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Starbucks Employees Answer Your Questions

and then with some cuties that came in there too and I thought yeah hey I’m Rachel and I’m a former Starbucks barista my name is Megan and I’m a current Starbucks employee hi I’m Macy and I’m a former Starbucks barista I am CEO I’m a former Starbucks employee and we’re gonna be answering your questions about whatever you want to know about silence and do you make any Starbucks two drinks at home yes so basically it’s my like bootleg version of Starbucks because they have like all types of like different creamers that you can buy from the grocery store so like white and loco so it’s always my favorite it’s basically just a creamer adorable coffee but that’s my you know Starbucks take it home I go to Starbucks every single morning so no I let them make it for me I try to make like replicas using what I have so like I called it it’s like a poor man’s mocha is like my brewed coffee that I make at home and then I put a hot chocolate packet in my coffee and it tastes like a mocha i’ll make caramel macchiatos oh but it’s also just it’s also like you need to have like the syrup in your house you need to have all this other stuff and things like that ooh what’s the worst strength you’ve ever been asked to make some people would want so many pumps of syrup or like extra extra extra caramel it would be a drink that like is a normal drink but they wanted it water mic water-based so you’re mixing like water with syrups and water with powders instead of like milk but this would be like water with like matcha or water with vanilla bean powder has there ever been a customer at your store that everyone who works here can’t spin a famously a Hufflepuff absolutely he was the most unpleasant human being I’ve probably ever met everybody we just be like all right Reds here that was just cold word red-brick right friend there all right just get to put on your best you know basically force field because he’s good at me chew at you out for no reason Meister had a lot of awful customers so it was dependent on like what kind of awful you were like there were certain people who would come in throw money on the counter and wouldn’t say worth and I loved them but then there were other customers that was like if I saw them in the parking lot you wanted to have their drink ready because I want you out of the store as quick as possible we call her half blonde half dark because obviously she wants him to want coffee and half dark coffee in her own personal cup that’s like this big but she only wants to pay for it tall when you’re like doing the Machine and you’re like okay half blonde half dark she’s like that’s more blog than there is dark can you pour it on read and I’m like has anyone ever asked to take a picture no one has ever asked to take a picture with me but I will say that yeah I saw this woman take a picture of my coworker today and it was like they were like in close vicinity so it wasn’t like it was like trying to sneak it she just like is like blatantly like wow wait what what does that to do it started my life aren’t start well I it seemed like while you were here why I bet if you worked at like the one in Seattle oh my god I would ask them to take a picture oh I get it now it would be all ages from like the high school kids like hey you know can you get a picture it I’m just like oh like I got my Starbucks a Twix it’s a really long line like you could you know if you want to snap one real quick you can but like I just never really understood it what was your favorite part or is your favorite part about working at the co-workers just made it like that much easy like okay I got my boy here but girls managers everybody was just cool young hip we’d go out and just hang out or whatever so I was like the best part this is gonna make me sound like I’m very antisocial but I actually really love doing the dishes free coffee free coffee and more free coffee everything Rachel was in she’s somewhere get serviced but I loves it there so much okay what was my favorite how are the customers I became like so close with them and coworkers why do Starbucks baristas hates making frappuccinos I mean I was a Starbucks barista in Arizona mmm in the summer Oh like people would come when early a family would come and block ten Frappuccino just right like oh my god we only have three blenders this is gonna take like so yeah I just don’t enjoy making them because I mean everything’s like right in front of you with the hot bar and like you have all your pumps and you can pretty much make everything right here the frappuccinos are like all the way back here so then I have to stop like being able to like do at least two to three drinks at one time which you’re supposed to I have to take my stuff and go over to the frappuccinos and then just be at the front Pacino section which has nothing but only frappuccinos and like maybe a couple other like cold bar stuff which strings do you think you make best I don’t know if I make it the best but my favorite group to make were the hot ones because I felt like I was like a little scientist brewed coffee as long as you just tell me you like a garage a pike and I go over there like easy done my favorite who drinks I was the best out is the people that I knew the best or like the people who told me exactly what they wanted I was actually gonna say that the frappuccinos where my favorite you’re really what’s the biggest things customers complain about everything everything honestly a little bit of everything it could be the drinks it can be blind it can be the price difference a lot of times people complain about the price which I didn’t make that up just so you know it’ll be down to like too much whipped cream not enough whipped cream not enough caramel the temperatures way too hot but you didn’t say you wanted it kids temp I feel like people didn’t tend to complain but if they did it was more about the drink like oh this is a ha ha for like oh you it’s too sweet it’s not sweet enough it’s like you made a different in some way but I feel like it was brilliant personally was a part of giving I didn’t even think about their drinks being a complaint I was like no I made the drinks perfect do people eat the display food my store no I see some stores sometimes pull out of the display food and I’m just like I don’t want to eat the food that like has been chillin all day people hate the display of food when I was there because it wasn’t it was like everything but it was also like everything was displayed – it was like we didn’t have one of each that was left in there for three days it was like we’ve had it out in the morning we’d have like just a little paring so it was like okay you have the lemon loaf with this that pears good with that or like a piece of the chocolate chip cookie so you did have plenty of people no matter how long it was sitting there they like kind of keep coming or you have a kid you like thank you and like grab the whole thing and just run off I guess they didn’t realize if people like to display food my Starbucks but there was like sandwiches and yogurt parfaits and stuff like that then at the end of the night if they were gonna expire then you could take them home and then any ones that no one wanted we don’t take to a homeless shelter down the street have you ever had a favorite customer I have so I feel like I have like a handful of my favorite customers and everyone always knows because they’re like up here comes Megan’s favorite human it was this guy that was really sweet that would come one time he like hold my manager aside and told him that like every day when he sees me it just makes his day and like I’m only so happy and smiley or whatever and then because of that my manager gave me this like special car oh and it was a good big deal remember it’s a big deal yeah I definitely had like a big smile on my face when it was specific and then we’ll some cuties that came in there too and I just act naturally ah so what kind of jerk are you gonna get to be I definitely have like a couple of favorite customers I’m still friends with them on Facebook like I chat with some of them like I definitely had a few people I keep in touch with like their kids and stuff like that do people always freak out about the holiday cups there are multiple customers that we did freak out for having like Christmas cups or Thanksgiving or specific like actual named holidays of that actual time so they just was like okay well from I don’t know if it was September to December or if it was October to December I forgot but one of them’s like holiday cups and that’s it it’s gonna be neutral colors people actually do freak out about them though people would come in in like this summer and ask if like we had any idea like what the cups were gonna look like and I was like I don’t I’m like you care yeah like I you know I said it was such a big deal and then I think like the first year I worked there and came out in the news and I was like oh my god I was like a teenager I was like people care about this stuff I do remember a couple people and I just remember being like I’m not sure what side you’re on right now like I’m not sure if you’re for the cups or against the cups like all I know is that you’re shouting at me and I’m a little confused and we’ve got Christmas music playing and you’re killing my mode and I’m glad I got to like relieve your brains and answer some of these questions cuz I mean these are things that people ask me all the time Starbucks was definitely my most favorite job for sure and all this stuff made me remember they’re like all the different things about them I mean even just what you’re saying about like being able to wash the dishes in the act happy to answer these questions that some of you guys have probably been thinking about for a very long time every time you go into Starbucks I really loved working there and literally if anyone who works with me can tell you I go there every single day to this day so I have a lot of love and respect for my Starbucks it’s good when you leave a job that is like food and beverage and you still go there afterwards like it’s clean too [Music] you [Music]

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