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Star Wars EPISODE 9 Leia Theory – Carrie Fisher & The Last Jedi

Star Wars EPISODE 9 Leia Theory – Carrie Fisher & The Last Jedi

When Carrie Fisher passed away in December
2016, fans were understandably heartbroken and we all mourned the loss of our favourite
Star Wars princess and general. Carrie had completed filming her scenes for
The Last Jedi and now we’ve had a chance to see Leia back on screen in an extremely poignant
performance. Yippee-ki-yay movie lovers, it’s Jan here,
and today I want to take a look at Carrie Fisher’s role in The Last Jedi and how Lucasfilm
could conclude Leia’s story in Episode 9. I’ll be discussing mild spoilers from Leia’s
scenes in the movie, but I’ll avoid any major plot reveals. I’m also running my Star Wars giveaway on
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channel and leave me a comment below with your thoughts about Carrie Fisher or Leia. And I’ll announce the winner of one of my
recent giveaways later in the video. Before I get to Leia returning for Episode
9, I want to quickly review Carrie Fisher’s role in The Last Jedi. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know Leia
has several scenes that really hit you emotionally, plus there are a couple of poignant moments
with Luke and Rey. And although these scenes play out nicely,
her final moment is particularly sad when you consider that Leia was originally going
to be at centre of the story for Episode 9, in a similar way to how Han Solo was for Episode
7 and Luke was for Episode 8. After Carrie died, Lucasfilm has had to go
back and rewrite the story for the final chapter in the new trilogy. Still, I’m glad that Carrie and Leia had a
significantly bigger role in The Last Jedi over her relatively brief appearance in The
Force Awakens. But Leia’s story in the new trilogy still
feels unfinished, so how will Lucasfilm complete her arc? One possible option is using the hour or so
of deleted and unused footage that Rian Johnson shot for The Last Jedi. According to Carrie Fisher’s brother Todd,
he and her daughter Billie Lourd have granted LucasFilm permission to use recent footage
of Carrie in Episode 9. And perhaps for dialogue, they could reach
into the Lucasfilm archives as they did for Rogue One or use actors who’ve voiced Leia
in other Star Wars properties. Leia’s dialogue was already a technical challenge
for Episode 8 as Carrie died before she was able to perform Additional Voice Recording,
or ADR, which is normal for any film and involves actors re-voicing lines, for example, if the
on-set audio isn’t good enough. Rian Johnson has said that post-production
for Leia’s scenes was tough and they had to do a lot of sound work to resolve issues. I didn’t notice anything especially strange
with Leia’s dialogue in the movie, so maybe it could be possible, though labour intensive,
with smart sound work and various audio-tricks to create some realistic-sounding dialogue
for Leia in Episode 9. Now as much as some fans might like to see
Leia in the next film, in April 2017, Kathleen Kennedy said Carrie won’t appear in the final
instalment, though Todd Fisher has said that he hopes she reconsiders this, and, let’s
face it, Lucasfilm have changed their plans during production before, just think of Rogue
One, the Han Solo film, and even Episode 9 itself. Also, recently, Mark Hamill has been telling
fans we can expect a fitting and respectful end to Leia’s story in the next film. So, Lucasfilm might be tempted to include
a small appearance, depending on fan reaction after episode 8. Another option, which I think many fans wouldn’t
like, is a CGI Leia, as happened with Grand Moff Tarkin and young Leia in Rogue One. Those CGI characters had a mixed reception
and Lucasfilm were quick to shut down speculation after Carrie’s death about a CGI Leia appearing
in Episode 9. Nevertheless, a recast hasn’t been ruled out,
however, I think this is most unlikely given Carrie Fisher’s popularity, unless it’s limited
to, say, just a few shots of a stand-in from behind. So far, I’ve talked about ways Leia could
appear in the final movie, however, another realistic option is that her story gets closure
in another way. This would probably mean that when Episode
9 begins, we learn that Leia has perhaps passed away or retired off screen and so she’s no
longer around with the Resistance. It could be referenced via the opening crawl,
for example Leia is reported as having been assassinated by the First Order and perhaps
they could even show General Organa’s funeral. It would certainly be one way to kick off
the movie and pay tribute to Carrie Fisher at the same time. This would likely mean we’re looking at a
time jump of at least several months, if not a few years, between the end of episode 8
and the start of 9. This could also serve other storylines for
the final chapter of the new trilogy and I think with some imaginative storytelling,
it would still be possible for Leia to be at the heart of the final episode. For example, the Resistance defeating the
First Order could be linked back to Leia’s legacy, with protagonists like Rey or Finn
referring back to her at key moments in the story. I also noticed that Carrie Fisher’s daughter
Billie Lourd was given a bigger part as Lieutenant Connix in The Last Jedi and I think her character
could be part of an important tribute scene in the next movie. By the way, if you’re interested in my in-depth
breakdown of The Last Jedi’s ending and what it means for Episode 9, then you can tap in
the top right or click the link in the video description. OK, so spoiler here for Poe Dameron’s arc
in The Last Jedi – skip ahead to the time on screen to avoid it if you prefer. You probably already noticed that in episode
8, Leia is clearly setting up Poe Dameron as a potential new leader of the Resistance. This signals that The Last Jedi was already
planning for Leia to retire. Now, it’s possible this wasn’t going to happen
until late in Episode 9, but I suspect that Poe’s promotion to a leadership role to take
over from Leia could be accelerated now. So, would you like to see Leia return and
if so how do you think Lucasfilm should do it? And if you’ve seen The Last Jedi, what did
you think of Carrie Fisher’s scenes and what’s the best way to give Leia closure in Episode
9? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments
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