instrument to monitor internal temperatures, And a sticky pad is placed at the top of the entrance hole, to collect hair which will be analyzed later for genetic profiling. All of this information will add to the knowledge of the fisher’s range and recolonization in parts of Ontario. Gaining a better understanding of the fisher and its habitat is important for the
conservation and management of fishers. Both in Ontario and Toronto and region. Monitoring matters. To learn more about the environmental monitoring work underway in Toronto and region, and why it matters. Please follow us on Twitter,
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