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Speckled Trout Fishing Homosassa Florida with Mirrolure Mirrodines

>>You know, I ain’t seen any bait out here
yet on these flats. Just now, there’s a few right there.>>I guess when old… I wont
say an names, but when the world record was caught here I bet it was a zoo for a while
wasn’t it?>>Still is. It’s been a bad couple years last few years it has slowed down. When
he caught that biggan or his client did, that changed the world up here for a little while.
I’m gonna go find some fish out there.>>There’s a fish. That’s a good fish. Coming to us,
might be a redfish. No that’s a trout.>>Tip of this bar.>>Good trout.>>Nice one.>>Yeah
there’s ya a four pound trout. Three and a half four maybe. Aw they are pretty. Come
here dude. Man, they do have some shoulders don’t they?>>They got thick backs. Winter
time they been eating good. Swallowed that joker didn’t he?>>Not too bad. Nice yellow
mouth. He’s got a little red mouth now. See why we call them yellow mouths. Nice litte
yellow mouth, mustard mouth, trout, sea trout. Whatever you call them that is the most sought
after saltwater species that swims. I think I read that somewhere>>That’s cool I don’t
doubt it.>>Actually I think my producer Kevin told me that. Said it’s the most sought after
species. And that’s what we are seeking today. We are fishing with Captain Billy Henderson.
We are in Homosassa again. Tide just came in, been plugging here a little bit this morning
catching some trout. That is the targeted species. I got the DOA Shrimp and he’s throwing
the Mirrodine. So let’s see what happens. So what are we gonna do here on this spot?
>>This terrain will change, it goes from deep to flat out here We are gonna get around and
work the west side of this bar right here and there’s gonna be some tall grass and these
trout are gonna be targeting right around the edges of that stuff.>>I love doing a
sweeping>>I love doing a sweeping tide. What’s happening right now, the tide is just rushing
this way. So I’m gonna try to feather this out.>>Oh! That’s a good fish right there.
Got up there on that bar point ain’t it? We need to drop that talon right here Blair and
stay right here because we could very well sit here and catch a bunch of fish. That’s
a nice fish whatever it is. Either I got him by the tail or he’s got a big mouth. That’s
a good fish.>>Yeah that’s a good one there.>>You’re gonna have to grab this one for me
probably.>>What! How about if I get that one? Oh, oyster bar.>>You found a hard spot
didn’t ya? Let me slide under you because I might…>>Yeah that’s a good one. I’ll
get him. That’s a pretty fish. Come on, I’m just gonna show you off and let you go hang
on. Almost like a snook, they will get a litte docile when you put them on their backs.>>Get
it out?>>Beautiful fish right there. That’s what we come Homosassa for this trip right
here. Absolutely beautiful sea trout right there. Look at that one is a little bit longer
than my fore arm right to my fingers.>>Nice fish.>>Yes sir. That is a healthy one right
there.>>Look how their backs hump up here real thick. You don’t see that, I mean they
got a lot of food. Real thick bodies.>>They are healthy fish. The next trout I’ve seen
that size there, is they look like they have little bitty heads are the ones out in Louisiana
those out there, I mean they have such a smorgasbord of fish out there to eat and shrimp. Just
like you do here. All these nutrients dumping out of all these little creeks that go way
back up in there to the mainland.>>Right>>They are here. Y’all stay tuned, we are
gonna be right back with some more Addictive Fishing. Captain Billy Henderson and hopefully,
one of those five plus pound trout from Homosassa. Y’all stay tuned we’ll be right back. (Play
it)Addictive Fishing is brought to you by, Dick’s Sporting Goods. Every season starts
at Dick’s. Skeeter Boats. Eat. Sleep. Fish. Sleep. Fish. Minn Kota. Anywhere anytime.
Humminbird. Simply clearly, better. And by, Trokar the world’s sharpest fish hook.Come on biggan. Tarrack me.Well
welcome back folks, we’ve moved around the corner now we are gonna be casting at some
rocks, you said what you did a tournament up here today?>>Yeah we had one this past
weekend and>>And won it?>>And won it on a big trout. Oh that was a good fish, he miss
you?>>I seen the blow up on that.>>I’m gonna Talon down right here.>>Yeah yeah. We need
to work this point. Stick your Talons in. ♪♪>>There he is!>>Nice fish right there.
Oh that is a good one.>>Oh they’re all good Billy. Some are just better than the others,
you know that.>>Shaking that big ole head.>>Learned that one from Captain Tommy Zee
♪♪>>Needed that water to get right didn’t we?>>That’s a grown one for Homosassa huh?
>>Nah, that’s normal. He’s a little fired up ain’t he?>>He ain’t happy about that a
bit. There he is. He’s got a mouthful of Mirrodine.>>Hooked him up good didn’t it?>>Oh that’s
a pretty one.>>Everybody always asks me, what is my favorite fish to catch. I can go
catch thousand pound Marlin if I want to and right there… It’s the most sought after
game fish that swims in salt water. One of my favorites.>>That’s a nice fish.>>I could
go for another one of them.>>Both of my favorites have specks. Speckled trout and specks. Crappie
I guess y’all northern folk call them.>>Crappie.>>Crappies.>>Crappie.>>I’m gonna slide down
this point a little bit more here in just a minute and keep working this rock shoreline
all the way down real slow. The best thing we can do is keep staking down as we go and
work these fish because they are not hammering yet. we caught a few of these and they just
pushed off of us. They could be sitting down there or they might have slid up this edge.
♪♪>>Oh baby!>>He’s sitting right there that’s a good fish there.>>Easy, easy. You
know what that looks like? Looks like one of them darn fish with a spot on his tail
doesn’t it? That’s why he kind of stalled there on me at first Missed him?>>Must be
some little rats over there. Oh he had one under him.>>Did he?>>Yeah, gah look how
red he is.>>Yeah they’ve been bright lately. Man that thing goes right through the bone
doesn’t it?>>Yeah it does.>>No tag on him nowhere? See ya fella. I just started using
that hook on these Mirrodines and it’s impressive!>>Well you know the Mogan Series Mirrodine
has them on there.>>Yeah that’s what we’ve been going over to Dick’s Sporting Goods and
buying them because nobody else around stocks them I guess. Dick’s has a racket on them
or something maybe I guess.>>Yeah they got the exclusive on them.>>I like them because
they float just a little bit higher than the regular one with the regular hooks that come
on the Mirrolures. That and when you get a trout come up and brr on it… I don’t know
how many times with the regular hooks on there you miss them.>>Yeah you miss them.>>They
come up and with a Trokar hook and they’re on.>>Snagged him in the foot.>>Right in
the toe nail. Well tell me what we’re doing here, this is a little bit different.>>Well
this tide has come up now, you can this water starting to wash over these bars and these
big trout are gonna be set right up, I mean we need to cast to the break in the ripple
of that bar and just start walking it off of there and they will just crush it when
it comes off of the top of that bar.>>Yeah we were here earlier and it looked like moguls
out here. I mean it was, it looked like a different planet.>>Yup, now they’re all gone.
♪♪ Aw he crushed that sucker right there!>>There you go! That’s a good one too, look
at that. You can tell when they’re good they come straight up and that mouth starts a shaking.
♪>>Coming at the boat coming at the boat.>>Oh man I just got whacked there too.>>This
is a good one right here.>>That’s a good size that’s probably the biggest trout ever
filmed in Homosassa. (laughing)>>He got just that back hook too.>>Hang on to him.>>Oh
be careful.>>There we go, he was a little mad.>>He was ticked off wasn’t he?>>There
you go.>>21?>>People say there ain’t big trout in Homosassa? That’s a good size trout.
Thats a real good size trout. Anybody would be happy to catch that one. Big ole mustard
mouth. Gotta love that fish. Alright brother.>>Nice fish.>>That’s a beauty there man.
That is a beauty. Well we are gonna get repositioned since we are sitting on top of the bar now
and head down to the next spot. Y’all stay tuned, we are gonna be right back with Captain
Billy Henderson. Right here in Homosassa. Good Job man.Them old biggan is gonna treat us bad
with this sun out. Especially with this full moon we are on.Hopefully as soon as
this tide turns it’s gonna be game on.>>Welcome back folks, let me show you what we are using
out here today. Mirrodines, this is the XL version by Mirrolure. Got it rigged with fifteen
pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon. And I’m down to fifteen because the water is just crystal
clear here in Homosassa and these trout can see it really good. Fifteen pound test Seaguar,
this is Smackdown. I mean, you want to add thirty feet to your casts? Give ya some Smackdown
a try. The seven-two flats blue and all Billy has got us doing here is we’re taking these
Mirrodines, getting up on the outside of these bars and luckily the wind is coming in behind
us so we can get a little bit further off the bar not to disturb the trout just try
to stay as far away from them as you can because trout don’t get big being dumb. It’s working.
Haven’t found that eight pound Homosassa trout yet, but we are looking. Stay tuned. ♪♪>>There
we go!>>Nice trout!>>That was a long time in between the last one, I’ll tell ya. I’m
gonna poke us down, hold us right here.>>Yeah.>>Fish the back side of this bar. If you heard
me earlier say it, we were talking about the redfish and the trout being in the same family,
I’ve said this on the show a couple of times, but a trout is actually in the drum family
and they are not really a trout at all. But they do have teeth like a trout. They are
actually a drum. They’re a tasty little drum. They are beautiful aren’t they? Killer fish.
Go off and get big buddy. Well wasn’t the eight pounder we are looking for so time to
keep plugging. You sure you’ve caught an eight pounder here?>>I got pictures.>>Pictures?
>>My dad won it last year with an eight point four seven in a tournament. Big fish, right
here.>>So what do we got here Billy?>>Well we got just anoher rock ridge here and it
drops off into some darker water with that rock grass growing on the bottom and same
scenario, different spot. These fish are a little cool still. They are adjusting to this
temperature sitting up here in this shallow water. Getting them some sunshine. First day
of sunshine we’ve had in… Since two thousand eight? [laughing] Ah there he comes. Nice fish.>>Nice
fish! Look at that. Ok, there is the biggest trout I’ve ever seen in Homosassa. [laughing]>>Right at the freaking boat too.
Come on fish, come up current here. Yeah, he just solid eighteen and a halfer.>>He
sure looked bigger.>>Yeah he hit bigger. He come up and swatted it like he was a grown
man.>>Yeah he’s a pretty good size. Come on, and if you do happen to use one of these
Mirrodines here, the one that Billy is using is one of the Mogan Series it’s got the Trokar
hooks on it, what we’ve been talking about you got to be very careful with those because
they will flat hook you up.>>Them things will bite you right there.>>There’s a nice,
nice sea trout. Look at that fish that is a beautiful one there ain’t he?>>Wide back,
thick.>>You said they do have worms here?>>Yeah some of them bigger ones are gonna
have some worms in them seems like year round anymore.>>All you gotta do is just fry them
good enough right? [laughing]>>Yeah.>>Off he goes. That wasn’t
a bad one.>>Yeah, good deal.>>Yeah, good deal.>>They’ve all been good. We need to
get repositioned though. Y’all stay tuned we are gonna be right back with we are gonna
reposition the boat see if we can catch us another big ole trout. Still in search of
that eight pounder.>>We’re looking.>>We’ll be right back. (Play it)Addictive Fishing is brought
to you by Star Brite the worldwide leader in marine, automotive, and RV care products.
Wright and McGill. Never compromise. Engel. The original high performance cooler company.
DOA Lures. The unfair advantage. And by, Seaguar. Trust Seaguar when everything is on the line.
You ever got out and waded those bars?I’ve walked on them when they’re
dry before, yeah.>>Well our wind didn’t completely die when the tide changed.>>No it laid>>No
it laid quite a bit though didn’t it? This is what we needed. We needed this tide to
start turning out and washing that bait back over these bars and as soon as it starts dumping
that warm water out of them creeks and stuff. Turned them right on that’s what we’ve been
needing all day.>>Well we needed the clouds all day.>>Yeah that would have helped too
for sure. ♪♪>>Oh, there he is! I felt him hit it.>>Good fish?>>Yes, that might
be a red.>>No that’s a trout, I see the silver mouth on him. Oh that is a freaking good one
right there.>>Yes sir.>>That might be the one we’ve been looking for.>>Let me put that
Talon down.>>Oh my gosh dude that’s a monster. Look at that fish!>>Yes it is!>>Holy cow.
>>Ok, biggest fish in Homosassa.>>Jeeses conitty.>>You gonna grab him?>>Yeah I can
grab him. Is he hooked good?>>I can’t tell.>>Come on baby where you at. Ahh!! You son
of a- Got ya!>>That one hooked you too?>>Yup. You got some cutters? Cause we can pop that
one real quick. See it’s through. You got some wire cutters?>>Um yeah yeah yeah. Ready?
>>Yeah. Ok. Take your fish. That is a pig.>>Alright there’s your eight pounder from
Homosassa.>>Get that hook out of the top of his mouth, I got him.>>How’s your arm?
>>I’m fine, ain’t nothing wrong with me.>>I’m shaking, I can’t hardly grab that hook.>>I
got him way up in the gills there.>>Ok maybe he ain’t eight, but he’s a biggan. He’s a
dandy>>People didn’t say they get this big in Homosassa, Billy sent me I don’t know how
many pictures last year of fish this size and bigger.>>Yeah.>>Way to go.>>Way to
go.>>Good deal, nice fish.>>That is a good one.>>That is a good one let’s see if we
can get this one back in the water. Woo. You know, Tarpon don’t make me shake that much. [laughing] Oh, there he goes. ♪♪♪Rig
it right, by Wright and McGill.>>On today’s Rig it Right segment, I’m gonna show you what
Billy and I were out there throwing today. My favorite lure from Mirrolure has to be
the Mirrodine and I think Billy’s new favorite lure happens to be the Mirrodine as well.
He likes throwing the dark one up there in that water I like throwing the one that looks
more like a baitfish. It’s the twenty seven MR eighteen color and this one here is the
Mogan Series you can get right here at Dick’s. The technique we were using was basically
a twitch and pause. They are twitch baits, that’s what they are considered. And all you
are trying to do is imitate a dying bait. You wan to twitch twitch twitch and let it
sit. Awesome, awesome lures. Captain Billy started sending me a few pictures a couple
of years ago of these trout he was catching up there and let me tell ya, they were some
monsters. They were a lot bigger than the ones we got on the show today. I mean they
were some big ones that are unheard of up in that area. But he knows where they are
living. We were both throwing the seven two today, rigged with ten pound test Smackdown
which is the new line from Seaguar. We had fifteen and twenty pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon
leader on there cause that water up there is crystal clear. The seven two is an awesome
trout rod for those trout we were catching. Put up a great fight, take some drag when
they need to and just a fun fight on the fish. You ever get a chance to make sure you get
up with Captain Billy and definitely go fishing with him because he can take you to places
that most people don’t even know around Homosassa. Up next, you’re gonna see Billy catch another
nice trout from up here in Homosassa. On his new favorite Mogan Series lure. Remember one
thing though, every season starts right here at Dick’s.Rig it Right, by Wright and
McGill.>>That water ripping through there is gonna be some big fish laying right in
that. Hitting ya?>>Something ticked on it.>>Wasting your time if you don’t cast right
on it.>>Oh yeah, there’s a good one. Oh yeah, thought I hooked a rock. He just stopped it.
>>Nice, oh that is a nice fish.>>Stay stuck baby, stay stuck.>>Good fish, good fish Billy.
>>That’s another good one.>>He’s got a mouthful of that don’t he?>>Mm hmm.>>He don’t want
to play does he?>>There we go. Nice fish Billy.>>Look at the back on that thing. Big
ole wide back on him, nice fillets.>>He wasn’t going nowhere. His tooth just penetrated my
thumb like that Trokar hook did your arm. There you go. There’s a beautiful specimen
of a trout.>>Look at his back, look how thick that thing is.>>That is a beautiful fish.
They get down in that grass and all those spots and that green on his back, them predator
fish cannot see him it’s not too often you find them with both, both fangs. Yes sir.
Do you always catch them with two?>>Sometimes they got two sometimes they got one.>>Yeah
it’s rare that I see them- Oh there he goes.>>Nice.>>Like to let them go don’t you?>>Yeah
that’s a good fish right there.>>Make a bunch of little ones. Well from the looks of these
bars. It looks about the same as it was when we came out and it was pretty skinny when
we came out, this skeeter boat can go pretty shallow, I found that out today. It ran good.
If y’all ever get a chance to come to Homosassa, make sure you stay at MacRae’s one awesome
place to stay they got docks they got a nice tiki bar out back and if you want to come
book Billy, go to our website and you can look for him on there, Deep South Outfitter,
what is it?>>Deep south outfitter dot com.>>Everybody has their favorite picture on
their phone, make sure you send us in a picture Hashtag, show your mogan. That’s about it,
I’m out of breath. Big trout like that, I’m telling ya. I ain’t faking it. [laughing]>>That was a good fish.>>See you
next week man, woo! ♪♪Check out more footage from this show by logging onto Addictive
Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers>>Oh! ♪♪ ♪>>There he is right there!
Oh you got to love it when they do that!>>That’s a good one right there.

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