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St. John Fisher College Launches the Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing

“We’re very proud of our students, our
faculty, and our graduates. We couldn’t think of a better place to do
this work.” It was a significant day at St. John Fisher
College and the Wegmans School of Nursing. A major announcement was officially made by
Ann Costello, director of the Golisano Foundation. “On behalf of Tom Golisano and the Golisano
Foundation Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce a gift of 5.8 million dollars
to St. John Fisher College to create the new Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability
Nursing.” The Golisano Institute will be integrated
in the Fisher’s Wegmans School of Nursing and will be the first of its kind in the nation. “The primary purpose of it is really to
establish a curriculum that will set a stage for training people as they enter practice
to serve better the needs of the developmentally disabled population that they will encounter
in their health practice.” “It will allow us to do the good work we
do in education and clinical practice support. Our work with colleagues across the United
States and around the world to improve practice, nursing practice, to support people who care
for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, to build a cadre of nurse leaders
across the United States, to influence policy, innovate, change practice.” Dr. Dianne Cooney Miner, dean of the Wegmans
School of Nursing, will lead the Golisano Institute, which will work with a network
of Golisano Children’s Hospitals and community health centers and collaborate with Special
Olympics. “I think the curriculum that will develop
and part of Tom’s vision is that we’ll share that curriculum with other schools of
nursing, not just locally and regionally, but really throughout the country and around
the world through the impact of technology that we’ll develop. So, we’re very proud to have that opportunity
and really honored that Tom has chosen to partner with the Wegmans School of Nursing
at St. John Fisher College and the establishment of this institute. The work to begin the Golisano Institute begins
immediately.” “It’s just a great day for us here at
Fisher, a great for us in this Wegmans School of Nursing.”

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