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Spoon fishing deep water with Matt Shura and Gary Senft at Canyon Lake Part 2

Spoon fishing deep water with Matt Shura and Gary Senft at Canyon Lake Part 2

Get down on the bottom I am on the bottom rip it! Look at that fish! There are so many of them down there. oosh! big group of them a very big one but in
nice one even the small ones are healthy a future 10 pounder yah! I got one got him fish on fish on Finally! he is fighting he is fighting [Laughter] We are going to have a double hook up in a we are going to have a double hook up in a second If you need to switch places with you let me know. I am getting down there ooh! Look at the graph Where am I, I am trying to get out of your way. go ahead I am just going to stay back here. Yhat going to be a big one. big one these fish are turned on right now
sorry [Laughter] ooo! look at that one Nice size fish. he is barely hooked. they are still down there. that’s with that light rod only look I got him on the end, look at that alright that is a nice one. that’s more like it. Look at the graph is still going. Oh! I had him look I had better did back down there. look at the graph right here at the school of fish I just had one see that big school of fish right there I just got bite again This what we have been waiting for that was a good 3 and a half half 4 yah it was was heavy and board in the shoulders and fat had slack in it for a second ooooh! and that felt like a really good one Oh! my gosh I could not budge that one That felt like a real good one. I catch the tiny one you catch the big one [Laughter] is that something you know sometimes they all school you think they are the same size not always think you’re right I think I think what
you were saying that what we’re doing is pretty effective just cruising along
with the trolling motor until you see a fish ya! just hunt them down just cruising around when you see something slam on the brake majority of these schools of fish
basically what I like to do I’m just dropping my spoon down and I’m
trying to get my spoon in front of them so if I’m seeing fish on the graph
suspended are real my spoon up to him and I’ll see if I can get that mister
react on it’s all real it up to I’m hopping around a little bit are lifted
up the official follow it up and if I can get that fish to react on it more
often than not you can catch them so basically just if i dont see fish on a
graph I’m I let it fall all the way to go all the way down to the bottom and
the way I like to fish these spoons and it’s just like if you think about a
jerk bait when you’re when you’re ripping a jerk but you want to have that
snap and have slack line after after that snap same thing with a spoon I’m
gonna give it a given a hot and in slack line as it falls when the Fisr real
active you’ll see that line you see that line on the fall the line will jump
and that’s when you get the bite basically right now on Canyon and Saguaro
45 to 55 even as deep as sixty sixty-five footwear catches some of
these fish and you know there are here deep just just chasing shad and I think
it gets colder as it’s going to get better you know so special live in deep
for sure that’s true like 10 15 feet but the Fisher down yeah you can see that ended down there
to 35 feet those are all fish right there but fine debate in lobby right on
the very very top debates seemed to be anywhere from 15 to 25 footwear the shad
seem to be schooled up and it seems seems like once the once the fish start
chasing the shared around and get the shed spread out man is this a good
dinner bell officials that was incredibly hard to get active and that’s
why I say basically that’s what we’re looking at is these fifties fish around
here are starting to swim around and said I did that this is just sitting
there we’re getting some fish along with our spoons it they start to get a little
active and that’s got so you kind of want to look for is the streaks those
streaks you know our fish that are active and chase in a movement and
that’s that’s that’s one thing when you know you’re going to get a bite when
they start doing that at least you know you should get about one to two now this
color here so it’s got a black black top with the Silver Surfer bottom and the
last one I Haute black like top or sides got the pin on
the back so when you pull it things going W my god working I’m diggin on the bottom make
sure you’re not gonna catch that streaking down if you don’t get when we
got a bunch of fish on the graph there that’s a nice one pretty good myself
healthy look bigger underwater surprise you and how much they weigh but
again just beautiful fish beautiful fish we can do better there started by when I
see streaks I’m rippin ripon that is either closer stack down there just that
I can stop I can’t stop it I switched it to you those streaks those fish were
diving down driving down there is my spoon coming down but these fish were
active that’s what you want to see as those fish streak in moving like that I
can you can see we had some shad up higher earlier but they’re still down
there and that’s the way to do it and we’re doing is we’re just very showed me
something here and we’re just getting on the trolling motor to eat do we see a
few fish and put the brakes on slow down and start fishing forum it’s it’s paying
off down you know like I said a lot of times
you get a lot of times you get areas where there you know their key areas
look at those fish going like this was my spoon going above them and now I’m
dropping down through and have always talked about using the spinning reels
and you know it with these spoons the way the way they fall in this fall kinda like Iraq straight down whereas a
hammer spoons in the strongest brands they flutter down and that’s why I like
to have that school open on a spinning reel so that flutters on the way down
this one just falls just three the action is actually on the live yeah so I
have an honest man on a bit custer but you know that the Hammers spoons are the
strongest moons if you if you put it on a baitcaster just follows straighten it
doesn’t give it that natural action that I really like you know is that falls
down cuz you get a lot of bytes in the fall you know something followed it down I
see is like going down his phone followed it down right there he came out
of nowhere see any special you know Clearwater you know twenty thirty feet
away it you know each had not had obviously we’ve caught up in their spin
up Sheridan you know they’re they’re keying in on that had so we should be a
good couple more of this founders as we near downtown you done it
I’ve done it a little bit more like this where the army what is a monograph
Juliet spoon that he watched the fish come up to the school is coming there
then if you don’t want to go back down yeah there’s like a cat and mouse cat
and that’s the importance of having you know get electronic system here i mean
you know this fall you know you can catch him in five foot of water and 65
foot of water but you know in the wintertime that’s that’s one thing that
I really helps me is just really believing what you see on your grab
learning how to read your graph and believing what you see and that’s why I
say when you can see your line like we’re watching both airlines you know
down there and when you can see your line you know you know other lines are
going to be fair and that’s that’s one thing I was going to tell you a lot of
people ask me is like I’m just not seeing archer’s I’m not seeing the the
arches like the the box as the picture of you know on the graph and who they’re
selfish but when you’re a winner at idle speed or you’re moving your gonna see
artists because of the way the transducer in the count comes down
you’re actually gonna see arches but if you’re in stopped in one place mat
fishes underneath via you know if the boats boats here in the fish is
underneath here that transducers are sending a signal down and basically just
bouncing off that fish’s head so you’re gonna see as a line so that’s what I
look for his lines and I look for those lines to move up and down her be active
and that’s when I drop my beat down a drop shot or whatever vertical efficient
and that’s that’s one of the biggest biggest hips as you know they’re not
always good to see art is if you’re not moving just gonna see lines and that’s
what I look for in those lines to react on the beach so that’s a that’s that’s one tip that’s a lot of people
you know have trouble with is looking for those arches and like I said you’re
not going to see a difference between match ride Mine let’s get it right to me
this is a media in here medium actually have yours medium light
mines medium reminds me to empower fast action I think that your yeah and you
know and it’s it’s good once you catch a fish because it all that bandanas treble
hooks in the small hooks for years and that’s good for that because it keeps
them keep them hooked if you use to heavy of rod its gonna have a tendency
to pull those hooks out especially when you have skin hooked yeah that’s what’s good
about it but yeah I think with a medium action rod you can still get plenty of snap
to the spoon you know you know to give it the good action you do not have to feel bad because I missed 2, 3. 4 of them you have too. Yah! no I have too. They just are not eating it really good. they are not biting it really good. they are the typical Florida I do not if we talked about this on film but these Florida bass that are the salt river chair of lakes when you a front come through or something boy they get picky on you they just don’t want to bite they are not like our northern bass that are in all the lakes you know most of our lakes Saguaro,
Canyon Apache and now Roosvelt too. four hundred and fifty thousand florida’s in there and
they’re like thirteen fourteen inches long so they’re going to be the same way yeah they get big fast if those Florida strain takeoff in
Roosevelt that going to be awesome with those shad hopefully oh it’s going to be awesome. those gizzard shad Oh! Hopefully they gobble them all up and get huge! [Laughter] it takes 4 years, 5 years until they get really big We help stock Apache you know we put those
you know it seemed like when we put those fingerlings in Apache is just a
couple years later they were there were two and two and half pound solid fish They grow fast they do real fast these lakes here are so fertile because of
the shad crawdad stuff like that in these lakes good population of shad that’s
for sure Roosevelt should be the same way you got the salt river flowing in. There he is! There he is! Ok he is shaking weird oh look at that there he goes I can’t tell if he’s a little tiny one or he almost feels like a
yellow bass. there he is, he not real big but he is a fish. ooow sorry. Gal lee this one is pulling like a better fish no he is not a better fish he is another decent fish well maybe a good fish. I well take it they are so healthy You can always tell my theirr teeth to that’s one thing I was at
a tournament the teeth are going to be sharp razor sharp and I was in a
tournament and i dont wanna tell the guys I catch them on spoons and the guy said you catch them all on I can tell No we through some drop shot and other stuff
and he goes no we can tell because the teeth are razor-sharp the shadows have razor
sharp teeth those fish that are digging in the rocks and eating crawdads are not
gonna be sharp like that that’s why I say after if you get on a good spoon bite
your thumbs will be all shredded up at the end of the day because they have
the laser sharp teeth from the shad That’s a good tip [Laughter] yeah you spooned them all how did you know? [laughter] he know who you were. That was Daniel Ellis that did that he was weighing in the fish You can get a pretty good idea what you caught them on. There is more down there Boy they are fired up he went right through We should be getting these double hook ups I don’t know why I do not know why? Well it is diffidently exciting guys being out here. It rained little bit on us but the weather’s good it’s warm it’s it Matt it’s beautiful a beautiful’s just fun learning about the graph fishing and spooning it is a far
cry from what I normally do throwing jigs and brush hogs drop shot
and stuff like that. you catch a lot of fish like that but this is just something different that you can do you know
you can come up here specialy you guys from East Mesa coming out here i you know it’s not much of a drive to come out I know so how many people do we talk to tar our seminars that come up here and do not catch any fish at all. they do not venture out and do something off the wall like this. this is worth it. I will tell you typical Canyon even growing up before the fish kill we had you know I
think what was a 2006 when we had the fish kill growing up fishing Canyon it was still a
challenging lake back then I mean I liked going to Saguaro better cuz it was
just easier to catch fish at Saguaro lake but huh you know with all the deep canyons and the
walls we have on Canyon you have to be really good at you know fishing that steep
stuff and let the bait fall if you’re on the banks and that kind of thing just
don’t have as many flats and easy stuff like it like Saguaro does. So could go to Saguaro lake and do this oh yeah absolutely and that’s that’s exactly it you know I
know that I talked to Scooter recently and He said they catching them in 65…60, 65 foot even deeper so they can be anywhere I have got on great spoon bites and you know
basically I concentrate on at 25 to 60 foot that seems to be the the depth where you
know the fishes live you know in the winter time this time here in Arizona on
all those fish were catching you know they are full of air they are living deep. It does mean they won’t come up to the surface are you know you catch a fish at
a ten foot of water and that’s one thing I never really can’t understand is a
roosevelt you know we could catch a fish in 10 foot of water and get them in the live and it floats belly up. like a cork and I could never figure that out and I just
never thought about it like all these fish live in at forty to sixty foot of
water they’ll move up and feed and then go back out to where they’re comfortable
and that’s that’s where these fish living just like you say if the is shad in 20 feet of water in their living in fifty it
doesn’t take but what two seconds to swim that distance you know they’re like
rockets that’s why these things are going down so easy when we release them normally like you said we have to needle these fish. We hold them up and takes pictures normally they bloat you throw them in the water they bloat you to get that needle out That’s the one thing. you know if you put the fish in the live well you definitely want to learn how to needle those
the fish and do it right reel the fish up slow when you’re catching
them out of this deep water cuz you know there’s some fish down there huh! you know there’s sometimes you know I know people were catching them deep and people would find
6-7 Pounders floating dead that could not swim back down so that’s where that
needle learning how to do that and getting
confidence and that is really good especially tournament fishing If you are a tournament
fisherman you know how important that is around certain They are around, we finding certain areas that are holding some fish on the
graph and thet and we will have to travel a little bit we
come back we’ll find a few more but we’re definitely having to move around
and find the shad, find the shad find the fish. so if you moving in a lake like Matt we were just talking about Saguaro.just keep looking around. Bartlett is the same way. If there’s no fish on the graph or no shad you
know might be in the middle of the lake I just keep moving around from point to point eventually I find them. Yah! there they are I am not spooning them but I am throwing Carolina rigs or chigger craws brush hogs or something we’re catching fish
that way that’s one thing that I’ve got a lot better at. is really cover and water and really you
know looking for fish and one thing that I’ve noticed is you know if you if
you do have an area where you’re running running down the bank and you find you
know you catch a fish keep an eye on that fish and look for followers a lot
of times it’s a really good clue of how many fish are really in that area I
found that out at Roosevelt at one of FLW tournaments in practice I had an area
where I had a two pounder and there was three or four others chasing it and I didn’t
even fish it the first day and second day I went back to that spot and had the biggest weight of the tournament and that just shows you when you see wolf packs of fish
or you see the numbers of fish you know pay attention to that you know there’s
there’s there’s clues everywhere you know you just gotta got pay attention . Oh! there he is! oh! no there he is.did he come off.there they come. I would drop it straight down in there. I am down in it right now look at this I know look at those fish. reel up to it
rip it let flouter down all the way those fish eat that spoon.
I’m telling it looks like they are following it down. looks like Let it go all the way to the bottom that should be double hook up city and
that’s what’s so fun about caching them on spoons you know I took a couple people out so there was a total of three people fishing you go half an hour 45 minutes are
sometimes more without catching a fish but then once again around him like that
your graph looks like that there you go that’s a decent fish yah a nice fish caught him on the triples but you can see how bloated they are . I tryed not to reel them up so fast but we have been reeling them up slow I could needle one real quick Yah do you have a needel with you. if you release them right away it’s usually is you know they will swim back down but
basically make sure the needle is clear and one thing you can do you can put a
little water in the needle so little water in there so you can kind of see
basically what you want to do is get those crushes right there those are the
Crushers go right in between them and just go real nice and slow so basically
what I’m gonna do is needle him the water helps you know that he hit the air You just want to let it equalize and then once you release them just like this they have no trouble swimming down. when you go between those crushers like I say if you put a little water in there or you do it under water you can see the bubbles
and it gives you you know to make sure you do it right don’t be aggressive
don’t jap it in there just be real slow real slow soon as you get that air
just hold it let equalize and then then throw them back. that what you want to do if you going to keep them in the live well for the tournament fisherman that kind of thing
and I’m just using the Benz mender needle gives you a good good needle to
hold onto and that kinda thing and it also has that rod in there that clears
the needle out so that’s it for catching deep fish yah good tip well we are going to wrap this up today at Canyon Lake I think we have caught about 9 fish and we are fishing the flat out here just trying to catch one more, It’s getting pretty late the front is coming in more and more it’s getting colder and colder we both put our sweat shirts on You know it’s getting pretty cold evry once in a while it starts dizzining but I just what to thank you Matt for fishing with us It was fun we did not get the Giants but a couple nice ones yeah and some we will come backiback in the spring when it’s good you know when it’s sunny
out when the Florida bass are biting like I said they are very very picky about
eating and stuff you know whether it’s Saguaro Canyon or Apache the lakes can shut off in a
day you know just like that and it did but it was nice coming on Friday you
know taking the day off and coming out and we did get some nice three pounders 2, 2 and half pounders so that was good so I think
we had a good day showed people the video and see what’s going on in Canyon
Lake and spoon and stuff like that so with that we just want to thank you for
watching the videos appreciate what you do and come join Matt Shura and
I every second Tuesday of the month every month on the second Tuesday 6:30
p.m. down at the Bass Pro Shops have an outstanding crowd over 100 people there
for the Christmas December one and give away.. oh my god how many hundreds of
dollars in prizes did we give away that night. again thanks for watching fishing with
Gary [Music]

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