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Spring Sea Trout fishing. Fishing Vlog

I gon’t go fly fishing because I have to.. I go fly fishing because i need to It’s not just a thing.. It’s a lifestyle.. It’s a passion Gonefishing once again It’s saturday.. I was here at the same spot Last saturday and I caught a 60 cm trout And what i saw was when I was waking to the place I wanted to fish I saw quite a lot of bristleworms I heard rumors that there were quite of bristleworms all over the place So i tied this one two hooks and i has long fibers I mean it really looks great in the water And it’s fast and easy to tie So I fishind with that all day last saturday and there were quite a bit of fish here and all the fish wanted was this one.. the bristleworm fly I tried some shrimp flies and they really didn’t take it but as soon as I put this on they just went for it! And that’s my point If you see some baitfish or some bait in the water natural bait that’s the way to go I believe that the trout will have a mindset fx. the bristleworms.. You know.. they’re just lazy swimmers they slowly swim around in the water and it’s very easy for a sea trout to catch them and they really don’t have to use that much energy so.. it’s a lot of energy and cheap energy for a sea trout so if you see bristleworms… go bristleworms! Fishermans laughter 🙂

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