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Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll Recipe

Welcome back, in this week’s episode I’m going
to show you guys how to make the Spicy Tuna Hallowed Ground Sushi Roll.
Make a Crispy Carrot and Ginger Tempura Crown Here what we have is just some tempura batter,
you can watch one of my other videos to learn how to make it, and simply just add about
one and a half teaspoons of grated garlic and mix. Then add a couple drops of Sesame
Seed oil, just for some flavoring and this flavors your tempura batter. What you do now
is just mix it in, just get it nice and evenly mixed, take a little lump of the carrot mix,
about half of what you expect the crust to be and then place it inside the batter and
pull it out quickly. Now you take another lump about the same size and you mix it into
it. The key is to have a very light coating of batter around your carrot so that when
it hits the oil it just spreads out like a pancake — like so.
You don’t want to fry it for more than 20-30 seconds, just get a nice golden color, make
sure it’s rigid, flip it over at least once and that’s pretty much it.
Making Spicy Tuna Mix The first thing I’m going to do is just chop
up the tuna into small chunks, don’t make them smaller than half a centimeter or two
fifths of an inch. Now you simply add the chopped tuna to a bowl and then you want to
add three teaspoons of sriracha hot sauce, this is great spicy hot sauce. It has a nice
kick to it, and then just mix. Rolling the Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll
You take 120 grams of cooked sushi rice, about four ounces and spread it over half a sheet
of Nori. Nice and lightly, don’t press it down too much, just fluff it out. Now add
a little bit of toasted sesame seeds, flip it over and now you add your spicy tuna mix
— only half of it, because what you have made is for two sushi rolls, and now you add
a couple of slices of avocado. Now you roll it up. If you need more information on rolling
a link will appear right now on the left side, check it out, it’s a video I made of how to
roll sushi. Okay, so just apply pressure and voilà. Okay
now to cut the roll just simply add a piece of cling film, press it down with a bamboo
mat, now simply slice from one end and slice about eight pieces.
Add a little bit of ginger mayo, which you made already, and then cut the piece of your
carrot crisp to the right size to fit on top of the sushi roll and just place it like so.
There we go, and that is a Hallowed Ground Sushi Roll done.

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