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Star Wars Carrie Fisher and The Future of Princess Leia

Star Wars Carrie Fisher and The Future of Princess Leia

Hey Youtubers, it’s Charlie so we’re going
to remember Carrie Fisher forever, but I wanted to do my top 10 ways I think that Star Wars
should remember her within the movies. Carrie Fisher herself was a lifelong comedian. So I broke this into my top five actual serious
ways I think they should do it and then my top five less serious ways. So most of these are going to focus on the
stuff inside the movies themselves, so number five Leia supposed to be huge in both episode
eight in episode nine. All of Carrie Fisher’s scenes will already
shot for episode eight but obvious that they haven’t started shooting episode nine. Kathleen Kennedy the other Star Wars people
said that she was going to have keys scenes in episode nine. Meaning that she can be really important for
the story so I don’t think that they should try to Franken style edit around outtakes
from previous scenes they’ve shot with her to like create new scenes and try to tell
the story of how she leaves the Star Wars universe that whatever her goodbyes use a
CG Leia if you need to to give her a real goodbye seen the drive the story in the characters
forward. Don’t try to cobble something together. That doesn’t make any sense, we all understand
what’s happened obviously they’ll need to address it somehow, but just out of respect
for the actors in the character. Her death should have meaning, so number four
do not try to shoehorn in digital Leia. Throughout the entire movie you saw the end
of Rogue one, they can do whatever they want like they literally have the technology to
do whatever they want, but I feel like Kathleen Kennedy in the other Star Wars producers will
be the first to veto a complete digital Leia. Throughout the entire movie, just because
of the complete perversion of the technology and. Her memory uses small seen early in the film
with digital. Leia becomes a big catalyst for the resistance
as well as Kylo Ren’s character so the way they describe the resistance in episode seven
is that there way smaller than the rebellion like that small ragtag group you see her leading
is about all they have. It’s not like the original trilogy rebellion. Even the first order is a much smaller group
of people in the Empire was but during Rogue one, there’s actually a scene where hammerhead
Corvette, literally Rams one of the star destroyers into another star destroyer is this epic seen
so why not let Leia go out like that. Using a Karelian Corvette a nice call back
to her introduction in episode four. It’s been a long time since we see Leia have
any fun, have like a genuine action scene. This would be like a really fitting way for
the character to go out helping her friends, helping the resistance and going out in a
blaze of glory number three lay her to rest with her family, so a lot of this depends
on who is alive at the end of episode nine, but let’s say that Luke Skywalker passes away
sometime during the trilogy during episode eight episode nine becomes a force ghost in
the way Obi-Wan Kenobi did as he continues to help Ray and give her guidance on her path
of put Leia’s physical remains to rest with Luke’s physical remains invaders physical
remains anything that’s left obviously Kylo Ren carries Vader’s helmet around but I feel
like they wouldn’t lay that to rest with the Skywalker family remains, just because it’s
not representative of Anakin Skywalker’s life as Anakin Skywalker is all about his time
as Darth Vader so that’s why Luke left that behind on and/or this is not who you were. You were Anakin Skywalker and even though
the planet that Han solo’s remains run was completely destroyed. I feel like Kylo Ren or Leia or someone would
have something to remember him by. They would lay those remains with the rest
of the Skywalker family member to keep her goodbye meaningful and serious, but also allow
some of real life Carrie Fisher to bleed into the moment allow the characters that knew
her like the resistance characters Finn Poe to remember her and really funny meaningful
ways like you would tell funny stories and memories about loved ones and friends at wakes
after their passing, we know a lot about Leia’s life during the original trilogy there aren’t
that many characters that remember her that are still alive today from that. Most of the characters that she’s with now
are younger people from the resistance, so they would be remembering general Leia. So I feel like there a lot of funny remembrances
of general Leia that we haven’t heard before, that they could work into the film in minor
ways the end of return of the Jedi’s actually really good example of this of how you go
from a very serious meaningful private family tribute where Luke Skywalker makes a funeral
pyre for Anakin Skywalker as like a final sendoff and then they have the celebration
where he remembers his life is Anakin not as Darth Vader you and like I said he left
the Vader helmet in the armor behind. So even though it’s very sad that she’s passed
away. You allow the characters to remember the good
things about her the happy memories. It will probably be the most cry were the
moment of the film. Even the most hard-core do Brose will be crying
in the theater. So number one thing though is that the death
of Kylo Ren’s mother should be a turning point for his character, I know a lot of you are
split on which direction you like the character to go like you wanted to be a complete retread
of Darth Vader don’t know don’t want to see any kind of redemption for him even though
he seemingly tried to cut himself off from the light side of the force by killing his
father. The death of his mother would be such a spiritual
crack and him see no such like a tremor in the force that he would either have to go
really crazy. What would have to be a turning point for
him where he finally goes against know in the way that Darth Vader saw Luke dying and
that was the turning point for him where he killed the Emperor so Kylo Ren just like can’t
sit on the fence forever when your mother dies. It just like the most serious, most gut wrenching
thing that could possibly happen in the family. So whatever happens in a whatever way they
choose to treated everyone’s going to be crying in an obviously from the Disney Lucasfilm
side of things they are going to be very serious about it but on the lighter side of things
top-five less serious more fun ways to remember her character number five reprogram a droid
with all of her sass K2 so style. So even though Leia is in around the memory
of her wit is still around she had some of the best sass during the original trilogy. Looking forward to lots of lay assassin episode
eight in episode 92 number four. Just a montage of Carrie Fisher as Princess
Leia doing standup in a random cantina. The way Carrie Fisher used to do standup when
she would do, comic con panels a lot of times people ask her Star Wars questions. Of course she’s attending conventions mostly
because of her time as Princess Leia, but she would usually use her time on panels to
just talk about funny things talk about real life contextualize mental health. She did a really good job of normalizing mental
health, just because people look at Princess Leia say oh you have problems I have problems
to maybe it’s not so weird that I’m like this slightly more funny number three Leia never
fully trained as a Jedi but she is force sensitive, so give her some moments where she gets to
mind control some first-order troopers in the way that Daisy Ridley did during the force
awakens you know she’s force sensitive, but she hasn’t trained yet. She can still mind control Daniel Craig storm
trooper here if you guys didn’t know this is actually 007 himself. Daniel Craig underneath his helmet number
two letter will the light saber in the film she’s actually done it in the comics before
there was like this big one page panel like oh my God everybody gets a light saber. It was like that of return of the Jedi are
two moment 2000� in number one. There’s no way this is going to happen. But to be so amazing if Leia and Luke could
manifest a new force ability using the fact that they’re twins and their close connection
uses the ideas that multiple Jedi working together are stronger than one Jedi alone
but their twins, so they already shared a special biological connection that had nothing
to do with the force, so you would think that that would also give them some extra force
abilities that normal Jedi wouldn’t have let me know in the comments though how do you
want them to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia in episode nine. Carrie Fisher in real life was such a comedian. She was like the first person to say do not
take life too seriously she actually had her remains carried to her funeral like it was
a very private family funeral but her remains were carried and in turn made to look like
a Prozac pill. So she was having fun with people. Even after she passed away. So when that tone to. A lot of you are talking about Princess Leia
spinoff movie. I feel like they should wait till well after
episode nine to do any kind of Princess Leia treatment with spinoff films for big characters
should only be told after their story is done being told in the future and there still is
a lot of future Leia story left to tell. There will be another video later tonight,
but feel free to suggest new Star Wars bonus videos in the comments while you guys wait
for that to post you can click here for my Kylo Ren episode eight teaser video you can
click here for my OB one Ray theory. Thank you so much watching and I’ll see you
guys in a video!

100 comments on “Star Wars Carrie Fisher and The Future of Princess Leia

  1. Let me know how you want Disney and Lucasfilm to memorialize her inside the movies. They're having meetings now to decide how they're going to do that. Posting new Deadpool Winning all the Awards tonight!

  2. if Leia does die, Kylo needs to pull a Zuko and join Rey and the resistance to kill the people responsible for her death.

  3. I think they have to either retcon a death into episode 8 or write her out early episode 9. I don't want a CGI replacement or another actress. Be clever and write her out.

  4. I think they will have to use some CG Leia in Episode 9, but they should reduce her role to only the most crucial scenes. We do not want to see CGI Tarkin style Leia throughout the whole movie. ONly where it is needed to complete her character arc. I am thinking she could sacrifice herself in some way to save Kylo, and seeing her sacrifice make makes him turn back to the Light.

  5. Who are you dude? We watch you every week but do you have a day job? How can old are you? What did you do before you tube? What's the story?

  6. I think they should present all options to Billie Lourde and essentially get her opinion on what her mom would have wanted. If the producers feel like the story will fall short of what it should have been by writing Leia out of the story,then they should recast the role. If Luke meets his end in VIII as some speculate, after Han died in VII , losing Leia basically seals Kylo Rens fate. There would be zero reason to try redeem Kylo Ren. I don't want to see him follow the Vadar path to redemption personally. I feel it could have been far more dramatic seeing someone try to for Leia's sake so they didn't have to see her lose a child, but in the end having to take his life because he was too far gone. Without out Luke Leia and Han who would think twice about killing Kylo Ren after all he has done ? I think recasting could be done creatively. It might be cliche but they could create a situation where a fight would take place that somehow she could be badly injured and disfigured requiring a mask or something that could justify a new actor without wrecking Carrie Fishers legacy in the role. Maybe her daughter who I know appears in episode vii and viii already in a minor role, could step in her mom's role thanks to make up and or a mask. I Just think killing her character while trying to be respectful to Carrie Fishers memory could actually be a disservice to her Legacy and who the character was to the story. I think very limited CGI or stock footage is okay in tactical scenes or group scenes were they show her involvement but aren't meant as significant acting scenes. I just can't see the use of CGI for emotional acting moments that require depth and feeling. No one wants to a CGI scene where she interacts with Luke or Kylo Ren because real emotion can't be conveyed effectively. Darth Vader, Obi Wan, Chewbacca (In some force awakens scenes) and R2 have had more than one actor play the role. If done correctly with creative storytelling and make up they could preserve Carrie Fishers legacy while also keeping Leia in the story .

  7. Charlie. Would it be wrong to consider Billie Lorde cast for Leia and utilize make-up, costuming and a little necessary digital… and then, yes, "her her to rest" and possibly a Force Ghost.

  8. I don't know how, but since her daughter was in TFA, let her give some short speech or statement in character about Leia. Or maybe that character can be on some other ship as Leia does that move you talked about in Rogue One. Then Billie Lourd's character takes over some ship and it's just kind of a nod to that. She doesn't need to be made some Jedi because she seemed to be just an extra. But I'd love to see Billie get some quick remembrance nod that lives in a movie forever.

    Also maybe to honor Debbie Reynolds they could at some point almost kill a spider but not because whatever. Or maybe there's a spider web Easter Egg really hidden somewhere that says "some pig." If some of you wonder what I'm going at, she voiced Charlotte in Charlotte's Web.

  9. When they filmed last scene in last fast and furious with CGI Paul Walker, I couldn't help myself but to cry. Can see something similar happening here as well.

  10. What do you think about this. So Kylo Renn would have had to go back to Endor to get Darth Vaders helmet. so what if we get a flash back of Kylo slaughtering Ewoks when they try to arrest him. This could even happen when he is still a Jedi still trying to find out more about his Granfather it would be akin to when Anakin first kill the Sand people and would be a powerful scene I think.

  11. I cant think of any possible way that would lead leia to leave the story without being out of character, other than her death

  12. idk just go the same way the movie was planned idc if its fake it doesn't ruin it just kill her off after words

  13. It's going to end with Luke and Leia flying off in space. Luke's in an x-wing and Leia is in the Tentatice IV. Luke gives off a heartfelt speech while he and Leia both go there separate ways, all while playing Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again".

  14. I feel like she deserves a film more than boba fett tbh she has so much history and cool stories that they can tell

  15. I think they could handle it in a similar way to Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Mockingjay. A key scene with him and Katniss was changed to a letter from him read by Haymitch. They could have Leia write a letter before her death that Luke reads to Kylo (or something).

  16. Yeah, it's a shame she didn't meet her son, rather than HanSolo… I mean, obviously what I'm saying is stupid, cos if it had been her, she wouldn't be in the next film anyway. Maybe HanSolo didn't die..?

  17. Being Leia is force sensitive she should have felt Hans death. The gravity of that could be a reason for her to pass on more importantly set up kylo ren on a path of redemption to the light.

  18. With technology going the way it is, I have to wonder how long it's going to be before we're being constantly bombarded by CGI young-face and CGI resurrections throughout cinema. I can almost see a world where actors are no longer themselves anymore and just body doubles for CGI imprints.

  19. Yes, please, DO NOT shoehorn her ending in a 5 min explaination in ep9, so the story goes ep7-fine, ep8-fine and then BAM in ep9-dead in a short 5 min sequence and she's gone. Please disney, so your best to stay true to the script, she didn't have that much presence in ep7 anyway if you could keep it at this level in ep9, that would be perfect.

  20. 2020 Obi Wan spinoff with Ewan showing some adventures he had as luke grew up would be awesome…and have a qui gonn cameo via a force ghost!

  21. Episode 9 should just start with General Organa's funeral – after Han's death and the obvious loss of her son to the DS her health deteriorates and (like Padme) loses the will to live. In her honour the rebellion pushes on with plans that she had. Or, in a meeting between various rebellion representatives and the First Order she is poisoned and dies. In response the rebellion strikes back!

  22. hey charlie could you do a video on the injurys kylo ren sustained in episode 7 and there importance to the episode 8 and 9

  23. Little Leia news if that's what you want to call it but Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things wants to play young Princess Leia who is coincidently Charlie's pick for a young Leia 🙂

  24. I'd like to see General Leia sacrifice herself to save her son early in the 9th film or at the end of the 8th film and that would be the event that starts Kylo Ren's redemption arc. I'd also like to see her daughter Billie Lourd take up the Princess Leia mantle either in an earlier spin-off off with young Princess Leia or if they used CGI to make her look like the older version of her mother in Episode 9. I think that would be the most respectful way to use CGI with her character!! Either way her one of a kind sense of humor will surely be missed in the Star Wars Universe. Rest In Prozac, Princess!!!

  25. I hope they use unused footage from episodes 7 & 8 and retro fit a fitting ending for her, would be much better than a CG Leia

  26. I want her to go out with a bang in Episode 9, like you said, but by slashing down as many of the first order as possible. (After she hopefully focuses more on her force and saber abilities in Episode 8) Then I want a robotic, sassy Leia to perform some stand up in a post credit scene.

    If she doesn't learn how to fight with saber, I want her to crash a ship into First Order soldiers, saving dozens of members of the rebellion, and stating how she'll be with Han again.

  27. I feel like the entire story that was created for episode 9 should be MORPHED by her death. Similar to what @EmergencyAwesome said about Kylo Ren changing, I think his character SHOULD have redemption because that would be horrible for him to stay on the dark side after both of his parents dying. The story would be better off if they at least modify it to her death in a way that honors her memory.

  28. I don't want them to CGI her ino the movie,.. it's grossly disrespectfull.
    They should just work with the footage they have now, and work around it.
    No CGI, no re-casts, no fucking droids.. I don't want a fake Leia.

  29. EA: "when a mother die, it's the most serious thing in your family."
    Me: "and there are people who don't understand why tony stark went nuts at the end of civil war?"

  30. honestly whatever the original plan for General Leia was needs to be THE SAME. clearly her character was going to die around the events of 9 to begin with. Digital her if you have to but keep her story right.

  31. I know this would never happen but wouldn't it be like the best thing ever if Kylo killed Rey before the new trilogy is finished

  32. Hey Charlie, you should do a video on the aspects of the force, unified force, how light and dark side are more complicated than good and evil, etc.

  33. Did anyone hear about the petition to make Princess Leia into a proper Disney Princess such as Belle and Ariel?

  34. Since C-3PO can translate what Chewie says, maybe Chewbacca can tell a really funny story about Leia, and Threepio can translate for Rey, Finn, Poe, and the audience.

    However they'll treat the character, I think the audience is gonna feel like they'd just seen "Up" for the first time.

  35. Nooooooo CGI Leia No more of that never nooo. What they SHOULD HAVE done in rogue one was just have as everything is exploding, have someone yell "We've beamed the plans aboard Princess Leia's flagship!" and see out the window it hyper jump away. They could do something similar, Fin wakes up from his coma at the rebel base, some star destroyer is raining death down on them and you just seem the corellian corvette fly overhead and trying to poke it, she realizes she doesn't have enough power, and smashes it into the star destroyer, Fin escapes, and luke loses his mind from the shockwave that goes through the force. No CGI that's a perversion of her memory.

  36. they make the CGI characters too twitchy. if you look at rogue one, the CG characters have these weird eye twitches and also randomly movie their head side to side. seems like it should work, but you look at the real people in the movie and people dont do jerky movements, even when they are surprised they might do a sudden movement but it is still executed smoothly. i hope they limit the CGI going forwards.

  37. hi Charlie. I never watched any of the Star Wars movies at all. Can you tell me or do a video on the proper order to watch them?

  38. Just thought of a really cool way of remembering Carrie Fisher. Her daughter is a extra in the films, so have the main character remembering Leia, then have Billie Lourd (her daughter) come up a speak about how she remembers how funny and great Leia was

  39. I want Leia to talk a brake with the rebellion after Han Solos death and is in a few holograms and then Rey turns to the dark side and kylo goes to the light side and then Rey kills her to get to kylo

  40. How about recasting Princess Leia in a tribute to Carrie Fisher giving her  a solo movie? Just something to think about cuz I think they do it, it would be for that reason. Really? How many people are thinking about a Princess Leia solo move right now? how much would you be blown away by seeing a Jedi Leia swinging a light saber like you shown in the comic book part of the video?

  41. Leia should not be able to mind control storm troopers. The only reason that Ray was able to is because she is a Kenobi who are known for being very adept at that ability.


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