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bissmillah hir rahman irr raheem,assalam o alaikum. viewers today i m gonna share with you a delecious recipe of spicy fried fish it taste really yummy. lets notedown the ingredients we need in this always use good quality fish which have less bones in it i m using 1 kg fish name (boi) gram flour 4 tbsps yogurt 2 tbsp garlic paste 1tbsp heaped some ingredients will be dry roasted, for this we need cumin seeds 1 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp 1/4 tsp black peppers 4 cloves carom seeds 1/2 tsp but if you don,t like the taste of carom seeds omet it or use 1/4 tsp crush red chillis 2 tsp or to taste and dry roast it in last for just few second salt 1/2 tsp or to taste termeric 1/2 tsp orange food colour 1/4 tsp black salt 1/4 tsp dried fenugreak leaves 2 tbsp oil for frying to remove the smell from the fish first soak it in 1 cup white vineger and 2 cups water for about 30 minutes. after that drain all water and keep it in a strainer to dry it completely in a frying pan first add cumin,coriander ,cloves and black peppers for dry roasting on med flame these are nicely dry roasted now add carom seeds and chilli flakes. give it a good mix and turn the flame off keep it in a bowl to cool it down a little and then coarsely grind it in a dry mill or grinder prepare marination for fish by putting all dry ing first in a big bowl. add gram flour add grinded n roastd spices i have to mention 1 mistake that i said 1 tsp coriander and cumin seeds before but i used 1 tbsp of both. add termeric black salt and food colour salt dry fenugreak leaves mix it well and then add garlic paste add yogurt mix all things together 1/2 cup water should be added what i will do, simply rub the marination on the fish fillets. you can see the consistancy it must be a thick better b/c fish will also release some water when marinated rub it gently and evenly on all over the fillet. and then keep it in the fridge for atleast 2,3 hours before frying fish has been marinater for 2 hour, now its time to fry . we will also deep fry it but in that method we need a lot of oil and fish oil is not able to use in any other cokking so i will pan fry it. do not over crowd the fillets in the pan and do not move it immedietly give it 2,3 mins from 1 side and then turn it to the other side. fry it till nicely golden brown it has been 2,3 mins fried from 1 side now i will turn the side. turn it only 2 ,3 times and it will be ready then. fish is almost fried now,i turned it only 2 times now i will keep it on a plate i m gonna give you a tip about the remaining oil from the pan. it has smell and aroma of the fish so it,nt able to use in any other dish. i have a simple tip for that burn a whole knob of garlic in it on low flame. after that discard it and strain the oil,keep it in a jar .and use it freely in any other dish it has no smell and taste,it become a tasteless oil like a fresh one. our spicy fried fish is ready now. it is deleciously tasty.

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  1. check this out ,its simply delicious and easy,support my friend Saima by subscribing her channel

  2. वाओ मुह में पानी आ गया , नवरात्र खत्म होते ही पहला काम फिश खानी है मेंम अब

  3. Sab sy pehly tu fry fish k liye es style ki cutting kbhi nhi lyty. Ye style salan k liye hota. Fry fish k liye hamesha flat cutting laty hain. Or dosri tip day don k fish my na kbhi baisan dalain or na he dahi.

  4. i think Urdu is a good language… why not use it. Angrezi bolna zroori ni hy… ..۔۔میرا خیال ہے اردو میں بھی یہ بتایا جا سکتا ہے۔ بہر حال طریقہ اچھا ہے

  5. Mam jb ham fish fry krty hn to fish pan par chipak jati h jiski wajah sy usk uper wala masala or skin sari utar jati h.kya kry usk lye plz btay urgent

  6. Zaberdast plz tuna fish fry n other tuna dishes bhi btaain plz jald coz Mae ne kafe sare freez ki hue hai help dear reply plz

  7. گھر بیٹھے کام کریں اور کمائیں 30 سے 40 ہزار ماہانہ
    مکمل معلومات کے لیے کلک کریں👇 صرف محنتی اور سنجیدہ افراد ہی جوائن کریں

  8. Qabil boht ho… ajza English key sath urdu main bhi likhti description main…. food fusions ki description dekho.

  9. اسلام علیکم جناب۔ میں فش بناتی ہوں تو ایک دم خشک (فرائی چکن) کے جیسی نہیں بنتی بلکہ جیلی نما گیلی گیلی سی رہتی ہے جبکہ بازار سے تیار مچھلی خشک سی ہوتی ہے جو کہ کھاتے وقت ہاتھ تک صاف رہتے ہیں۔ اور مچھلی کی اپنی مہک بھی نہیں جاتی

  10. fine sister I tried this at home very delicious and thanks for your tips with garlic really no fish smell we again used to fry papad

  11. Main jb b fish fry krti hu to oil pathay marny lgta ha. Halank main fish achy sy dry krti hj. Oil.ku urta ha itna??? Itna zyada k fish ko palatny main b mushkil hoti

  12. Very delicious😉☺️. Wat was that garlic tips? ….tell me in English pls.I don't understand ur language!!

  13. Hi, agar main fish marinate karon aur roz fry karon for a week or more toh fish ko refrigerator mein rakhna hai ya freezer mein?plz answer asap. 🙏

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