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Stalking For Carp – Epic Visual Carp Fishing (awesome drone footage!)

Stalking For Carp – Epic Visual Carp Fishing (awesome drone footage!)

hi guys my name is Warner and today I’m gonna take you stocking for car so today I’m gonna take is talking at one of my favorite lakes and if we might be lucky we’ll get some cup this is one of the spots I I’m thinking might be able to produce a bite today it’s a very important before you approach the spot that you keep your noise to a minimum and remember you can go fishing without your Polaroid’s this will tell you all the secrets I’m just gonna sneak up to the earth now I know there’s a small clear patches on the bottom here it’s not very deep 70 to 80 centimeters and it’s very clear so we have to keep everything pinned down to the button I’m just going to go down slowly now watch for any fish if there isn’t any fish present I will give them some grubs okay let’s go guys [Music] if you’re gonna make the best of the cops behavior and the situation you place them you got to take good notice of their habits in this case I saw that the cop came from the reeds and then slowly move down close to that and followed the edge over to a another wheat bed over here and they used the same path every time then I have served there was some clear patches on the bottom right in front of me and I chose to feed the carp with a small drop piece of crop yesterday evening and when I came this morning I saw that the patch this was completely cleaned off and gotten even bigger than aware before that told me two things the cops are presence and they like my food and that’s why I chose to face this particular spot we’ve seen some cop on this small clear path right in front of us just like two meters out and there now we’re going to try to sneak in a little Rick on a six foot rot and see if we might get lucky there goes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] well finally guys after a tough date of fishing we managed to stalk a cop right from the edge just a small cop but oh this is so exciting I managed to hook it on a small spot feed either yesterday evening and as you can see the spot has been cleaned dried off from the fish come on come on you’re mine yeah baby [Music] well guys this this is something amazing this has been a real tough day fishing this is our third spot of the day with this carve oh it’s called the best way I can ever imagine at half a wrap on a single boilie on a feeded area and just the most amazing take we were able to watch the fish enter the spot and well slowly feeding its way to the to the hook bait and nailed first time just the way we won a father just quickly run you through my setup six foot rot two pound test craft some I think that’s a small rod for carp fishing it isn’t got a small real bill for for carp fishing small scope real loaded with fifteen pound mono and then running down towards my Klingon a leader it’s approximately one meter long to three ounce inline let set up running going on from there small anti-tangle sleeve down to 35 pound skin link in a sandy color because I’m fishing on a sandy bottom then I got a smaller singer just five centimeters before the hook my rig is made as a slip D Rick I’m using a size four long sharing pinpoint hook on the slip on the hair if you like I have mounted a bait screw and then just pulled on one of the hook kickers it’s a bait I’m using a skopic squid cultured hook bait 18 millimeters this setup catch carp everywhere I promise you guys [Music] oh it’s kicking right off [Music] you chose to face the same spot as we did previously previously we saw a couple of fish just on the outskirt of the baited area and I just loaded in a scope of squid cultures hook Bay then I don’t know ten minutes later top come in and a few seconds later it’s cooked so effective slipped Dirac running in light setup and a six foot rot this is so awesome come on you’re mine yeah baby [Music] just came in like like the one before came in from the same direction as I told you guys earlier same path single fish got a smell of the debate came in to the baited area and just took one bait and that was my super attractive Kovach squid cultured hook bait check out those chestnut he call us thank you beautiful cop bless you see you soon [Music] [Applause] well sadly guys that’s all for today we had some great fun caught some awesome fish and witnessed some awesome takes so all in all just an amazing trip so I hope this is a motivation for you guys to go out there and and do this kind of fishing doesn’t get any better than this see you guys later have a good one [Music]

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