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Spicy Cauliflower Tacos| Volunteer Gardener

Spicy Cauliflower Tacos| Volunteer Gardener

– Cauliflower is showing
up in all kinds of recipes and we’re gonna use it
today to make a nice vegetarian dinner. We’re gonna make spicy
cauliflower tacos. Mmm, fun. Okay, let’s get started. We’re going to start with
a little bit of liquid in our pan to soften
the cauliflower up just a little bit. So we’re gonna start with
some rice wine vinegar. Then we’re going to add three
fourths of a cup of beer. Then we’re gonna
add some lime juice. I’m gonna get my (mumbling) mincer here we’re gonna add
some garlic to that. You’ve got to have garlic in
just about everything, I think. All right, add that. Then we’re gonna spice it
up because these are spicy cauliflower tacos. So we’re gonna add
some hot sauce. If you don’t want it that
spicy you can certainly cut down on that. And, just a little
bit of soy sauce. Okay, so we’re gonna
mix all of that together and let that kind of
get nice and heated before we add our cauliflower. So our cauliflower
is chopped up. So I’ve taken the whole
head of cauliflower which is known as the curd and I’ve chopped it up
into these tiny pieces. You don’t want any of the
pieces to be very big. You want it to resemble
kind of crumbled ground beef when you get through with this. So no bigger than the
size of a quarter. And this is a whole
head of cauliflower. So this is boiling,
we’re gonna add this to our mixture here. And we’re going to just
give that one good stir and then set your timer. You want to put
this in this mixture for 90 seconds, no longer. This is in pretty small
pieces so I probably will keep this in here
right at one minute. (timer rings) Okay, we drained the liquid
off of our cauliflower. And I’ve returned it
to the exact same pan so you don’t dirty another dish. Now what we’re gonna do
is spice it up even more. So I’ve got gloves on to make
this a little bit easier. We’re going to add some
chili powder to that. Some paprika. Garlic powder. Cumin. The juice of half of a lime
and if you’re not using fresh lime, that’s gonna
be about a tablespoon of lime juice. And then we’re going to add
about a teaspoon of olive oil. There we go. All right. Now we’re gonna take
this and we’re just gonna mix this up with your hands. Now you see why I was
wearing these gloves. So it’s good and coated
all the way over. It’s still a little warm,
that’s another reason you want to wear these gloves. And we’re about ready
to go into the oven. So, this gives it kind of that taco-y kind of a taco seasoning kind of feel to it. Okay, so let me take these off. And what we’re gonna
do is transfer this to a lightly greased
kelly roll pan. Okay. Now, make sure you
take your spoon and spread this
out just as close to a single layer as possible. This is going to go in your
preheated oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. While your cauliflower
is in the oven we’re going to make a nice
slaw to go with our tacos. So I’ve started with
some angel hair kind of cutting of half of
a green cabbage. And I’m gonna add to that
some carrot matchsticks. So again, I wanted
it to be kind of I didn’t want it to be shaved but I wanted it to
be close to the same texture as our green cabbage. Then we’re going to add some
cilantro leaves to that. And we’re going to make a
little bit of a dressing. So, I’ve got some vinegar here. Some oil. I’m gonna add just a
pinch of salt to that. And this is why I like canning jars. They’re like perfect container for emulsifying a dressing. I’m leaving the cilantro
whole, you can chop it if you want to, if
you don’t like the big pieces of cilantro,
but just for fun I’m just gonna leave it
with the leaves right now. Okay, then with your hands you’re just gonna mix
this all together. You can make this
ahead, if you want to. Just cover it and put
it in your refrigerator. And make sure you use it
within a couple or three days. So this is going to go on
the bottom of our tacos. So that’s our slaw ready,
it’s ready to roll. (timer rings) So our cauliflower has
come out of the oven and it smells excellent. And in the meantime,
what I did was I took some corn tortillas,
this is the size that I like. And I just heated these
in between paper towels in the microwave. If you don’t want to do
that, you can do that in a dry skillet. So what we’re gonna
do is just we’re gonna with your hands, again, just
take some of the coleslaw that we made. And then we’re
going to top it with the cauliflower crumbles. And you can add any other little adornments to
that that you want. Just make sure that the
coleslaw is on the bottom. And then top it with
the cauliflower. So I like to add salsa to this. Sour cream. A little squirt of lime juice to just kind of set that off. And really, that’s
about all that it needs. It’s really pretty,
it’s really easy. It goes a long way. And you can see that it’s an
excellent vegetarian meal. So you utilize that
cauliflower differently and make spicy
cauliflower tacos. (gentle music) – [Narrator] For
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  1. You had me at beer lol. Jk, looks amazing. Good job and very creative. I haven't seen these made even remotely close to this before 🙂

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