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Spicy Slow-Cooked Country Rib Tacos | Food Network

Spicy Slow-Cooked Country Rib Tacos | Food Network

[sport theme playing] What’s up, everybody? I’m Eddie Jackson. And it’s no secret that
I love to entertain, especially on game day. Now, today’s recipe is going
to be something that’s near and dear to my heart. We talking slow-cooked
country style rib tacos. You’re gonna love it. First things first, we have
to do our pre-game warm up. We got to make our sauce. Let’s go ahead and get
our onions inside of here. Apple cider vinegar, ketchup,
we got some garlic going in. We got a little Dijon mustard. And this is what I absolutely
love about this barbecue sauce, is the chipotle peppers
that’s going inside of here. I love spice and a little
bit of this adobo sauce. And that’s it. How easy was that? All we got to do is
give this little pulse, and we’re going to be ready
to rock and roll, my friend. Perfect. Second thing we
need to do is make our rub because we’re going to
season our country style ribs. And then we’re going
to sear them inside of our cast iron skillet. So we have the
usual suspects when it comes to a nice
barbecue rub, kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder. Got to have the cayenne. Got to have that heat
because I love the heat. Paprika, chili powder, and
a little bit of brown sugar because I love brown sugar. It reminds me of
myself, brown, sweet. We’re going to give this a mix. You know, I like to just
get in there with my hands. My grandmother told me a long
time ago that the best utensils in the kitchen are your hands. So get this going. We have our rub all ready to go. Now all we got to do is
season these beautiful country style ribs up. I’ll tell you why I
love country style ribs. It’s because look
how meaty these are. This is the perfect meat
to stretch your dollar and things like that. So when I was growing
up, we had a big family. We had country style ribs
any way you could name it. When you think of ribs you
think of eating it off the bone. But I really fell in love
with country style ribs at a young age. Should be ready
to rock and roll. So we should hear a
sizzle for shizzle. [sizzling] Perfect. All right, let’s give
these a quick check and let’s see what
we got going on here. So this is what we’re
looking for, nice crust on the bottom right there. And that’s going to hold all
that juice inside while we slow cook it. We’re going to deglaze
with a little bit of this chicken
broth and get up all those little nice tasty bits. Woo! Smelling good in here! Take those little tasty bits. You’re just going to
put it right in here. basically what we did is
just made a flavored jacuzzi. All right, so I’m going
to go ahead and add my ribs that I seared off. I’m gonna go ahead
and add a little bit of some Mexican oregano. And that’s just going to
add another level of flavor. Last but not least,
I’m going to add the rest of this chicken broth. Make sure that we have
this about halfway covered. The beauty of this dish
is that this slow cooker’s going to all the work for me. With about 20 minutes
left, I’m going to take out the country style ribs. Game’s going to be coming on. And we’re going to be
ready to rock and roll. All right, so these ribs have
been cooking about eight hours. And you know what that means. Now it’s game time. Let’s check and see
what we got going on. Oh, look at this. This is going to be so good. I know, your mouth is
starting to water right now, just like mine is. So what I’m gone do is I’m
going to shred this meat down. I mean, look how tender that is. It’s just falling apart. We want to make sure that
we’re getting all meat. Perfect. Nice and juicy, tender,
just like I like it. All right so we’re at the
end, down to the nitty gritty. we’re going to toast
these tortillas off. And that’s going to give it a
nice smoky flavor, a nice char. And it’s also going to
allow them to be pliable. Don’t be afraid. It’s just an open flame. And it doesn’t take long. I’m talking literally, like
a few seconds on each side. Voila, and my work is done here. My game day play book was
planned to perfection. You ready? Go. I got a game to watch.

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