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Starkist Tuna Creations Singles & Tuna Watch – I Review Crap!

Starkist Tuna Creations Singles & Tuna Watch – I Review Crap!

What’s this? I bought a nice tuna watch for you here, but
before I give it to you, you must complete the Tuna challenge. You have to eat five single serve packs of
flavored tuna over 5 days, then rate them. Ok that seems easy, but why? Because it amuses me to see you go through
hoops, human! Well, your rules seem fine except for that last one! Sorry, I’m not worshiping you every day! FINE I WILL TAKE IT OUT. THE CHALLENGE STARTS TOMORROW MORNING. BE READY! Alright, here are the five packets Watchbot
gave me. The bacon ranch sounds the most interesting… …I’ve had the Lemon Pepper one before.
It’s pretty good as I recall. …the Hickory Smoked sounds good. Herb & garlic no idea… Hot buffalo flavors is “BOLD” according to
the package. This one concerns me, not sure buffalo and
tuna flavors go together, we’ll see. Anyhow, originally the plan was to fill this
pita bread with the package contents… …but the pita bread I picked up has really flimsy pockets, so I’ll just have to use it as a flatbread. Well starting with the buffalo flavor, it
does smell like buffalo wings in the package. Roll it up…. Surprisingly this one is actually REALLY good! Not as spicy as you might think, I could eat
these all week no problem! Time for the Herb and Garlic. Hmmm… smells like nothing but tuna. Roll it up…. This one isn’t bad, about the same as the
lemon pepper I’ve had before. It’s full over flavor, but it’s not overpowering
the tuna. Ok, here’s the Hickory Smoked. Hmmm… doesn’t smell like much of anything. Roll it up…. Ugh! This one needs SOMETHING, it seems a bit dry,
I’ll throw some mayo on it. Hmmm… it’s edible, but not great, even with
the mayo. Next… OK, the Lemon Pepper flavor. Hmmm… doesn’t smell like much of anything… Roll it up…. Ok, I’ve had the Lemon Pepper before,
and Ithink it’s really good. Needs nothing. Next! OK, finally! The Bacon Ranch!! I’d been waiting all week for this one. Oddly this doesn’t smell like much of
anything either. Roll it up…. Ugh! This is disgusting! There is NO bacon or ranch flavor here! It tastes like Elmer’s glue,
I mean it’s just totally nasty! So here’s the final results. The clear winner was the Hot Buffalo style! The Herb&Garlic and Lemon Pepper flavors
were both equally good! The Hickory Smoked was edible, but barely,
and only with mayo. Finally the Bacon Ranch was vile and tasted
like glue. I wouldn’t recommend that for ANYBODY! So now that I went through your hoops, I’m
going to check out my new Seiko Tuna! Wait, what the hell is this? Hold on a second! Watchbot, what did you do!? SORRY CHARLIE! So it’s a Charlie The Tuna watch… very funny. I really hate you Watchbot! I FINALLY GOT YOU! YOU STUPID BASTARD! Well I guess I’ll have to make the best of it…. I’ll put it on this matching blue and gold strap… … and do a full review on it next week. SORRY CHARLIE! Anyhow, that’s all the time I have today! If you enjoyed this video, please like, comment,
and subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching!

8 comments on “Starkist Tuna Creations Singles & Tuna Watch – I Review Crap!

  1. Starting to think I should have named the video differently. Obviously it's my attempt at watch related comedy, not a serious review of flavored tuna. I dunno, maybe the Thanksgiving holiday is screwing up my views…. ah well, it seemed like a good concept at the time…

  2. thank you for this video!!!! I wanna buy them but idk if they're good so I found your video! life saver

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