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Steak & Egg Breakfast Tacos | Week 22 Taco Tuesday Cookbook

Steak & Egg Breakfast Tacos | Week 22 Taco Tuesday Cookbook

– The breakfast house
combo, steak and eggs, are about to make your Taco Tuesday epic. Tender cooked steak and
veggies in a tortilla topped with a perfectly fried egg. I don’t care if you’re making
these for breakfast or dinner these hardy tacos are the
stuff of taco legends. But let me first introduce myself. Hey, I’m Laura and you are
watching episode number 22 of the Taco Tuesday series where I’m cooking and eating my way through the entire Taco Tuesday Cookbook. It might seem crazy, but I
really, really love tacos. (beeping) There are things that one
should not say out loud about their tacos and
this is it, all right? (beeping) If you aren’t following
along, you need to! Just hit that red subscribe button so you can make great tacos each week, or browse through the
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right below this video. Let’s just say that 22 weeks later we’re still having a blast and
it only keeps getting better, hence the steak and egg tacos. So let’s get these tacos started. On a large pan, or on a grill, you wanna grill your meat for
about seven minutes per side depending on the size. Remove it from the pan and
allow it to sit and rest and then slice it. (bouncy, festive music) Now in this large skillet I’m going to heat some oil
over a medium-high heat. And once everything is nice and hot we’re gonna add the fajita veggies. (sizzling) You could use fresh peppers and onions, but I’m cutting down prep
time by using the frozen mix. Now that these are ready
we’re gonna add the steak and cook this for another three minutes. Before I start on the eggs, I’m going to place the
black beans in the microwave and give them a quick warm. Now this part is up to you. In my cookbook it says
to scramble the eggs, which is still totally yummy, and probably the best route if
you are serving this to kids. However, I do love a
good runny yolk action so I’m going the over easy route. All right, for the rest
of this assembly line I’ve got chopped cilantro. I don’t have chopped cilantro. (beeping) I have some sliced avocado,
some salsa, Cotija cheese, our warm black beans, the cilantro. So the flour tortillas are warm, so all I have to do is assemble. Now just a note, since these
tacos are pretty hefty, they work better with flour tortillas, or if you want to use corn tortillas you may wanna double up on the corn. Of course you could totally
create a bed of rice and turn it into a bowl. Now there is an order to these tacos. So first let’s place the steak and veggies onto the tortilla. Then some black beans, the
avocado slices, a little salsa. Let’s add the eggs and top it with cheese. And finally, cilantro. This is taco heaven, you guys. The steak, the veggies, the eggs, mm! I could eat this all day, everyday. Breakfast, dinner, who cares? They’re tacos! And if you love tacos
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