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Squid Fishing Overnight adventure with catch and cook EP.412

Squid Fishing Overnight adventure with catch and cook EP.412

Andy’s fishing we’re out fairly far out in the ocean and
here this nice big drop-off here I don’t know if you can see that but we’ll have
a go with some jigging here maybe some popping so yeah we’re a long way
out to sea is this instead of an anchor spot lock are the popper first it’s
always spectacular go over the shallow bit and come out into the deep just saw
something jump in here in the middle of the ocean see all the bubbles there
don’t know what it was but we’ll give it a shot
Oh big Spanish mackerel over there that was a monster over that way Oh on the drop oh I’m gonna say that Oh
could be a scared nice blue water and there are obviously
a few fish it’s only my fifth cast yep some sort of scad or Tuna yep Finny Scad I don’t want to keep
these guys just have a bit of fun with it and then let them go there we go we
call a finny scad they’re not much good eating and I’m actually after hopefully
something that eats them later on anyway I’ve got the big popper in the big jig
so I’ll let him go so yeah there is oh just sink down again, they seem to be down a
little bit no I’ll punch it a little we will try
for big but this is so much fun Oh another Finny Scad yeah cool of a these
friends have lifted this guy in nice guy the colors on that this place is just
great hey you off you go buddy look yep he’s good
so what I might do is alternate between a a little bit smaller a little bit
bigger cuz every now and then there’s a bit of
a boil out here it’s quite quite a big fish a little cast and then let it go
down it’s about 50 meters deep here so you can go a long way down
Oh big bust up yep lots of bus stops over there
oh this is good this is good the birds are just moving in all right oh and
behind us – yeah that it’s going off everywhere I’ve got something yep yep
that’s bigger than these fish get oh yes yes yes this is what I want blasted me off no drop deep I’ve got
another one it’s the big fish okay I’m not lifting let’s do the drag a
bit more I got 80 pound line and 130 pound leader, workout today it’s a big big
monster , it’s the third fish I’ve hooked today. stop well this guy’s not leaving the
bottom I think it could be a big cod or groper or something put a bit more
huge look at the scales the scales going through the water
Fisher being busted up a half all right We are getting the fish up, all right oh he’s
off a bit Oh unless he’s been eaten by a shark
but he’s definitely coming up pretty easy what have we got a swords here
now he’s killing up easy now here is leader what have we got oh nice big trevally ah Oh brassy I
think maybe trevally oh look at you buddy
oh my god spot teram that is a gull spot time there we go beautiful Turrum
Gold spot trevally here third fish for the day Hey how cool was that nice Gold spot
trevally, Turrum, that the and the first one must have just dropped the lure or it’ll hook
pulled out I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I get a really big one
there’s so much action out here try the popper every now and then try the the
jigs every now and then so but yeah that worked pretty good and I’m still hoping
for squid tonight squid should be on the menu either tonight or tomorrow morning
what a great day love it I’m just having a look at the sounder
here it’s a little bit hard to see but there’s lines everywhere through the
water : it’s just checkers full of fish so I might not go all the way down the bottom
it’s 50 meters deep here and now you’re pulling fish up from 50 meters is a big
effort so let’s go down 20, 25 I’ve been waiting to coming out for an overnighter
for so long and this weather here it’s just perfect 5 to 10 knots for 3
days so I’ll do one night that should be deep enough let’s try that and now it’s
just magic being out here the sounder just busting up they’re everywhere over
there probably about 150 meters just do it a little cast with jigging rod you’re
not really supposed to cast them but I’ll just keep mixing it up a little bit I named it mr. boogie bird, don’t eat it hey
get up Oh are the pretty sure it’s a Sooty Boobie bird
he wanted the lure, Oh crazy bird crazy crazy bird
what’s Finny Scad again so I’m like to switch back to the Finny Scad
oh so this is a smaller rod it’s actually mine here TFO temple Fork
Outfitters three piece travel rod some big fish out there so I’m just using
this one well I’m actually moving slowly forward to get to those guys right
better fine just on a little smaller rod it’s a pen battle to four thousand real almost every class is a fish oh oh oh
sharks money 4000 is the sharks laughing yeah they are – I’ll get the camera up
oh that was cool there’s a shark see where the Sharks taking for most of him
and yeah the Sharks are gone but they’ll they’ll eat the rest of this if I throw
it in the water scatter just popping everything on the
surface here I’m just gonna throw this small lure out and just rip it through
the surface let’s see if I can get one real quick oh oh my my left side here oh
there goes the whole bunch all right hook up straight away watch this ready
oh okay oh good fast I think go it slow and drop team so I’ve decided to re-rig
the lures lost a hawk and yeah it’s big big for these guys and the leaders a bit
short so put that over there this is a really easy knot for putting braid onto
monofilament put the loop just tie let’s call the figure eight or a spider hitch
you got it like that surgeons loop through the loop around the line a bunch
of songs and through the gap that you made and pull that down lucky shot oh there we go just lost my
load a tiny put on that cast oh one cast one law that was definitely shot clean
yep Lure is gone gone gone I’m gonna keep it
nice and shallow so hopes I can get the fishing before the shark grabs it oh oh
you almost got it that was cool let’s do it again oh oh
Missed hi, missed him. he’s messed up the plastic oh you don’t need a lot for
these guys it’s just a really simple plastic with a hook and a sinker the
speed it’s gone they don’t care they just want to eat it they get it right up
on the surface we’re gonna watch our back lift it right
up to high when you’re under the boat that’s called high sticking and that
take your brake rod here we go easy on him okay no sharks in sight these guys
are so much fun after you get buddy see ya nice these
are a really nice rod they’re hearty rise Blank and I think this is the
assault company but now it’s a 500 or I’ll have to have a look at it for you
but yeah takes it 10,000 finnor reel which is a
yes really solid real 80 pound braid and one hundred hundred thirty pound leader
I think I’ve got 130 on there at the moment but you should be able to get
some nice fish for this setup yeah yeah that’s I think it’s a reef
fish it was right down near the bottom shark almost got him no it’s another
finish scared new shark just went screaming past – hey little fella you’re
lucky lucky I get you’re not the shark after you go buddy
let’s even get one right off the surface now I think what we’ll do is we’ll go
and go find some rocks and just as a sunsetting will pop up for some big GT
I’m doing no messing around just fast away from the Sharks oh I just love it
when they now look right on the surface and that one just so you can do that
again can’t we lay out this time there’s a shark there’s a shark actually the
shark doesn’t come that close to the boat so that’s good all right let’s go
these rocks so I’ve spun and spun and spun and
pappad and yes not happening this afternoon
so I’ll just watch the Sun go down have a little a little bit of chicken I
bought it have a little drink wait for it to get dark and then yeah trying to
catch my dinner squids at night with a light so guys I
just wanted to show you where I’m gonna spend the night it’s a nice little
deserted island there’s actually nice bit of coral around here as well so I’ll
anchor right just off the beach there no yeah should be you should be nice waters
really clear to get the squid I’m gonna have to wait till it gets gets really
dark you know they won’t come out until it’s really dark so I’ve surveyed where
I want to anchor the boat tonight I don’t want to stay on the beach because
if the boat drifts away I’m on bugger basically but let’s some we’re gonna
have sunset up on the beach and then we’ll sleep on the boat there
is no sand on this Beach it’s all coral every bit of that is coral there’s big
bits of coral bigger bits of coral little tiny bits of coral it’s uh yeah
it’s all it’s all coral so I’ve got a bit of chicken a bit of salad little
drinky-poo and we’ll go right up high here probably have dinner have a look at
these shells that’s a Cowry shell he’s not that old
you still got some color on him and we’ve got red coral another carry shell
yeah that that’s cool more red coral another Cowry she’ll become broken cone
shell well that’s a nice one I think those ones are actually yeah yeah a
little bit deadly we can kill you let’s see that pattern on there oh what a nice
little place I’d love to take any of these shells you’re gonna leave them
we’re fine here’s a nice big shell he’s um got a big hole in him for that that
used to be a really nice shell up and then that looks like yeah that’s black
coral your that nice bit of black coral once again I’ll take it so we’ll just
leave it here there’s my spot right here look at that nice is this North Queensland in the
middle of winter in the middle of June and nice is this and this island is mine
mine or mine I remember doing this as a kid and
seeing just the weirdest critters coming into the light there’s a couple a couple
of squid around here already lots of little zippy things a couple of
them weird I don’t know what they what they are they get along with little dots
on I’ll try and show unto you bits three three or four squid zooming
around already I don’t know if you can hear all that noise but there are
thousands and thousands of garfish oh they’re jumping that the ones that
landed in the boat already actually might be too in the boat already look
there’s one that’s it that’s a girl fish they just jumped in the boat it’s crazy
yeah I’ve seen a shark as well already I’ll get this done back in the water I
don’t want him I think this is called a three by two gar fish anyway you go but look at
them all but this guys are hanging out here after what you had and I get my
lazy eye one squids not like a fish look at all your crazy right oh and there was
a shark here before as well oh this is nuts hang out follow me get freaked out right
quickly okay this is just crazy there are hundreds and hundreds of
garfish right next to the boat and if you have a look in the boat is three
three just there – just jumped in over here and I’m sure
there’s a couple in the back of the boat – this is not gonna work for my squiding
cuz there’s just too much bait everywhere look at all I did see a big
squid a debate you know um garfish before but yes is a not work for me at
all I’m gonna keep these guys they’re not
gonna survive they’ve lost most of their scales already so I’ll put it in the
bucket that’s bizarre check out the color on this ooh the
purple here and the back of the tail beautiful let’s move the boat so
everyone you’ll notice that we’re motoring instead of squid fishing the
the winds come up and I don’t feel happy at that Island so I’m gonna go to
another bay and squid fish when I get there I don’t like drive
around the middle the ocean that noise I’m not sure how much of this you guys
are going to see if anything but gotta give it a go oh god no what you squirt
here he is am I gonna do this I’ll just lift him straight in the boat hopefully
week we’ve got a squid oh don’t you squirt ink everywhere and then it got me got
me all right let’s get a couple more we’re not easy there’s one there’s a
nice one currents gotta be quick there’s plenty here but there um Oh got
one oh ah drop team they’re wrong and they’re not easy to tempt not as easy as
I remember catching squid oh good another what oh I think I’ve got three
now nice three nice little squids hey that’s the last one
looking their eyes OOP these guys are really really yummy
look at them all know if you guys can see that they’re eating stuff it’s about
this big like tiny stuff so I think I’m lucky just to get those ones well I just
got the biggest squid of the night I’ve been watching this guy for a while and I
finally got him he is bigger than all the other squids put together I think Oh
Oh buddy was that ink there look at the size of that thing that is a 40
centimeter arrow squid yeah I’ve been using a fly but this guy here
he’s been eating a little little bait fish about this law so um yeah that
worked ah gonna be tasty tomorrow buddy amazing crew all right that’s it for me
tonight I’m goin to bed that was a rough night’s sleep
so we caught up with me yeah the boat was just banging all night long it’s
very loud boat I’m glad I put the the top up last night cuz there’s a lot of
moisture oh no I’m quite nice drawing here was bad that way but yeah the boat
rocking side to side meant I can hardly get any sleep it’s quite common here so
it’s no bad outside well I’m trying to give you a little bit of it
look at what I’m sleeping on the a couple of ground mats here this is
actually a tent which is still rolled up I forgot my pillow and I got a sleeping
bag this is where I spent last night sir what a quite a pretty spot you can hear
the birds the Cockatoo bar has wiped me off about half an hour ago so the waiting’s come up a little
stronger than I thought it’s actually spawned right around snap from the South
last night oh the north side changing locations it happened
so I’m going to try and get a little workout before always some protection
section for sunburn you can cover up first cast for the morning should be in
the zone they’re fishing this morning was pretty slow and the wind winds up I
found a nice little spot in the mangroves here it’s a really clear
little creek I’ve got the kitchen set up behind me and if you watch one of the
cameras there hopefully you’ll see fish swimming pass while I’m cooking so let’s
make some salt and pepper popcorn squid this is gonna be yummy so
I’m only gonna do the biggest squid from last night and as you can see these two
little quite a lot of ink oh look at that look at that losing it all right so
I’m gonna do it probably little bit different to everybody I’m gonna cut him
in half before I take anything else out so we’re just gonna slice up these belly
like so very go all the way to the top now that gives me a nice big area to
work with and the first thing I’m gonna do is the second thing I’m gonna do is
pull out his insides there’s there’s these insides I’m gonna just put them in
the bucket for now with him that ink there you don’t want to get that all
over yet just wash it off and then we pull out his backbone look at that nice
little backbone hmm rub all the internal guts out I’m just gonna cut that bit off
there and check it check out the eyes on these guys they’re just just amazing
critters there and also extremely tasty we’ll take the tentacles off like so we
won’t eat the eyes and then somewhere in here is their beak look at that that
there’s a squids beak we’re not gonna eat that either yeah fish can have that
if you go fish cut the legs into two or three sections actually before we peel
the squid ‘let’s yeah he’s chromatophores so the the
pigment or the color of a squid comes from chromatophores and if i rub them if
he’s a fresh squid like he was he was alive eight nine hours ago look at that that’s cool
you can see them see them all moving get under the skin and just peel that skin
off pretty sure you don’t have to but I’ll just we’ll just get rid of it I get
ass coming off in one nice big piece either fall remove the flaps okay we’ll
do them separate a little bit little shark here I’m gonna throw in the
leftover bits of squid see you later yeah before we cut them into small
pieces what we’ll do is we’ll score from the outside just a bunch of scores like
so and all I’m doing is going in maybe one or two millimeters happen later on
and then we’ll go the other ways well we’ll just cut it into bite-sized pieces
well we’ve got is we’ve got some flour and we’re going to put in all better I’m
gonna say a teaspoon of salt if you maybe a teaspoon and a half of
salt and the same amount of pepper good quality salt and pepper squid
oh yeah that’s looking good crack an egg into the bowl give that a nice little
mix also this bar we’ve got panko crumbs but because it’s gonna be popcorn squid
we need to cut up some popcorn nice butter flavored popcorn here what smells
good let’s say let’s test it to make sure it’s some yeah quality quality
popcorn yep mmm those very nice popcorn we want about the same amount of popcorn
as we do panko crumb so we’ll start off with that’s sort of a mount there and we
just want to chop it really fine I think we might get a little bit more
in there get some rice bran oil on the heat I’m gonna do like a shallow fry and
while that’s heating up we can start preparing our squid so first thing in
the flour coat it nicely so it’s all nice and dry in the egg wash and then
straight into the crumbs that’s looking good
okay one piece so the good thing about using panko and popcorn as crumb is you
get some big bits and some small bits and it coats it really nicely let’s drop
the first piece in that is gonna be yummy
look at it going oh yes and these won’t take more than about 30 seconds to cook
just turn it and that one already and that one already it’s like about 10
to 15 seconds per side oh yeah and that’s it that’s the first lot done boy
that crispy oh yes look at the color on those things your legs are gonna be
yummy because there’s a lot of surface area on
those mmm if you ask me the legs on squid calamari even octopus I’m gonna
say that’s the best part look at that we’re gonna whack in some
more bits oh yeah that oil is perfect and it down just a tad those legs in
there let’s look at that look how delicious
that looks I’m just heating up the oil again for
the last of the squid so just it’s some salad on the plate that’s it that’s the
last all that smells were really good look at the color on that one oh yes
they are gonna be delicious I’ve been wanting to do
salt and pepper squid for a while and the addition of the popcorn I think is
going to be very nice and just to top it off we’re gonna put on some avocado ripe
avocado that is nice once again this only took a few minutes
even prepping the squid didn’t take all that long super delicious food on the
boat no beautiful setting fairly quickly and you can’t get fresher than this salt
and pepper on the avocado avocado needs a bit of salt and pepper squid
and one last thing nice squeeze of lemon right over there right over the squid oh
yes there we go nice Wow let’s try a little a little crispy one here first
mmm who wants them mmm I forgot how sweet fresh sweet is so
good so father’s mother’s take your kids out squid catching is actually quite
easy find a light at night more even that you know just a beach mmm
they’re very easy to prepare reasonably easy to cut I’m enjoying this and look
how much squid came out of that one one squid itself when you call it squid or
calamari doesn’t really matter actually before you go here’s some tentacles
these fingers on these tentacles look at that mmm tentacles in you go mmm
extra crunch oh that one had nice popcorn flavor that’s really nice mmm so
guys I hope you enjoyed my video mmm I’m gonna keep eating this and I’ll
see you somewhere cool next time thanks for watching everyone please subscribe
and click the notification bell so you get notified of my new videos I do them
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