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Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Carrie Fisher & Rian Johnson

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Carrie Fisher & Rian Johnson

How’s your hand?
You should see the other guy. (INTERVIEWER SPEAKING) I know you’ve heard
good things about him, but he’s very tough… No. And then, now, slowly…He just has
a very specific vision.
And he doesn’t seem like that
when you first meet him. He doesn’t have
a dominating, sort of, affect. JOHNSON: (GIGGLES) That’s great. But he has a dominating vision. This is so simple,
but this is so important. So this is, basically, I didn’t feel
like we got a hero introduction for you for the very first shot. So all this is, is a turn to camera. But it’s a really essential one. He’s really good with
structuring things in story, and then he’s good at
working with actors. So, he has flaws in other areas. I just don’t know about them. JOHNSON: Action. Hold for applause… (LAUGHING) That was great. Cut.

80 comments on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Carrie Fisher & Rian Johnson

  1. I'm only giving this a thumbs up because of Carrie Fisher. However, TLJ is still a disappointment in many aspects with so many missed opportunities.

  2. When watching these videos all I can think of is red letter media's reaction where they make it look like "everything went perfect"

  3. Whether you like the film or not if you watch this documentary you can see Rian is a cool dude and seemed to be well liked by the entire cast and crew.

  4. I had a crush on Princess Leia growing up..
    Fell in love with Carrie the older I got….
    Now to wipe away these 😭tears

  5. Biggest mistake since episode 1. Destroy this film and redo it, such a disgrace to the legacy of luke skywalker

  6. The thing I hate about the movie is that it set up things that never happened. I feel like I was driving to Canada, there were 5 roads I took that lead me to a deadend and when I arrived I was in Mexico.

  7. This shows how early behind the scene features are filmed and I'm so happy they did. More time with our Princess.

  8. She may have led a rebel alliance against our Empire but her achievements exemplify her as one of the galaxies most important figures. Leia Organa your stories will live on forever as the most worthy foe the Empire has ever faced.

    We miss you so much Carrie.

  9. Omg. I started to tear up watching this. This is how much I (and the rest of the Star Wars community) miss Carrie. May the force be with her. Always

  10. She's such a talented woman, actress, author…We could've had the best version of Leia in the next episode, I'm sure. I miss her.

  11. I wan a non canon cursed child script book made by Colin Trevorrow and the Lucasfilm Story group that will show us what was going to happen before Carrie died and forced to re-write.

  12. May the force be with you Carrie. Come on people, give TLJ some respect. This was Carrie Fisher's last movie before dying.

  13. Not a big ego at all rian, release a docu about himself ugh, and the irony of this being the shittiest movie

  14. I feel like this shows a problem with TLJ from the FA, Abrams and Johnson have different visions. Also may the force be with you our Princess

  15. Why do so many people hate this movie, this was a great addition to the Star Wars saga, all the salty fans are mad because there theories were wrong.

  16. Surprised there aren't more haters here taking "he's dominating" out of context to create new conspiracy theories xD

  17. God bless Carrie Fisher. Greatly missed by many :'(
    Does anyone know why I can't find The Director and The Jedi complete on YouTube when I started watching it last week? It's disappeared.

  18. Using the late Carrie Fisher to promote a movie that has been widely rejected by the public seems like a disservice and a disrespectful way to pay homage to her.

  19. thanks for ruining our favorite characters rian! you had the amazing opportunity to work with this woman for her last movie and you completely wasted it.

  20. It seems like everyone who was involved with this movie loved Rian Johnson and what he was doing. Wish Star Wars fans could learn from that, and be a little more optimistic.

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