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Spinach, Quinoa & Salmon Bowl

Spinach, Quinoa & Salmon Bowl

This spinach, quinoa, salmon bowl is everything you want for brunch and more! Why do we love bowls? Because they are delicious! This bowl hits all the right notes for brunch. It has quinoa in the base, stirred with spinach, it has a broiled piece of salmon flaked to perfection, a jammy egg that is oozing a perfect sauce, and a little bit of spice with some sambal. Once this goes together, it is colorful, it is delicious, and it is a feast for everyone! It’s all coming up on today’s Wyse Guide! I love a bowl. And why do we love bowls? Yeah, I said “we” because we all do. Because they put everything you want into one. It’s how we eat. Who eats all those three separate or four separate things anymore on a plate? That’s no fun. It’s fun to mix it all together, have it right in front of you, get all those flavors and textures havin’ like a party down in there and in your mouth. Oh you guys. I am all excited about this. And it’s super simple, healthy, and nutritious. This is how I eat and it’s soon gonna be how you eat. To start, you just wanna get your quinoa cooking. Put some water in a pan and add your quinoa. I’m using black quinoa because I love how it cooks. Once it’s cooked up, it gets flaky and fluffy but it doesn’t get sticky and mushy. It’s the perfect texture. Put the kettle on the stove, add some salt, and some pepper, and let it come to a boil. At the same time, you can get your eggs ready Just put some water in the bottom of a small kettle and put it on the stove and let it come to a boil. Once the quinoa’s at a boil, you can turn it to a simmer and cover it. It’s just gonna slowly cook from there. When the water for the eggs is at a boil, add your eggs. I like to always do an extra because sometimes they crack and then you get the little floaties in there. Yeah, you probably see it in mine because guess what? One cracked! So it’s always good to have an extra backup. Now, I want these eggs to have a perfect jammy center yolk. That means you only wanna cook ’em for six minutes. Once those six minutes are up, remove the eggs immediately from that boiling water and put them in ice water. That stops the cooking. That way, you get that beautiful, silky, saucy yolk center that you want. Yeah, you want it. Once they’re in the ice water, you can just set them aside and let them cool off. While the quinoa’s still cooking, you can get your salmon ready. The perfect way I find to cook salmon is to have your oven rack about the top middle, put the broiler on high, put your salmon on a piece of tin foil on top of that baking sheet, extremely easy cleanup because that way, the skin of the salmon is just gonna stick to the foil and not the fish. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil, rub it around just to evenly coat it. Then add some salt and pepper. put it right under that broiler. Sounds scary but in ’bout six to eight minutes, you’re gonna have a perfectly cooked salmon. Once that salmon’s fully cooked, you can just pull it from the oven and let it cool off. At this point, the quinoa should be done. Remove it from the stove and let it sit for about five minutes. Just to get everything ready, crack and take the shell off that egg. Yeah, you’re gonna hate it. And you’re gonna hate me because shelling eggs is usually awful. I mean, not always. Sometimes you get that, like, dream egg and you’re like: “How did all the stars align and all this is happening so easily?” And then other times it doesn’t. Necessary evil, people. Just crack it all over. Put it back in that ice water for a little bit. Maybe that will help get it off easier. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. After about five minutes, it’s steamed a little bit and really fluffed up, stir the quinoa around and then add one clove of smashed garlic. I’m just smashing it. That’s gonna just release all those aromas and flavor into the quinoa without having the harsh, like, raw garlic in there. Add a little bit of olive oil, some salt, then pepper. Stir that around and then add some fresh spinach. I like to add it to the hot quinoa because that way it kinda wilts and softens, but doesn’t get, like, gross, mushy cooked spinach. Put the lid back on. Let that spinach steam. After a few minutes, you are ready to assemble this whole thing. In the bottom of a bowl, put some of that spinach and quinoa. Uhh, you cannot go wrong with this. It smells delicious, you get a little bit of that garlic, get a little bit of the spinach. Whoo, yes! And don’t you love the color? It’s really offsetting. It’s nice. On top, add some of that flaked salmon. Seriously, it just flakes up with a fork and the skin stays behind. Could it be any more perfect? Add some sliced avocado if you want. I just love avocado. It has some really good fat in it. Yes, the healthy fat and it’s also delicious. It has that creamy texture, just… mmm, always good. Next, you just wanna cut you egg right onto your bowl. I like to cut ’em over the bowl so it can catch any of that runny yolk if it happens to fall out. Just a quick slice. Keep it open in half so everyone can see the beautiful, deliciousness that’s inside. Then add a little bit of freshly sliced scallions or green onions. It just adds a nice, fresh crunch and a little bit of light onion flavor. To finish this, I’m adding some lime zest ’cause it makes everything pop and then a little bit of sambal oelek. Yeah, if you haven’t tried sambal, it is like a garlic chili pepper sauce. It is spicy. I mean, it’s like spicy. But it’s delicious. It adds an oomph of flavor, it wakes everything up. Ooo, you guys! Once this is mixed together and you’re getting some of that yolk that creates a sauce and all those flavors come together, your tastebuds are gonna be on fire, your brunch is gonna be on point and you are gonna be happy and you are gonna be everyone’s hero that you have over because these are delicious. 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