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STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI Celebration Panel – Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, John Boyega

so Ryan said people’s understanding of
timeline in mind I mean you started episode 8 while episode 7 was very much
still in production I did yeah yeah they were still shooting
actually here in London they’re still shooting episode 7 and so yeah I think
about that today because obviously a colin is doing the same thing where what
we were in production with episode 8 he was starting to think about nine and
Dino it was kind of strange because we want
the first things I did was went up to San Francisco and spent about six weeks
kind of figuring out the story and i would go in a few times that we can sit
down with these guys and with the story group and just hash it through and we
would watch dailies that were coming in from seven at that point it was just a
script and kind of the dailies that we are seeing and I was thinking about that
i think i was it probably really healthy that in thinking about where the story
goes next it was entirely just based on our
reactions to it as opposed to based on the phenomenon that it would become at
the cultural reaction to it was just a very personal what do we connect with about that with
these characters and and where do they go next i think is a good thing yeah you were
coming to understand who our new leads or new heroes and villains where you’re
coming to understand hooray then go and kylo were just as
they were actually still coming together yeah yeah it really was a and it was a
unique experience so when it came to you came aboard and I this is just a tip
for any future filmmakers a real smart way to get your foot in the door at
Lucasfilm if you ever have a meeting with us is to bring homemade ice cream
or our very first story meeting with ryan is like he surprises us all by
bringing us ice cream which is like yours we’re gonna expect this man yeah
we can expect this for not only no but what you did which I thought was really
great is we began sort of a a film camp so to speak Ryan assembled movies that
he thought it was important for us to watch and understand his point of view
about them so that we have this common language and I would love for you to
share some of the titles that we watched well it was ok i mean there was also
stuff that I really wanted to because we’re in the middle of you know the
middle coming up with what the stuff is going to be and it was also stuff for I
thought it would be really good to rewatch this and it’s funny like at the
time so we were it was twelve O’Clock High it was a letter never sent it was
well should we watch the watch Bridge on the River Kwai that’s right
progenitor of a quiet down screws which one three outlaw samurai oh that’s right three outlaw samurai
that’s going to watch super no wait no we can watch Hooper now we can i watch super separate that
was intense right now I so hear that story we’ll get to that
we’ll get to that they did that so now it but it’s funny actually
watching and now being we were just at the end of production right now and
going through and looking at the film that we put together and looking back at
the movies like particularly twelve o’clock high there was a good seeing oh my god a lot
of that made it made it in there like at the time it was just like oh this will
be kind of a fun bonding thing and maybe there will be things here and there but
they didn’t end up actually being a really really crucial part of it watched
Gunga Din remember that and then that’s right yeah what is that and we watch the hair and
not the matthew mcconaughey’s sahara that the Humphrey Bogart sahara worries
a tank commander and my favorite part is like we’re at Skywalker Ranch were
sitting there watching this and Ben Burtt sticks his head in and it’s quite
first question is who is watching sahara and it made him love us yeah go to where they are had anyone who
will dig out the heron and watch it in the theaters got to be good people so when we announced that episode 8 was
in production we had a little video that we showed of you basically recreating
the scene between Mark and Daisy at scale like so can you talk about that yeah that was a really surreal way to
start the whole thing out so we did it was when we started coming up with you
know I start coming with the story I realized that I wanted to I immediately
kind even really think about that the notion that we’re gonna end up breaking
kind of a long-standing Star Wars tradition and for the first time this movie is
going to start right where the last one left off because it was like I don’t
want to skip ahead that last moment of seven I want to see
what happens next and so just didn’t because of the demands of the story
that’s where it ended up being which meant we went back to the skellig and we
were only able to get a couple days of shooting there and it was months before
we started principal photography so it was really the first first thing that we
did and it was a very surreal and the island itself is this amazing it feels
like you’re stepping into a history it feels like you’re serious something very
mystical and magical about the islands Rick Carter had described it to me
before I went there in his very Rick Carter away and it’s a very Rick Carter
plate it’s like an incredibly mystical place so to be there and be that the first
thing that we’re shooting is is you know Mark and Daisy standing up on on Christ
saddle and then skellig michael and it was just so you know it was a
appropriately surreal beginning to the whole experience and this was before
anyone really knew like that that moment would become so iconic to the world so
so wow that’s good baby i’m gonna need that
extra is not so paralyzed by fear yeah let’s talk about working with some
of the classic cast and you know before we go into that I just want to
understand like what your level of of Star Wars appreciation was going into
all this and then what it meant to have mark hamill and and Carrie Fisher and
people like anthony daniels in front of you and and they’re yours to direct now yeah i mean i feel like it a and then a
lot of conversations I’ve had just over the past few years I feel like it it
almost you almost want to lead with an apology like I know everyone has a this
is what star wars means to me story this is it sounds almost easier p debate
is something that’s so integral stars was the diamond it was the it was the first and i have this memory
of my dad putting me in the car to take me to see Star Wars and I asked him
where are we going said we’re going to see the most amazing thing you’ve ever
seen and I and and he was right and that combined
with its funny the as much as the movies were something that I really reacted too
i think even bigger and that’s why it’s fun like walking walking the floor and
like seeing like seeing that the toys & and I don’t know that that I feel like
because back when back when the movies came out it wasn’t like we had them on
our iPads like it was you had to put your name in the waiting list of the
video store and then you got the VHS and then you and your friends watched it for
24 hours straight it was like you didn’t actually get to
see the movie much so what you had where those toys and I think even more than
the experience of the film the fact that the first stories we were telling in our
heads as kids were in that universe with those toys I think that’s why I’m sure
any other like I think several people have said when we want when I walk down
the red have the same experience of walking on the fact Falcon set for the
first time and unexpectedly it kind of really getting choked up out of nowhere
and what it was is flashing back to being a kid in all the stories I told
inside my kenner in a pack of the Falcon yeah exactly and suddenly you’re
standing in it and there is just Eddie intense emotional reaction that that
happens so anyway that’s that’s that’s that for the business so now as I was saying before you you
now have Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and c3po and r2 and Chewbacca in
front of you with your you’re rolling camera and you’re telling them what to
do i mean what’s that what’s that like for you good well it’s it was it was a very I mean
that it was an incredible experience on many different levels ultimately though
you know in order to and this is one of the things that the whole process was kind of about a
comment you come into it with those feelings of deep nostalgia but then you
realize your responsibility ultimately is to get beyond that very quickly and
to ultimately I don’t know ultimately tell a story that you feels alive right
now and there’s about where you’re at right now i guess and that I guess it
was kind of like the ultimate responsibility of it is to sit in front
of marks in front of Luke Skywalker and then have those feelings of them sitting
here talking to Luke Skywalker’s was kind of weird and that’s it yeah and
then take to get to know Mark and get to know him as an actor and then start
working through the script and then get back into the actual work of filmmaking
and telling a story and the same way that I video you do with any other film
basically you know to get to the point where you just the and I’ve been
expressing this right but I’m but it was a it was surreal all around I guess and now a wonderful that the new cast
you’ve got the you know Daisy and and John are back Oscars back they have all kinds of atoms back
they’ve all had their first oh my goodness i’m in Star Wars
experience with the last film so how did you find them coming into this movie they were wonderful and it was it it
you’re right there was that kind of feeling of there was a big explosion of
the first one and now the second but it it ended up serving I think what this
second film is in a very good way because the first film was this is this
incredible explosion of adventure and excitement that sets up these characters
and then just out of necessity it’s very natural that the second film is where we
start zooming in on the characters and kind of
taking them seeing ok really kind of getting to the heart of them and
challenging them pushing them deeper and so I think the actors were all very
excited about that yeah so you are one of I think the first you
are the first director who had a public presence on social media before we
announce that you were our directors that what I had yea he is in addition to the traditional
bullet point under IMDb trivia for anyone who’s editing that so so what was that like because you were
so accessible the world to be honest the world knew before we
were even able to formally announce that you were directing episode 8 so you must got a lot of traffic coming
your way asking that to confirm or or or to talk about it online yeah it’s been I mean that’s I’ve been
on I mean I i love being a love being on
the internet i love being like I’ve always loved social media even with like
my first film that I did brick which was before Twitter it was
thank you we said wait way back before this
Twitter existed at that i created like a message board on my website for people
to come and talk about that I’ve always really just loves being out the end and
I guess I was a little a little nervous in terms of what what something on this
scale would do what I still be able to enjoy it the way I had before and so far
it’s it’s been it’s been wonderful so far it’s still been you know the same
sort of thing of just engagement with people and you know so I don’t know so
far so good it just feels kind of very continuous we have any people here who
follow Ryan on Twitter or Instagram or another I apologize colleges well speaking of
Instagram you’ve been very generous in sharing some photos from the set that
you yourself took during the making of this movie so we have some here I don’t know we
could we could show him up and and see if there’s any stories to tell this is that oh these are fantastic background crowd who are in the who were
in the who are in the film it’s funny you you realize you realize as you do these
films how importance how important the background players are
and so you realize how deeply embedded they are from the original films and you
hear head some of the background you start paying more and more attention to
them as you’re directing and we we had a really really great crowd that the
really took to it and then gave a great performance in the background the scenes
running black and white this looks like you’re making a . pictured here there’s a lot of and there’s some shots
of and if they’re in here but like Gary our camera man when he’s he kind of has
a seventies fro a little bit and when he is behind that camera like on a dolly in
like a you know resistance hall in a ship hallway you look at the shot and he was like oh
that could be yeah it could be from the seventies vehicle let’s take a look at another photo here
yeah that’s oh yeah so there I think that’s Billy on
the its Billy Lori’s gather they’re actually and and we actually a no for a a lot of the stuff i posted i apologize
it a lot of it is kind of green screen in the background and that that’s an
agreement not to put down green screen it’s a great tool but died i just
haven’t wanted to like give anything away but I when I let everyone know the
amount of sets that we’ve built for this movie has been absolutely outrageous and
a tremendous amount of practical sets and we also we have the luxury of doing
things like this where we build exterior interior sets of some of the ship so we
not only would be able to film inside them but also do shots from the outside
that weren’t just like window comps and actually move into them so yeah we and we we had fun next photo please this is Ireland so yes we’ve got people from Ireland
great love of Ireland’s yes ok so that yeah and the end in addition to two sets of it a big for
curved at the trunk of the film we went out to Ireland and actually in addition
to Skellig we shot along the south west coast of
the west coast of Ireland had a lot of really incredible locations and it it
was amazing getting out there a ways into the shoot and then suddenly having
this whole other texture to the film opened up in front of you and just the
natural beauty of that coastline and to be able to put these actors out there
and it actually put them out and just film it and seats this stand behind the
camera and the end and have it feel like that it’s it was it was just incredible yeah well let’s take a look at another
wonder now who’s that guy knows that guy I was very lucky to have the man in the
cowboy hat come out to visit several times and spend some time on set and
yeah it’s you just immediately feel calm and at peace when Dave felonious
standing back behind you you feel like everything’s going to be okay and i
gotta say i mean we we talked about it a lot but it’s true we have a kathy and
carry make it it’s so accessible that any part of
lucasfilm that will benefit from being on the set and anyone that you would
benefit from having on the set that that communication and that you know flying
from from from one side of the world to the other to come and help each other
out that that great that’s a reality of making Star Wars movies now well it was nice like even the time that
talked about when wait when i was in san francisco they’re coming up with the
story Gareth was there and they were coming up
with rogue at the same time it would be like right down the hall they were
working on the road and you come down and just say hi and take a look at the
whiteboard and talk through stuff and and then dave was doing you know just
doing rebels in the same state is right there in the presidio and it it had this
kind of campus like feel that I know it’s pretty cool cool next photo haha yes said these helmets
man these helmets are bigger than you think like you see pictures of the museum on
screen and and then you see them in real life and you’re like really my god
they’re like that they’re massive and also every anytime anytime that we were shooting a scene
with these guys and helmets i would i would start playing a daft
punk is playing in my house on my phone really loud I think it got annoying everyone looks
like we have anymore yes uh-huh yes and this is actually a
photo is my assistants leo we stuck in a TIE fighter an outfit and
and I had a lot of fun direct directing him ruthlessly but but
it was it was it was I don’t know did this is another one of those shots
though where and there were a few of these sets where that you know this or
some of this stuff in the falcon or the x-wings where you put them in there and
you frame up and you’ll look at the monitor and you’re just like oh my god
used to have that instance a connection to it I guess it’s pretty cool let’s see if we have any more we don’t
all right now ok it’s very different yeah so I guess
you know this is probably not the best kept secret in the world but the
production name for star wars episode 8 who here knows it space there’s their production is done i
think it was kind of a codename code and that’s right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i
gotta say it had we have we all have every one of our projects have code
names were not gonna tell you what it is otherwise it defeats the purpose of
telling you what your name is but you knew episode 7 was abaco everything else
coming forward has additional ones but i have to say completely biased but space
bear is the best one but it just made me so happy because that panda logo was
like every time I saw that on official stuff it just made me so happy like on I think officially printed
budgets and stuff to see that dumb little panda and his helmet up in the
corner it’s like the story that I don’t know
this is true but that terry gilliam named his production company for one of
his films new productions just so the lawyers would have to write it going on well maybe we can look forward to some
space bear merchandise and celebration next year without going to be amazing
but on that topic because you know this is the in many ways it’s the road one
celebration in garrison and a great spotlight moment on this stage to tell
the world about his movie next year I think that’s going to be your time to
have a big showcase moment and it also happens to be the 40th anniversary of
Star Wars so so what I’m saying is what we expect you
know you’re going to be in orlando orange I think of that I think will be there ok
i’m looking forward to it and I am by the way this is kind of like the
first time I’m coming out and kind of talking about this thing that we’ve been
doing and I was very nervous about to come out here but just what seeing all
you guys and seeing just the I don’t know the warmth and the yeah yeah I did
I had really looking forward to the to the next year and a half i’m really
looking forward to showing you guys more and more what we got and I think we’re
all going to have a really good time together would anyone be interested any fans of
fn-2187 now when we started this panel actually
had carrion Kathy talk about ryan when Ryan wasn’t here so that we wouldn’t
embarrass him but now that he’s out here feel free to embarrass what we was it
like to work with ryan Johnson as your director no Ryan is also Ryan’s awesome I always
like to say that he’s doing it indie movie with in a studio franchise the
characters have been pushing their new direction in a very cool way and we’re
having fun I haven’t really really good fun this is
true yeah it’s pointless let me let me let me let me do it thank
you got one right here now you want to find out some spoilers i’m not going to
do that but i do want to address something here without spoilers for
people who are deeply concerned about Finn because when we left him he was in
a coma so can you assure us you actually walk around and talk and move and do
something in that episode 8 or mmm yeah things ok that’s what I’m just trying to
get we did at some point joke that it would be great to just have him being
too , for the whole night just keep coming back to him it’s just like the
silence and other slightly his mother’s something with it but that the story is
very very interested in the end up on this earth before so it’s very very
interested to just keep it kind of like secret oh absolutely absolutely but in terms of
the process the production I mean how did you how did this shoot compared to
to the force awakens because the force awakens was your first exposure of being
a star wars fan on the Star Wars step idea that any of that kind of I mean
that event was my a han solo action figure that I had from episode 7 yeah I
remember that guys there’s more signatures on it it is
just get better as the start was fired I get to come into work and enjoy my
time with you know new members of cost and obviously Ryan’s great with a new
energy in a new take on honest not a real story and and it feels like Star
Wars but then at the same time we have a new director to lead us in the interest
in puff so it’s really really fun and having fun so how much has your life changed now
that you know you are Finn star star wars I mean I just got back from Tesco’s so
and no seriously seriously and and I no one bothered me but you know it’s it’s
it’s been it’s been fun it’s strange to see all these figures still is something
that had been taken in you know a man you playin han Solo man damn that it’s crazy it’s crazy it’s crazy but
it’s it’s it’s been great and the star wars fans have been amazing it’s like
the best find them to be apart it’s really cool so any words of advice
for all the new no man i really go home but you know you’re gonna be fine to me you got that charm stuff down don’t you
and he’s smiling just like her this is great now it’s gonna be fun very
very good experience man obviously your great head on you so you enjoy the right
to short yeah oh man you know one one person that I
met briefly a nice a nice day here because I’ve been here for a while and
you can talk about it briefly because I i really enjoyed meeting with was Kelly
Marie tran and and this is her first big movie and it’s a big star wars movie and
and you know you two of you have worked with her if you could talk about working
with her and I am so excited for you guys to meet Kelly and this is a the
invisible in in good time and and I think yeah it did I don’t know how that i want
to say too much also because I want her to build a come out and present herself
properly down the line but she’s really something special man she is really
something spend a lot of great energy and a great addition to our star wars
family this is a family that keeps growing
looking we’ve got the prequel trilogy represented here with with ryan and john
and we’ve got the new standalone programs represented here with crystal
and alden and and it just feels like we need we need to represent the classic
trilogy here don’t we be we need to really fill out this family portrait so without further ado please welcome
our camel and Carrie Fisher yeah yeah yeah I yeah haha yeah you know it’s moving in a way cuz you
can tell you’re part of people’s childhoods and it’s like this palpable
exuberance I mean it is sometimes I just get lightheaded with it i have to think
of something else or just fake get away seriously I know you do ithaca but really thank you so much i
can’t tell you you come through the line and I’m really tired but uh it’s it’s
it’s something that just gives me a charge like I can’t explain i’m so
grateful for it character what he said I over hell he ain’t heavy he’s my
brother and it is it is like what if it’s like
family and the great thing about the movie is that those of you that have
children that have impregnated people i could take those signing humans and take
them to these movies see which characters they respond to and all that
stuff is so awesome and you bring little tiny tiny just more people in Princess Leia outfits which I appreciate
because i think that you swallow those outfits so the baby doesn’t come out
dude which would be so embarrassing so it’s
trust it’s a fantastic thing and it’s time I
never heard that serie b is what a very interesting
theories and you have to think about that is why we’re very sibling it’s very
deep thank you fit we picked fighting back I
like that we got it already activated lights on lovely quote yeah what is the matter with you but you
can’t take me anywhere when I brought you here are you it was and I promised you I’d be on my
best behavior you know it’s something people say are you guys really like
brothers and sisters I said yeah we fight all the time we were not speaking
to each other for years and it’s on now we’re going to speak to each other when
you have a shared experience and darn it I will defend her with my life but she
still drives me quite a date it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do
it it is my doodriver crazy will
demonstrate that throughout the eve dollar you’re a dim exasperatingly woman
that was actually Thornton Wilder’s first title the working title for merchant of
Yonkers was a damn exasperated I was hoping you’d bring that I have happened
eventually became hello dolly see i have i’m a font of yes so many
stories like that and that is what star wars is about it absolutely this is
actually the new sheep will I know what I think that giving that away still your
guards well then you sequel is about a lot of
stuff with Hello Dolly yes that’s right yeah hello Gary you
better and I always make sure Gary gets apart it leads to the next one I got my cousin that there are now two
all of this universe stars will do is out which are no dogs are there there should be little credit come on it
should be we can make that happen we have the power to you guys there are you have pets in space right all right that’s my contribution when we and we love you for it brian is
this is a snapshot into what your production experience was like it will
talk to Colin, talk to Colin, it was all it was all this and more and
casting I can’t thank you all enough for coming
and saying hi and and wrapping up this celebration and with such a memorable
way this is the star wars family we’re going to take some family
portraits here before we wrap and i want to remind everyone that the closing
ceremonies are happening here work Davis has going to come out and recap with
amazing past three days this has been all of us we’re going to
see you in orlando where we’re going to be able to talk about star wars episode
8 and the untitled han solo star wars movie please join me and thanking these
amazing Danner yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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