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Spicy Fish & Chips | Shelina Permalloo

Spicy Fish & Chips | Shelina Permalloo

Hi I’m Shelina and today I’m gonna show you how to make a really delicious spiced up fish n chips. Using my heritage which is from Mauritius, I’m going to show you how to make really lovely sea food taste incredible just using a few simple spices, and I’ve tried to make this healthy, faster and cleaner to eat. I’m new to the channel and if you
like my spicy fish n chips just give me a thumbs up. So for me, I absolutely love Sea Bream – you can definitely use any fish of your choice. I just love the shape and I love the
texture when it’s cooked. And it really holds its flavour as well. So the first thing that we need to do is we’ve taken this fish and we’ve had it cleaned at the fish monger. Don’t bother getting messy at home. So you can see it’s been descaled and the fins are removed as well. And the guts removed. So all I’m going to do is put sort of three to five slashes depending on
how big the fish is. And this is to let the marinade really permeate all the way through the fish. And then our marinade. So, what we’re
gonna do is take a hundred millilitres of yoghurt, a good whack of garam masala. Now this stuff is potent. If you like it hot – add all of it. If you’re
a bit worried – maybe half a teaspoon, but this Kashmiri chilli powder A lovely teaspoon of paprika. Whack it with some seasoning and you can see it kinda looks like a
tandoori paste, that’s kinda what I’m going for and what we doing here – mixing it all
together and it’s bright red. Delicious. Now what we need to do: to get
the marinade straight in there we’re just gonna rub it straight in. You know when you have fish n chips you have that wonderful batter. It’s kinda of me trying to recreate this, and look at that colour – it looks amazing. Make sure you get inside the cavity as
well. Flip it over and do the same on the other
side. Now the great thing about this it’s a
speedy marinade, so this takes 20 minutes. As the fish is marinating we’re gonna get onto our spicy chips. We’re going to take a big bowl, and what we’re going to do literally is chop them in half and we’re gonna make some really chunky wedges. King Edward are a good choice of potato if you’re roasting, and also for mash, but here they also allow you to get that really crispy outer edge, and it goes all
nice and mushy and soft inside. We’re not going to use that much oil. All we’re using it to do is to adhere the spices to it. So the spices I’m going to use is a little bit of paprika, and then cumin. I don’t know what it is
about cumin. I love cumin. Again, some salt, going to season that up and then we’re just gonna toss them all up, give them a good mix and those are ready for the oven. The great beauty about this dish is that it’s a one tray bake. So we want to put the potatoes in first, as the fish is marinating, and its gonna go into the oven at 180
degrees for around 15 to 20 minutes lovely Right, so these wedges have been in for 10 minutes and the fish is now has around 20
minutes to marinade and all we’re now gonna do is place the fish straight in here, take our fish and that
now goes in for a further 20 to 25 minutes. You want it
all nice and crispy now that fish n chips are in the oven we can get on with our really
delicious low-fat and healthy tartar sauce, now traditionally
it’s used with a kind of good quality mayonnaise, but I’m using a low-fat creme fresh and what we’re gonna add to it is some gherkins, a bit fresh coriander, some chili and lime, that’s our key
ingredients, we’re just doing a bit chopping now what I love so much about this tartar sauce is it’s fresh it’s fragrant you know what, it really is for me a
little bit of a taste of Mauritious. the pressure We use a lot of coriander, lots of chili
and lots of lime in our food and it’s gonna take us all the way back
to chillin on a beach having a bit of a fish barbecue so now we’ve got a coriander in there with
the creme fresh, the gherkins, basically what we’re trying to do is balance all the flavors: we’ve got loads of spice going on in our fish n chips, and this
is gotta be like fresh a little bit kinda punchy and the real
thing is the lime its gonna really just lift up the whole dish Chile – completely depends on taste, I like
mine spicy, so I’m gonna use half a chili Now we’re gonna go over to lime give it a good old roll about, slice it
diagonally, and this helps to get all the juices out actually just in half a lime and then finally a good whack of seasoning and
that looks beautiful and smells amazing so that’s
pretty much it we just gonna wait for the fish to come
out, so I’m gonna get my plate and decorate it and make it nice and pretty You gotta think about presentation and I
think in terms of color hair I’m gonna use some lime, cos I’m gonna squeeze it on the food afterwards a little bit more chili and then I love more coriander it’s completely up to you what you wanna
garnish with Perfect, that smells incredible, that’s been in the oven now for 25 minutes the fish has got really crispy, the
potatoes look delicious so what we’re gonna do is just slide this
straight on our platter so everyone can get stuck in And now I’m just gonna garnish it with the limes and chili So this is my spiced up fish and chips
with a twist on a classic tartar sauce, it’s
ready All we need to do is shove it on a platter, put in the middle on the table and everyone just gets stuck in Oh, that’s good The potato wedges are so crispy and loads of lovely spice on it and fish just looks incredible, let’s
give a taste Honestly, it’s tender, it’s succulent the skin has got all the major spices
runnig through it, and its crispy and it’s not too hot – it’s just mellow and
it’s beautiful. So if you like this recipe, give me
a thumbs up and if you wanna see me cook again in
the future, if you write your suggestions in the comments box and let me know what you’d like to see me cook And don’t forget to subscribe, because
it’s free

100 comments on “Spicy Fish & Chips | Shelina Permalloo

  1. i loved this dish. thanks. i`ve a request to make fish stew, and chicken biriyani easy way if u can , plz

  2. Thanks for the recipe!!! The sauce/dip was not really to my taste, but the main part being fish was absolutely amazing!!!

  3. I would love to wee you cook a Coconut chicken curry. I would like to see how you do with that. Thank you so much.

  4. Dang! I'm moving to Mauritius, that woman is as delicious as ambrosia, not the fake dessert, I'm talking about the one that was well baked in the ovens of Olympius and using the fires of Hestia. My goodness, that woman is good looking!

  5. amazing Russian Fish& Chips!))))

  6. I just finished making this and OMG it was BOMB!! I used sweet potato for the chips and snapper for the fish caught by my dad. Thank you so much for the recipe this was delish and I will make it again 👌

  7. Hi Shelina! I would love to see you make stuff like gato piment (Mauritian chilli cakes) and some other Mauritian dishes. Mauritian food is pretty unique and so diverse, fresh and flavorful! it would be good to see some of the yummy curries and snacks Maurtius has to offer!

  8. Easy recipe, the ingredients are simple to get and it looks delicious. I will definitively give this a try.

  9. Shelina oh my god one of the best fish and chips recipe ive ever seen… Avec so ti touche mauricienne tout 😍 youre amazing et so lovely haha… #mru

  10. Too many spices for my taste.The fish no longer has the flavor of fish and the potatoes no longer taste like potatoes.I prefer Italian cuisine because it is more genuine…

  11. Shelina you’re definitely a keeper. And as for what to cook….well anything and everything. 😋😋😋😋😁😁

  12. Fish n yoghurt don’t go together, not good for health. It’s like mixing vodka and cow milk. Very unhealthy. Be careful before posting.

  13. Your potato wedges in addition can have half a teaspoon of turmeric. That really brings out the flavour and is done this way commonly in India.

  14. I would have left the fish a bit longer in the oven…but it is amazing anyway… and her accent is superbly perfect…

  15. Tried this, followed recipe to a T but fish did not come out looking like that. Came out with globs of yoghurt smeared on it and not pretty looking. Fish was watery and potatoes did not come out crispy too. Everything was just a soggy mess. So disappointed 🙁

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