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Spotguide: Tåsinge // Gone Fishing Fyn

Spotguide: Tåsinge // Gone Fishing Fyn

We are at Tåsinge The sky is blue, it is November But don’t be fooled.
The wind is blowing hard and it is quite cold so most people will probably stay home. But we are here to fish. We have the day off,
and it is time to catch some sea trout. The plan is to visit some spots
I know around Tåsinge and seek the fish out. There is hot coffee in the bottle
and we brought the net. It can’t go wrong. Freshwater is coming out right here. See how clear the sandbars are. Monster fish! Yes, fish on! Damn, it is a nice fish. Beautiful fish. We will start todays fishing right here Svendborg Sund Camping is right up there. This is a really nice spot. It doesn’t take very long to fish it, but it is worth it.
Let us get started. The point right here is quite windy. I’m going to fish the spot
casting in a fan-like shape to quickly determine if there are fish at the spot. In about the length of a cast,
it gets pretty deep and it then gets shallow as I reel in. There is often fish here. We are searching for the fish and you don’t need to spend more than
15 minutes fishing this spot. If there is no fish right away
then you move on to the next spot. A fish was chasing the lure! It is right there – see the swirl in the water Spots with strong current like this one are not always the best,
when the water is really cold. It was freezing last night but the water temperature is still reasonable. The fish are not yet gathering in the bays and inlets. You can still find them here and also the big silver trout, in water with good current
and depth close to the shore. Yes, fish on!
And it is a nice one. A nice young silver trout. I will just land this with my hands Yes yes, just like that First fish of the day and we are off. I have only fished for about 4 minutes – it is going to be a good day. Of course I will release it again. Just like that! If there is one, there is more and definitely also a change for a big one! We will keep searching. I realized there were fish here right away and I am certain there is more than one. Yes!
This is a bigger one. It is a really nice fish. It has got some kick to it. It hit the lure hard right away. A characteristic colored fall fish and it is insanely beautiful. Way to go! About 5 or 6 casts – 2 fish We hit the spot. The plan now is to move on to Skansen which is also a really nice spot and fish that spot the same way. Let us get going. Jeppe I’m going to cast I saw a fish right here A nice fish I think, it looked like a big swirl. Here it comes. It is chasing the lure. Yes! Wow, that was crazy! There is certainly more than one fish. We just got out here on Skansen
and a fish showed itself. and of course I had to cast to it. What a great start to this spot. A fish is chasing again. Yes, yes!
Wow, a lot of fish out there! Wow, a huge swirl. Yes, there it is. It is a young colored trout. It is the acrobats of the sea
for sure. Yes, fish on! I feel certain we are getting a big one today. This tells me that fishing on Fyn
for the several years is going to be really good! All the volunteers that take care of the streams deserve a pad on the shoulder for all the work they put in. Yes! These small silver trout are fierce. I just caught a really beautiful fish close to the minimum size but is has been attacked probably by a seal or a cormorant and is now swimming with an open flesh wound. It is pretty sad. Something has bitten it and hopefully it survives. We will give it the change anyway so I will release it gently again. It proves that the sea trout is a hardy fish. If you can hunt with an open flesh wound like that and still fight admirably and swim away with that kind of energy. I believe it is going to survive even though it looked bad. Skansen also has deep water
close to the shore. Right in front of us
there is a clear difference between muddy and clear water. The water is muddy because of the wind but clear water from over here
creates a visible division in the water. Right there you can sometimes find
some really good fishing. Now we are at one my favorite spots. It is a really nice fishing spot. There is a small bay with shallow water and a dark trench with seaweed and deeper water. I often find the fish there. When we are done fishing the bay,
we will fish around the corner where the water gets deep close the shore. That is the spot I’m betting on and hopefully we will find a big one. I will start with a small 10 gram line-through spoon. It is quit shallow here but you can easily find the fish swimming in very shallow water. Small spoones are very effective. They are lively and you can fish them
close to the waters surface. The seabed consists of sand and clover seaweed and small mussel beds. The seatrout is hunting for food here. Svendborg Sund, where we are fishing now,
is a very diverse area to fish. With great variation between the spots
and they are all very close. You will find small bays with no current and a soft seabed. You will also find deep trenches
with strong current close to the shore. You will need to figure out
where and when to find the fish. And here you have all the options. Wow, that was a fish. Here we go. The weather is just really beatiful even though it is windy and cold. The seabed is amazing here. The wind is getting stronger out here. It is pretty windy actually
but still possible to fish. Make sure you keep the line tight. It is really important in these conditions. You will loose control
if the line is too loose. You will not feel them biting. Make shorter casts and stay in control. I follow my lure closely when casting and just before it hits the water
I stop the line, so it stretches out. No unnecessary line will come of the reel. My line is completely streched out and then the wind is no problem. This is so much better than lying on the couch. It is refreshing and nice
and the chance is always there. All the stir in the water
is not negative at all. At times it is very positive actually. The sea trout get less shy and more aggressive. It is basically very positive. It is very windy out there.
Just look at the waves. The cool thing here is that you can let the
spoon rotate sideways in the current. It allows for a lot of stops while reeling in. Now we are at one of my
absolute favorite spots. The wind is even stronger here but exactly at this spot I believe the most. I am casting to very deep water and closer to the coast it gets very shallow. Very often I find the sea trout in the shallow water. It is about casting to the deep water
and fish in to the shallow and get the spoon to rotate sideways
in the current while keeping the line tight
and reeling in steadily to keep the spoon right above the seabed. That is where you find the sea trout. It is always exciting to find out if they are present at the spot. Time will tell. That was actually a fish! That was a serious hit. They are here. Come on, come on
noooo another hit. There are a lot of fish here. This could give very well
give us a big fish today. They seem very aggressive. No, another one. Damn it! Yes! Fish on! A young silver trout. A little piece of dynamite. Great action.
I also felt a hit just before. That got us started on this spot. This spot is likely on of the places I caught
the most seatrout ever. Pink line-through spoon
rigged the right way. That will hook them. I believe that in the next two casts
I will catch another one. It is cool to find them so close to the shore. They are very close. Fish chasing! Yes! And it is black as coal. It almost looks like a river trout. I will let it cool of and handle it right here. Just like that. Look at those colors.
Just so beautiful. Look. I will let it go. It would be nice with a bit more size to them but you can never complain about catching fish. Wow, Jeppe! Monster fish! Monster fish. Jeppe, I think you need to help me with the net. A you crazy it is a nice fish.
I saw it chasing. It is huge! It is huge! Damn it is a nice fish. Give me the net. Give me the net Jeppe. A you crazy a fish! No, take the net again. Take it, take it.
I think will drag it to the shore. Fuck it is a nice fish. No, bring me the net. Wow it is amazing. Come, come, come.
Yes, yes, yes! A monster fish. It is close to 70 cm I think.
65 cm maybe. A monster seatrout. Take a look at this fish. I does not get any better than this. Just like that.
What a reward in this crappy weather. Great. That was cool. It just smacked the lure hard
very close to the shore. It makes it worth it.
Wind, cold hands and feet. Great! It is a great feeling. That is the kick we are searching for. When you catch a fish that big
you really feel it. An amazing experience. You feel the adrenaline
and all the great feelings in your body. And you get to brag to your fishing friends.
Which is equally important. One thing that is really important on the coast is of course your gear. A fish like the one we just caught
has a mouth made of steel and it hooked on very short line so had my hooks been dull
I would probably have lost it. Do not try to save money on the hooks. Only buy proper quality. The same goes for rod and reel. Make sure to have a good brake a fresh line and a rod that can handle the pressure
and feels good in your hand. Most people do not see fish that big very often so make sure to have the right gear. What a way to end the day it does not get any better. Even though the weather is really tough it is still possible so get out there and do something about it. Even on your own.
The experiences are just great. Tight lines and thanks for watching!

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  1. tillykke efter den flotte fisk. leder stadig selv efter en kan kun fange de små grønlændere og det er ikke fordi jeg ikke kommer ud har fanget 51 alene i år så ved ikke helt hvad der sker. 50 ud af de 51 har været under 50 cm og den ene der var over var 58

  2. "Så blir det kræft ædme ikk' federe" 😅👌🏼.
    Igen fed video fra jer😄. K&b en tosset kystfluefisker – Mads Larsen Vestsjælland 🎣👌🏼

  3. Fantastisk video 😍 Det er så fedt hvordan i fanger følelsen af fangsten!! Bliv ved! Venter allerede på den næste!!!

  4. Det er så fedt at se jeres film, og med den viden i deler ud af, skal helt sikkert prøves fyn, så
    Thumbs up herfra 👍👍👍

  5. Så kom der igen en dejlig film 🎣👍
    Og nye fiskepladser 👍
    Det er simpelthen så dejligt i vil dele dem med os andre 👍👍👍🎣
    Knæk& bræk der ude 🎣

  6. Det er en fornøjelse, at følge med i Martins strabadser, for at få den flotte fisk til slut ! Hans smittende entusiasme er , ja smittende 🙂 Får en til at tænke på, hvorfor man ikke selv er derude i jagten på havørreden 🙂 Flot filmet og klippet af Jeppe også

  7. Husk at fortælle lidt og vise agn og så'n hvordan man skal læse vandet lidt fra start .
    Hvis man er nybegynder så er det jo guld, og hvis man ikke er nybegynder så virker det hele en smule forhastet.
    Det synes jeg måske er lidt synd, da man virkelig kan mærke i gerne vil det her fiskeri!
    Men tak for en flot film. !
    Mvh Tobias Larsen

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