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Squish The Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Squish The Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone. Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m
Jaime and this is your place for yoga, stories and fun. Now it’s easy. All you’ve got
to do is copy the moves I do and enjoy the adventure.
Now we always start the same way. And that’s by sitting on our bottoms, crossing our legs,
and bringing our hands together at our hearts and saying the secret yoga code word which
is Namaste. Ready? After three. One. Two. Three. Namaste. There. Now we can begin.
And today we’re off to meet Squish the Fish, who lives in the sea, so we’re going to
the seaside. We’re going to start by packing a picnic.
Putting your legs out long in front of you, your going to take your arms out nice and
wide. Then I think we’re going to twist round this side and we’re going to get some
mmmm, sandwiches. We’re going to wrap up the sandwiches and pop them in the picnic.
Then we’re going to open our arms wide again and twist around the other way and let’s
get some healthy fruit. Mmmm. Lovely bananas, and apples and oranges. Let’s put them in
with a plop plop plop. Ready? Plop plop plop plop plop plop plop.
Now we’re going to take something to drink. Arms out to the side. Twist round and let’s
get something to drink, something yummy like lemonade. Check that the lids on. Lovely.
And put it in. Now we’re going to lift our arms up nice
and tall and maybe bending our knees a little bit, we’re going to bring our fingers to
meet our toes and close our picnic basket. There! Now we’re ready to go. Now we’re
going to come up onto our knees and we’re going to open our arms wide and we’re going
to give our mummies and daddies a great big cuddle to say goodbye. Yes. Because today
we’re going to the beach all by ourselves. We’re going to be very brave.
Wow! Outside waiting for us is a hot air balloon. Let’s get in. We stand up and we lift up
one hand. Then we lift up one leg. Oop. Trying not to wobble. Oop Yep. And we’re in with
one leg. Now we need to lift up the other hand and lift up the other leg. Oop trying
not to wobble. Yes! And we’re in! Now everyone. We’re going to sit in our
hot air balloon, crossing our legs, all the way down onto our bottoms, and cupping our
hands by our mouth, cos we’re going to blow our hot air balloon up. Ready?
Wow! It’s really big. And we’re starting to float up into the sky. Wow. We’re getting
quite high now. So we stand up again and we lean over the edge of the hot air balloon
and we can wave. There’s our school. Oh look! There’s our mummies and daddies. There’s
the park and all our friends. Bye everyone! We’re coming into land, at the beach, but
we’re landing in a tree! Put one foot on top of the other and bring
your hands together at your heart then grow your tree up nice and tall. Now I wonder,
I wonder whether I can blow you trees over. You stay in that position very still and I
will have a go. Ready? Your still standing up. How are you doing
that? Gosh you’re clever. Let’s try it on the other leg. Putting the
other foot on top of the other one now, bringing your hands together at your heart and growing
your tree up nice and tall, this time let’s open up our branches and can we count to five?
Let’s try, ready? One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Yay! Well done everyone.
We get to the beach and we find a whole caste of crabs and they’re playing football. Coming
down onto your bottom. Feet flat, knees bent, hands behind your bottom. Let’s lift up
our bottoms and let’s digga digga over to one side. Ready? Digga digga digga digga digga
Oooo. And the other side. Digga digga digga digga digga Oooo. Wow. We love playing football
with the crabs, but we can’t wait to get into the sea. So we stand up. We grab a surfboard
and we begin to run. Running into the waves. We get our surfboard and we throw it down
onto the waves, coming down onto our tummies, lying on our surfboard.
Then we swim. Out into the ocean. Into the big waves where we think… Oooo? Shall we
do some surfing? Yes. Let’s do some surfing!
We come up onto our hands and knees, and bring one foot forward between our hands. Then we
cartwheel our hands round. Whoosh! And we’re surfing!
We jump our feet round the other way and surf backwards cos we’re really good at surfing.
Woo. Yes. And we surf some more. Phew. Goodness me! It’s tiring all this
surfing. We decide to lie down on our surfboard and have a little rest in the sunshine. Ahh.
It’s so nice here floating along the waves. But no sooner have we laid down, then all
of a sudden, skidding towards us at a hundred miles an hour is a fish!
Point your toes all the way down and come down onto your elbows. Then pop pop pop your
chest to the sky and maybe look all the way behind you like a fish. Yes!
This fish is using his tail as a surfboard. He’s right up on top of the water and he
looks a bit like a penguin! It’s Squish the Fish. He says “hey dude,
welcome to the ocean, I got some adventures, you wanna come?” Oh yes. Well of course
we want to come. So we jump our feet wide, we take our arms wide and we begin to spin,
all the way down into the ocean blue. Then we follow Squish back on our tummies again,
back into our swimming position, all through the ocean and he leads us to a shipwreck.
Ooo. Now a shipwreck. It’s a boat that’s sunk all the way to the bottom of the ocean.
We sit on our bottom, put our hands behind our bottom, then we lift up one foot, two
feet, three hands, four hands, no hands! And we’re in a boat. And we go through the shipwreck
and we find a treasure chest. Now bringing the soles of your feet together, your knees
out wide, hold onto your toes, and this treasure chest is closed. So maybe you can bend all
the way forward and pop your head head down towards your toes.
We really want to open this treasure chest, don’t we? Yes we do. But we haven’t got
a key. Then all of a sudden, Squish says “I’ll
go and find some help. I’ll see you later.” And he leaves us all by ourselves. We give
ourselves a cuddle, hugging our knees into our chest and rubbing our ears to calm ourselves
down. Oh we hope he’ll be back soon. We really do. We don’t like being here by ourselves.
But we’ve got to be brave so we decide to swim up and have a look out of the shipwreck.
Coming back up to your knees we’re going to breath in and lift up our arms. Mmm. And
breath out and lower our arms. Then we’re going to look through our sea goggles, bringing
our thumbs and our fingers together and putting them over our eyes. Wow. Looking through our
sea goggles the whole ocean looks amazing. Uh oh. Right above us, swimming in a circle
are a whole group of sharks! Oh no. And one of them is swimming towards us. Back on your
tummies everyone and bring your hands behind your back and clasp your fingers together
like a sharks fin. He’s swimming towards us going der der, der der der der der der.
What are we going to do. We’re going to have to be really brave, that’s what we’re
going to do. We’re going to put our hands underneath our shoulders, lift ourselves up
and to the shark, with a big smile we’re going to say Hello! And guess what? The shark,
lifting his fin up, smiles his big white pearly teeth and says “hiya” back and swims on
back to his friends. Do do do do do do do! Wow everyone! We just said hello to a shark,
and he didn’t eat us! We’re feeling really brave now, but we want to see whether Squish
has come back to the shipwreck. So we swim back again. On your knees, hands down, breathing
in, lift them up, breathing out, bring them down. We get back to the shipwreck. Do you
remember that? Sitting on your bottoms, lift up one foot, two feet, three hands, four hands,
no hands! And we come back to the treasure chest which is still closed all the way down.
And guess who’s come back? It’s Squish! And he’s brought with him a very beautiful
friend. A mermaid. She has her tail swished round to one side sitting up very tall, looking
over her shoulder, she looks right at us and she says ‘ooo-la-la’. Then she swishes
her tail round the other way, whoop, she looks over her other shoulder and she says ‘ooo-la-la’.
She’s carrying a starfish which she says is the key to the treasure chest.
The starfish is a big wide yellow star, and we slot it into the keyhole. Chuck chuck.
Then we turn the key. Chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck. Gasp!
And guess what, the treasure chest pops open! One. Two. Three. Pop. Yay. And guess what?
Out swims, another fish. Pointing your toes down again, coming down onto your elbows,
pop pop pop your chest and look to the sky and maybe all the way behind you, and he says
“DADDY!” He swims right up to Squish, and Squish says, “Let me introduce you to
my son. This is Titch. He’s always off having his own adventures, just like you guys are,
but you know, we mummies and daddies will always be here at the end of the day to come
and collect you, so you need never be worried if your left by yourselves.” Oh. That makes
us think of our mummies and daddies. So we blow bubbly kisses to Squish, Titch and the
mermaid. Then we swim up again, to the surface of the water, where we find a little boat,
remember the shipwreck, up one foot, two feet, three hands, four hands, no hands! We get
into the boat and we begin to row. We take hold of the oar and we begin to row. Do you
know row row row your boat? Let’s see. ‘Row, row row the boat gently down the stream,
merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.’ Ring ring, ring ring. That’s
the telephone. Let’s answer it. Can you put your telephone to your ear? Hello? It’s
our mummies, Hi Mum! Yes, we had a great time. No we didn’t get into trouble. We had fun.
It was great. Yep. See you later. Love you! Kiss kiss. Bye. Then we down that oar and
that telephone and we lift up the other one and we row with the other side, ready?
‘Row, row row the boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but
a dream.’ Ring ring, ring ring. That’s the telephone again. Let’s answer this time,
Hello? It’s our daddies. Hi Dad. Yes. No no. We met a shark, no he was really nice,
yeah. Fine. Yeah. But we’ll be home soon. Love you. Yeah, Kiss kiss. Bye!
Now we reach the beach again and here’s our hot air balloon. We need to blow it up
again though. Ready? Cup your hands. Breathing in.
And we begin to float again up into the sky
and this time we say tick tock like a clock, until I find my centre.
We arrive home and it’s very late and very dark. So we have to quietly tiptoe shhh, upstairs,
up to our bedrooms, up on our tippy toes so we don’t make any noise, and we get into
our beds, oh it’s lovely being in your own bed. You stretch your legs out, you lie all
the way down, putting your arms down by your side resting your head, and you close your
eyes. Aww. What an amazing adventure we’ve had
at the seaside today. Meeting Squish and Titch and the mermaid. We had that adventure all
by ourselves. We were really brave and it makes us feel proud. It makes us smile. Oh
it’s lovely relaxing here. A bit like we’re back on the beach. In the sunshine.
But now it’s time to start waking up. So we twinkle our fingers. We twinkle our toes.
We lift up our knees up to our chests and give them a cuddle. Then we roll over onto
our side, ooo. And open up our eyes. Sitting up, crossing our legs, we bring our hands
together again, and we finish by saying Namaste, ready? Namaste.
Well done everyone. Come back soon for another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye Bye.

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